Trade Wade Miley? (or other SP)
Dr. D gives the chain a hearty rip



Remember, before we swooped on Iwakuma, we were going into the season with:

1 Felix

2 Miley

3 Taijuan

4 Karns

5 Paxton

6 Donn Roach

7 Joe Beimel

8 Montgomery or Nuno (maybe)


JULY 2016

If we traded Wade Miley right now, we'd have

1 Felix

2 Iwakuma

3 Taijuan

4 Karns

5 Paxton

6 Montgomery

7 LeBlanc

8 Zach Lee

9 Vidal Nuno (maybe)

10 The Rainiers

That's after we traded Miley, so it's not like we'd be stripping ourselves of depth.


Jerry DiPoto gave up Roenis Elias and Carson Smith for Miley, so politically, you certainly can't DFA him.  You'd have to look for a July deal in which we got a Boog Powell or something back, just for appearance's sake.

Miley makes $6M this year, $9M next, with a team option for $12M in 2018.  $6M is what, 1 WAR?  This against a pitcher who's had 2.0 - 2.5 WAR per year every year but this one.

Drew Smyly is a good comparison, in terms of short-term and long-term value.  He's had a frustrating first half, but he's got 10+ strikeouts and a crazy 1.8 homer rate.  I'll take my chances that his HR rate is luck, won't you?   I'll bet you that 20 out of 30 teams see Wade Miley as exactly the same pitcher he was three months ago.

Average.  Signed cheap and underpaid.  But he can't make our rotation :- ) so let's shed him.



Baseball Prospectus has a very info-taining read on LeBlanc.  They've got charts on AL Pitchers in general; on LeBlanc before Japan, and on LeBlanc after Japan.

He's totally revamped his pitch sequencing.  The more the count is like 3-1, the more he'll throw his changeup.  The more the count is like 0-2, the more he'll throw his fastball.  Right now he may be "pitching backwards" more than any other pitcher in the majors.


Dr D




Miley, not Popeye, btw.

Does it seem weird that Miley isn't 30 yet?  Shouldn't he be 38?  No matter, he will be doing this when he's 38, just like he is now and just as he has done for the past 5 years.  He will have a couple of years like his rookie year (ERA in the low 3's and 16 wins) for which he will be paid for the next several....and then years like this one , which really isn't much different than the last 4.  

There's a safety net value to Miley and that is what Dipot purchased.  Somebody else will likely purchase it from us but he's less attractive with 70 games remaining than he is with at the winter talks just because he becomes more worthy of trading for over longer periods of times.  Were you a GM, would you bet a decently nice prospect bauble on the next 14 Miley starts?

If you're in the hunt AND if your rotation is a bit weak AND if you know you'll be in need of a #4-5 next season, then get Miley now.  But you can likely find a LeBlanc laying around somewhere if you're looking for a flash in the pan.

In his 1st three starts for us he went 0-2 and got rocked.  In his next 9, he went 6-0 and pitched pretty well, except for getting shelled (4.2, 12 hits, 9 ER's) in a no decision.  Over his last 4 starts, he's 0-4, although one of those was a decent outing.

I think he needs to shave again.  Dang-nation he grows an ugly beard.

Maybe an opposing GM WILL look at his recent hot streak and think he's about to go there again.  But then, we may want to keep him if that is the case.

Mike Montgomery went out and earned himself another 2 starts.  Felix is up on the 20th.  Miley will get at least 1 start before then.  If he sparkles int hat start then we've got interesting thigs to consider.


Short of just dumping him, Miley would almost have to be an off season trade though. It's not like a post ASB contender is going to trade for him to bolster the rotation and those few teams that are out of it will be looking to dump salary, not add it. 

SonicBOOM!'s picture

...whom we HAVE to play, to boost his trade value. 

What do we think we could get for Miley AND Aoki? A "lights out" reliever? A left field rental who can hit, a bit? Would we take a bag of bats, at this point, as a salary dump? (Certainly we have strong replacements for Miley. And, I'd be intrigued to see what Tyler "Tank" could do in RF for two months! (Or are we getting ahead of ourselves?)     (o;


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