M's Depth Chart, 2.25.16
how can one baseball fandom deserve all these riches


Shannon Drayer listed the "first string" at practice this morning.  If you've played sports, you know this isn't conclusive but is certainly suggestive (maybe 30% suggestive in this case).  The first string included... wait for it ... Robinson Cano.  Also Kyle Seager.  Lind was in the first group.  Marte.  Then the other two were ... Chris Taylor rather than Sardinas, Jesus Montero rather than Lee, and Taylor taking reps at the 3B position.

DiPoto was quoted to the effect that Dae ho Lee walked by a Joker-sized pyramid of currency to come over here so "we've got to be fair with him."  Also that defense is important at 1B; Lee is supposed to be excellent at scooping grounders out of the dirt.  DiPoto was not quoted to the effect that he had to be fair with Luis Sardinas or Jesus Montero; putting Montero into the first group might or might not be a seniority/courtesy thing.  

But, interestingly, all of the above jibes with the Mariners' published depth chart.  Whether it's courtesy, accident or somethin' else, Montero and Taylor are first in line in the drills.


Dr's Diagnosis 1:  DiPoto has seemed clear about it.  If Lee impresses in camp, he's prolly the RH platoon 1B.  Two questions for yer:  (1) Does Servais have to start Adam Lind on Opening Day against Cole Hamels?  HHMMMmmmm ... and (2) Isn't that peachy-keen, that we get either Jesus Montero or Dae ho Lee as a set role player, an Earl Weaver lefty-masher at 1B?

I think that EITHER Montero or Lee would be a lot of fun to watch, given set roles.

Dr's Diagnosis 2:  Chris Taylor had a nice little run in late 2014, competing with Brad Miller for the starting shortstop job DURING live-action major league games.  Personally, I'd like to see that again, with Marte.  My enthusiasm for Taylor's inside-out, KBIZLT swing is totally undiminished.


Robinson Cano says that his hernia repair surgery has progressed to "tightness" rather than soreness, that after a heavy day of workout the muscles feel ... heavy.  What do you make of that?

For what it's worth, I can relate.  Dr. D had the mother of all abdominal reconstructions exactly a year ago.  A coupla weeks ago, it progressed to "tightness" rather than soreness.  From that point, it took about three workouts, and now I trust it.  Like, no worries, let's go.  Played a flag football tournament last week, six hours, 200 passes as hard as I wanted, next day just felt "heavy" rather than in pain.

So, Dr. Grumpy or G-Money can correct me if I'm wrong, but my own guess would be towards an UP season for Cano physically.  Sounds to us, from behind our monitors, like he's ready Freddie.


Tony Zych continues to sail skyward in the M's depth chart. :- D  Not cause 'a that, but if you're playing roto, you might want to roster him as a latent closer.  The rest of the bullpen depth chart looks just as it should, right down to the 12th name.





Looking at the depth chart the M's have MOST DEFINITELY improved their depth. It's one thing to read it and believe it, but when you look at the graphic the M's are deep at every position in bona fide big leaguers. No more hoping some kid can be a starter or cut it if one of your starters goes down.

The lone exception is Ketel Marte. If he doesn't cut it as a starter, you can be the M's will be working on a trade or signing. I doubt anyone here harbors serious doubts that Marte can at least be serviceable on both offense and defense, and we expect him to be more than that.)

This depth extends to the starting rotation as well.

Regarding the bullpen, I suppose if you consider stringed pasta to be depth then the M's have it there too, but again, the M's can react if the pen becomes a serious problem.


+1 DaddyO.  

Chuck Knox used to put it in a pithy way:  you need subs who can step in and That. You. Can. WIN. With.  Sounds cliche but he used to accomplish that.

Seems the M's could win with EITHER Montero or Lee, either Karns or Paxton, etc.

  • The depth chart is not the product of the Mariners, right?  Just someone else's guess?
  • If 'spring training doesn't matter', then Marte and Montero are locks, right?  So I guess it does matter.
  • Obviously, Montero would have absolutely no problem finding another job...especially since he'd be free.  Could Lee impress enough in spring training that if he doesn't get the gig, he would be picked up by another MLB club?  Or does he head back to Japan?  Or take Tacoma with the chance to surface later?  I'm hoping for door #3 here.  I'd like to have both options as the season progresses.
  • Can't get excited about Taylor at this point. But am VERY excited about Marte.  

- The depth chart comes off the Official Mariners website... so it should be correct, especially since they have updated it several times this year already.

- With regards to DH Lee, since Servais said in the past week that History matters more than a month of Spring Training... a different way to look at it is - how well does Lee have to hit & field to overcome his lack of history... and does Montero's mediocre history help or hurt him?

- Per MLB network, a neat stat I have not seen before... Since 2012, the TOP 4 pitchers in the American League with 600 innings or more pitched based on ERA:

1. David Price at 2.90, 2. FELIX at 2.91, 3. Chris Sale at 2.95 and 4. KUMA!!! at 3.07  


So some Mariners employee is overseeing the site and reporting to DiPoto.

Of course, it's anybody's guess how careful that webmaster is about the content of the site.  But my observation had been, since DiPoto took over, that the depth chart had been making much more sense.  That could be wishful thinking :- )

Edit to add, thanks TR.  Beat me to it.


It's always been the sabermetricians with the thickest prescription lenses ;- ) who argued that it shouldn't matter much.  They were mistaken, and the sentiment is tapering off now.


that's what I was referencing.

But in addition, the comment about respecting 'history' takes on a different light when history only exists on the other side of the Pacific.  Obviously it's their call...and they have a lot more insight than a lowly fan...but there's a lot on the line with that first base decision.

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Just discovered that DH Lee wore uni #10 in KBO and NPB... As does Montero on the 40 Man.  There will be only one! 


... he was an Albert Pujols wannabe who landed in the majors with a splash.  He's transformed his body.  He's still only 25.

Guess it shows to go you.  There is more supply than demand in the "LH masher at 1B/DH" industry.  All we need is a manager willing to Earl it into the lineup.


Don't know exactly how one would gauge that.

But since the possibility is out there that he may be a free ticket at the end of spring training, don't know why anyone would pay anything now.  

Or ami I missing something?


And my team wasn't among the lowest winning% last year I'd probably go get him rather than watch him get taken off the wire while I was waiting my turn.

I'm just not so sure that as an M's fan I should be eager to see him go. We would then hope that Lee hits like a 2 year younger Cruz this year. Lind and Lee both become Free Agents after this year. All the potential on the farm at 1b is still not promise. So then Lee is a Free Agent who may be getting a contract along the lines of what we're paying Cruz. How happy should we be to see that money spent on a hole the team created especially if Montero just put up a season at 25 with the bat that resembles Edgar at 28 for another team? I'd rather see Montero traded now than after spending all spring with Edgar and Co., learning from a player in the same mold who has a lot of answers. If he is even holding his own vs RHP through spring I just can't see waiving him and can't see a future hole on the team that's bigger than 1b would be next year to trade him to cover. I think our biggest need will be 1b next year if we trade him or if he doesn't hit MLB pitching.

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