the Evolution of King Leonydas
and by "King Leonydas" we mean the virtual player of Dr. D's perceptions



Nov. 16, 2015, Jerry DiPoto trades for Leonys Martin.  A superb centerfielder, sez JeDi.  He won't hit all that much, but he can do better than he did in 2015, because he was injured in 2015.

Wishful thinking, says Dr. D.  Okay, you're married to fast outfielders in Safeco, fine.  You're "entitled" to a player that implements your philosophy.  We fans get that, but THIS outfielder is just incapable of self-defense at the plate.  Nice going on Powell, though; Martin's placeholding will last about 1-2 months.

The Mainframe's algorithm grokked:

  • a Carlos Peguero swing with career-high total of 8 homers (?!?)
  • The Rangers knew how good he was with the glove, and wanted him gone for some bat-related reason they grokked
  • This kind of player (Jeff Clement type, high upside, big flaws) tends to get exposed as years go by
  • See #2 above



Martin's Peguero-esque swing is far worse than Dr. D feared.  This guy is going for a 108-MPH launch velocity every single swing -- and this from a leadoff hitter with 8 homers a year and the spectre of 200 K's looming.  As with Brandon League, Dr. D figures he has little use for baseball players who refuse to think when they're on the field.

Leonys hits .189 in Arizona with a 1:13 EYE ratio, but two crushed homers.  SSI takes the crushed homers as counterproductive, like when Andrew Bogut swishes a three-pointer once a month.



The launch velocities give Dr. D a sinking feeling that maybe he opened his yap a bit too soon.  Well, there's a first time for everything.  Dr D saying something he shouldn't have, that is.

Still, the Peguero swing is defenseless against high heat, because of the shape of the loop and its time out of the gate ... and here Leonys sits, on a 200-K pace well into April. There's no such thing as a leadoff/#9 hitter who fans 200 times; a few HR kings do that, maybe.  Still, confusion reigns.



'round about April 24 or 25, he started making better contact.  In particular, there were several hard-hit balls off high heat.  From Apr. 24 to May 13, Leonys batted .200 but with only a strikeout a game, and a .364 SLG.  This despite an unlucky .222 BABIP.

He'd shown that he could hit the ball hard, but now something kinda weird was occurring -- he was thinking along with the pitchers.  Or so it looked.



Edgar had made a drastic recommendation -- and Leonys Martin had implemented it.  The Edgar asked Martin to go up several ounces on the weight of his bat, and maybe choke up a bit, so as to smooth out his swing and take a bit of the violent yankiness out of it.

By coincidence if the stRangers are lucky, and by causal relation if they are not, Martin has batted .550/.640/1.040 this week with 3 homers and... wait for it ... a 5:2 EYE!



Okay, if we have the chance to trade Leonys Martin right now and bring up Boog Powell.  How much would we need for Martin?

Dr. D had no. blinkin'. idea.  that Leonys Martin could get the barrel of his bat to the high pitch.

As a completely separate issue, Dr. D also had no idea that Martin had this kind of authority in his swing.  Twenty+ homers is as feasible for him as it is for Carlos Peguero.  Well, you know.

It's also very fun to watch an ex-Cuban baseball player attempt to get better.  Leonys obviously derives solace and knowledge from the Edgars, Canos, and Cruzes on his team.  The imperceptibles are working heavily towards an UP projection for Leonys Martin.  Sabermetrically, at age 28, it would be nothing unusual for Martin to evolve from 90'ish hitter, move through a DWN season, and blossom later as a mildly positive (if strange) hitter.  That's kind of what we wanted in Marcell Ozuna, since you axed.

The Mainframe has completely re-graded Leonys Martin.  It has him as a lost cause, but it was wrong.  The way he's working with Edgar, and the (modest) skills he's showing with plate coverage, he looks a promising chance to become a Mike Cameron-level player.



Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, the $100 bill and the easiest shtick in the Farmer's Almanac.  Predict disaster.  Either you'll be in the cellar, safely away from the high winds, or you'll be delighted by the sunshine.  Easiest thing in the world for Dr. D is to laugh at his prediction on Leonys Martin.  

Gotta add, I've never seen this particular baseball story before.  Leonys Martin is a strange player, maybe even a unique player.  That's not an excuse; it's a celebration of the richness of baseball.  Great to see things come along that you've never seen before.  Maybe Leonydas is one of those things.

etowncoug oughta have a good laugh at himself, on Jerry DiPoto's trades, and come enjoy the party.  


But what would I know,

Dr D



May vs LHP:

  • Martin .316/.381/.474 2/7 BB/K
  • Aoki .167/.348/.167 4/3 BB/K

That's not going to continue for Martin but it's darn nice to see. And at some point, Aoki needs to hit doesn't he? Right now, he's the weak link. 


and there's really no need for it, in a corner OF position.  LF is as bat-heavy as a position gets.  Wonder if DiPoto is thinkin' about it, because Aoki's C the Z impetus is no longer required.

Actually kind of nice to have a spot at which upgrade is not difficult.

Nathan H's picture

I was as solidly in the "Martin is gonna faceplant" as one could get.
Tastiest crow I'll ever enjoy.

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