Distance Friendships

=== Signing In ===

By the way, if you double-click your "Pasadena32" name at the bottom of the site, in the chat box, and type in your preferred screen name ... it persists for all future sessions.

Then we're "on" for quick-IM'ing.

We all kinda like knowing that it's JFro, Sandy-Raleigh, M-Geek, and Lonnie onsite.  :- )  It's sort of a nice favor to others to sign in, if you're so inclined.   I'll do so too.


=== Image Processing ===

Thusly, amigos:

1.  Save an image to your hard drive.  NEVER allow it to be hosted by another site; it's not only impolite to them, but  it also leaves us open to the other admin switching photos on us.  There are no skin% algorithms screening out images here :- )

2.  In edit mode on your post,

3.  Put an insertion point into your text, where you want the image, and click the little camera icon in the toolbar above the post.

4.  Click the UPLOAD button at the top of the dialog box.

5.  Fill in the title field, click the BROWSE button, and locate the image from your hard disk directory.   Then hit SAVE.

6.  On the next dialog box, hit INSERT.

7.  Resize your image with the handles in the corners.


As you know, a post won't show in the sidebar until it has an image.  Editing it later will have the effect of bringing it back to the top of the list.


All y'all amigos are welcome, and encouraged! to add your own front-page posts, just as if we were adding a thread at Mariner Central.  I suggest you use the same criteria:  if you believe that a topic would be of enough interest to start a thread there, go ahead and fire away at SSI.


=== Distance Friendships ===

The internet can get sort of geeky, to the extent that it *isolates* us from others.  Speaking as a chessplayer :- ) I know that a guy can use chess to completely build his own 1-person world, if he's so inclined.  Or, he can head down to the local chess club, chat and joke and use the game to make friends.

High technology can be cool, to the extent that it connects us with others.  You'll see T-Mobile, for example, basing their ad campaigns on the idea that technology can "better the human condition" if it encourages, rather than discourages, our relationships.

I've often heard M's net rats laugh, "Sometimes it seems like I'm closer to this online guy than to my real friends."  Why not?  We're all pen pals.   I know a few married people who got engaged by being pen pals.  Written ideas are as real as spoken ideas.  Online friends aren't pretend friends, they're distance friends.

The KLAT concept is to bring a more interactive experience to the blogging world -- with users chatting live online, responding fluidly to others' posts, and bringing quality first-page content themselves.  The hope is to combine the best of blogging and of chat-boarding, with the full features (images, formatting, sidebar'ing etc) of blogs and the dynamic conversation of chat boards.

At its best, the internet broadens our horizons, when we move towards interactivity, IMHO.

Bring it :- )





I got hung up because my IE was causing the insert image dialogue box to come up all kinds of weird so that the "or UPLOAD" option wasn't showing up obviously...it was hiding...but I found it.

IcebreakerX's picture

Firefox, man. That alone is probably gonna fix half your problems.


I don't bother installing anything useful on my laptop because I can't see the screen well enough so I don't use this computer for anything other than a mobile internet platform when I am traveling.
But using Firefox definitely didn't help me when I was trying to format posts here in the past.


I've got a little older computer, and if I open IE it's a countdown to the crash.  15 min's max.
You got it goin' now Matty, as far as the formatting etc?


...I can get pictures in there but they're TINY for some reason...might be because I'm not acquiring large pictures but my pixel sizes aren't unusually small compared to the maximum limit and the pics seem way smaller than the ones in your articles...
Plus I'm still getting GIGANTIC white space between paragraphs and between lists especially.  Might have something to do with the style sheet creating three lines of white space for every carriage return or something.


Pasting stuff in from other text editors, the returns don't translate for me.  I go back and redo them in the Drupal editor here.

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