Wilson Watch

He homered last night. Again.

Quite a shot that Saunders bashed last nigh, too.

Didn't really need a new thread, I know.  All the same, move him up.






Get him some time at 1B in AAA.  Then he can share with 1B, DH and LF to get ABs in the show.


would have quickly re-routed to the existing Wilson conversation, so next time how bout we go that route, Moe m'man :- )
Ya, I wonder why he ISN'T getting a few games at 1B.  Maybe they see him as a pure OF all the way.  Tui of course moved over there on a moment's notice, but he is a SS/3B.


Wilson's two-run jack on Saturday extended his HITTING streak to a nice little 7-gamer ... a 7-gamer that included 4 different games with home runs.
Did go 0-4 Sunday.
At Tacoma he has played 32 games -- coming up on 1/4 season, counting off days -- and is hitting 270/390/580 there.  In that park.
And running an overall 2010 pace that would put him up close to 100 walks in a 155-game season.


Wilson's 1.000 OPS at Tacoma scales all the way down to an 815 OPS in Safeco...
Which would, if Wilson were called up and hit his MLE, would leave the M's leading OPS'ers as these:
1 Ichiro 837
2 Mikey 815
3 Gutierrez 752
5 Bradley 674
(Not counting Josh Wilson.)


Will do.  Sorry. Enough of Mike Wison threads for a while.  (I'm heading on vacation :)
Tui gets sent down today.  Jack Wilson come up.  Interestingly.....I'm sure in no hurry to see Jack in the lineup.  Josh has proven something to me.  His UZR150 is at 1.8, not far below Jacks career #'s of 5 and a bit.  And Josh is showing a superior bat than Jack can show.  Josh does have a BABIP of .331, which is a bit inflated....but if you look at his principal years in the majors he is showing improvement each year at the plate.  His line-drive % was 12.7 in '07, 19.6 in '09 and is 23.4 this year.  His fly ball % was 44.3 then 39.9 and is 38.3 this year.  His BB% has increased each year and his K% has dropped.
He's improving.  Right now, he's a MLB shortstop with a decent bat and a decent glove.  Along with Fister, he's the most pleasant MLB surprise of the year. He has value.
BTW...Pineda was moved up to Tacoma.  Even money says he gets his first MLB start by August 1.

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Just a little interesting note looking at Wilson's stats for the year he has had in AA he has had 106 AB and in AAA a 107 AB and if you look at his stat line they are almost a mirror image of each other.  With one fairly significant difference his strikeouts have fallen by a total of 9, and if that is extrapolated over an entire season it's about 50 fewer strikeouts.

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