December 2018

Posted by Bat571 on 12/26/18

It's been 3 days since anything was posted, so here's another attempt at a discussion-starter. The Ms may be done with trades now, except for Edwin Encarnacion. Where he goes, and what the Ms can get for him will obviously have a bearing on what FA signings they make. But let's try to guess what signings might make a difference for 2019. First Need -- an experienced Catcher Here, the signing should be someone the staff can lean on. A.J. Ellis is, like Pat Borders, Jamie Burke, Josh Bard, and Chris Iannetta, a player whose best years have passed, but retains value in the experience and... Read More
Looking Forward
Posted by Bat571 on 12/16/18

So, here's what I think may happen. First, I think the Ms will soon trade Edward Encarnacion, probably to the Rays, for more prospects. Hopefully Colin Poche will be one, and he will become the closer apparent. Any others will become immediate chips for the next move. With Encarnacion gone, I think the Ms will trade with the Yankees again, getting Sonny Gray and Jacoby Ellsbury for, say, Ryon Healy and, probably, Ian Miller or Josh Stowers, and/or someone like Max Povse or Matt Festa plus international spending allowance room. The Ms are really running out of chips unless they make this a 3-... Read More
For a broken down oldster: Really!
Posted by moethedog on 12/12/18

There are rumors out there that Santana is next to go, within a day or two.  Cool.  Good for DiPoto. I'm going to make a wild trade proposal, one involving Mitch Haniger, our stud hoss. The Dodgers want out of Kemp's one year, $21M contract.  I say buy him with Haniger. Now, don't spill your coffee on the keyboard.....there are other pieces to include, as well. I want 22-year old Dodger OF, Alex Verdugo, a unanimous Top 50 guy.  He's destroyed every league he's been in and was even decently successful in a cup of MLB tea last season.  He hits for average, walks a bunch and can pick it in CF... Read More
I think it might work!
Posted by Tuner on 12/08/18

I ran across this article at lookoutlanding -- Give it a read... go really--I mean it!... I'll wait... *taps fingers patiently*...I can do this all day... *taps fingers some more* Read it? Great! Whaddya think? Now--Now I know what you're going to say...I know it sounds preposterous, ridiculous, frivolous, scandalous and whatever else, but, come ON! This might be just what it takes to make a good end for Felix, and make the season interesting. Just imagine, giving the King one more opportunity to matter, to... Read More
Git R Dunn Dept.
Posted by jemanji on 12/08/18
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. Daddy-O pointed out, quite adroitly, that owning the #31 asset of anything (Sheffield) isn't worthy of a fireworks launch if there are 32 people milling around looking for dance partners.  True dat.  The Mariners did not rake back an Edwin Diaz 4 years younger and here are a couple of pernts to take with you: ..... 1) Teams usually don't.  Usually the top 10 prospects in baseball, if they are ML-ready, are untouchable for anybody anyway.  ... well, you might as well try to deal for Kluber. ..... 2) Dipoto made a big pernt, with a megaphone, that he was going for ---- > ML-readiness.  Not... Read More
Posted by jemanji on 12/07/18
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. Again, Dr. D is proceeding from the presumption that there isn't a lot of overview material around that captures Dipoto's intent.  Dr. D plowed through every significant source around and found little to orient him.  Dipoto did claim that the M's' minor league system had moved from Bottom 10 to Top 5. A start on an overview might be the below.  Kyle Lewis was easily the #1 before the trades; now he drops to #4 before Sheffield, Kelenik and Dunn. ..... 1.  James Paxton for org #1 JUSTUS SHEFFIELD, LHP #31 IN BASEBALL and #1 in M's org, ready to compete in March, compared by Marc at USSM to... Read More
Alllllll aboard
Posted by jemanji on 12/07/18
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. Sorry about the duplicate.  This is the right one.  :- ) .... Floating around Lookout Landing, USSM, John Sickels/Minor League Ball?  Even SportSpyder, Fangraphs' individual trade reviews and scouring the earth for those Bud Light commercials where a no-nonsense king scales the walls of a prissy King of Clubs?  There was nothing, anywhere, that consolidated the M's teardown and made sense of the operation as a whole. Oh, sure, there was snark, such as "what person of average intelligence could process this" but in terms of a real code-break of this WWII transmission?  Nothing whatsoever... Read More
2 months' delay on the arb clock and then ......
Posted by jemanji on 12/07/18
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. Sheffield is the #31 prospect in pro baseball; Baseball America has this to add about the 22-year-old lefty: Originally acquired in the trade that sent reliever Andrew Miller to Cleveland, Sheffield ranked as the Yankees’ top prospect. The lefthander used a mix of three pitches that each ranked as above-average or better to blitz the upper levels of New York’s system en route to his big league debut toward the end of the season. He starts his arsenal with a fastball that sits in the low to mid-90s, and couples the pitch with a slider and changeup that each grade as 55s on the 20-to-80... Read More
It's going to be a weird broth
Posted by moethedog on 12/03/18

OK, you've likely seen the report:  Segura and potentially another player to Philadelphia for JP Crawford and (get this, if you haven't seen the reports) Carlos Santana, a slow 32-year old-ish man of the 1B/DH variety.  The M's are reportedly "resistant" to getting Santana in the deal. No matter, we will.  At least we will get to hear a whole bunch of "Black Magic Woman" as he comes to the plate. Move one thread to the right and you'll see my feelings about a straight-up Segura for Crawford swap. Basically we would give up a guy who projects to keep hitting, just like he is (or maybe better)... Read More