Main Chat Thread, Sept. 18-24 2016
M's -2 back with 13 precious games to play



SSI denizens were wondering, "Whence the weekly Shout box."  Dr. Detecto's bad - we kept last week's front-and-center until Thursday, whereupon the game threads sort of elbow'ed their way to the front of the line.  This week we'll try and keep this post timestamped all the way up to Saturday.  'ave at thee, matey.


M's 7, LASTRO's 3

Which leaves the M's -2 games back of either Toronto or Baltimore with 13 full games left to play.  If you don't call that a "pennant race" ... you're, well, on the wrong side of that argument.

DiPoto was on the broadcast saying "Every loss feels like the worst thing that ever happened to you" and the wins are ... well, whatever the inverse of that is.  Welcome to the roller coaster, quoth Jerry.

MtV's Beavis and Butt-head saw everything in the world as cool, like nachos are, or suxage, like everything else is.  



Minus 2, with 13 left, is --- > Kewl.  Be clear about that.  

Also, for public consumption, DiPoto saith that Ariel Miranda is kewl.  Thus saith the Shepherd.  And thus saith the #5 starter, in a 7-3 victory, getting us back to The Big Four.  Ariel Miranda is at the least interesting; DiPoto said his intriguing pitch is the split-finger fastball, which according to Brooks RISES fifteen inches against gravity.  At the minimum, you can say you have not seen THIS before.

A split that hops and sails.  Allllllll righty then.


Miranda spin deflection, Sept. 18 2016
Miranda spin deflection, Sept. 18 2016




guestfbiedief1 Anyone else catching Jerry DiPoto on the TV commentary?  Fascinating insight - you could create a whole series of SSI posts on the back of what he's said. -


Whereupon Dr. Detecto cue'd up the DVR, expecting an inning or so from the General Manager ... and to the general bogglement, got eight pages of notes, on ten or so general subjects.  Mainframe Grok forthcoming instanter, over the next few days.  If you, as a denizen, prefer North East West South -- you've got a direction you would prefer -- pursue forthwith.  We will follow with (1) GM Quote, (2) GM-O-Vision Translation, and (3) Dr's Diagnosis in that order.  Spoiler alert:  Taijuan is ready to rock.

If your interest in such were inconsiderable, you would be elsewhere now.  Therefore, we'll follow on the next several days with JeDi's wit, wisdom and warnings.

Or, if your interest in contributing be greater than your interest in grokking, post your Denizen opinion in the CMS comments area, or the Shout Box, below.




Arne's picture

I went to Sunday's game. There would have been 7+ homers if a few of the fly balls/liners had a bit more oomph to them. I don't have a lot of great insights from attending, but the stands were pretty sparsely populated-the far reaches of the upper deck were nearly empty-and the crowd didn't have much of a "fight for the playoffs" vibe. Maybe the M's need to sweep Toronto for that vibe to develop in force. I guess it was mostly the nice afternoon at the ballpark set of fans.


Late September games that really really double-really count.

We got 'em.

Win 2 of the 3 Toronto games or go home.  OK....3 back (if you lose two of 3) with 10 to play isn't totally dead, must mostly dead.  You may need a Miracle Max to resuscitate your chances at that point.  You're likely chasing the Tigers, as well.

But win 2 of 3 and then you can lick your chops.  Minnesota and Oakland make up 7 of your last 10 games.  Revenge vs. the Astros waits for you in the other 3.  

Sweep the Jays, you say?  +1 and riding a rocket then. Toronto gets 10 against NY, Baltimore and Boston to wrap up the season.  Yikes.  I like Minnesota and Oakland.

3 games for a big chunk of the marbles.  I'll be watching.

Go team.

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These are the same bad Twins that swept us at home in May.  The A's are the team that gives us bad outcomes.  They'll likely beat us when we need to win, or let us win when we need to lose to ensure a draft pick.  I don't like either.  Rather, I'd like the better M's team to show up.  Losing three of four to Houston and Toronto at home in September doesn't look at all like a prospective playoff team.


And Paxton delivers for seventh consecutive road victory.   Keeping pace is not good enough but it's all we can do without help. Just keep winning and things will take care of themselves  ... ya sure.  Nice to keep winning tho.  The players obviously grasp the enormity of their task as their play and attention appears elevated to my naked eye.  Another meaningful game Saturday and I like our chances with the rookie starting.  We shall see and enjoy each and every play as things continue to unfold.  All in all a nice ending to 2016 regardless how things end.  The effort is certainly appreciated.   As is the outstanding,  ongoing analysis and reporting at SSI.

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