Venditte, LHP/RHP and Caminero, RHP
you know, there is a blinkin' good reason for right handedness


According to Greg Bear, it would be better if humans were MORE one-handed than they are.  I think he's the guy who wrote about an alien race that could hold up a car with one huge arm and tinker on the engine with the other delicate arm.  'course sci-fi writers are fond of saying there are no absolutes.... :- )


Q.  How good IS Venditte from the LOOGY standpoint?

A.  He's been better, LH-on-LH, than anybody the M's currently have, until Furbush returns.  For his career, ML lefties have batted a piddling .175 with a 5:18 EYE and power well below average.   Dr. D does not expect this to continue, but here's hoping.

He's a lefty Cishek minus 8 MPH, throwing a sidearm tight-spin low 70's slider and a painted batting practice fastball.  Here is a 71 MPH lefty change curve.  Followed by the "let's hope this sinks enough" approach vs righties.

Here's one more video to get across the idea of "high school velocity."  But the glove flip after the out is awesome :- )


Q.  What happens when the batter is a switch hitter?

A.  A picture's worth a thousand words.


Q.  Does the manager "insult" his RH shtick by signalling with the left hand to call him in?

A.  A picture's worth a thousand words - in this case two thousand.  Personally I'd go with the overhand axe motion.


Dr. D gets 5/13 on the left brainers and 7/13 on the right.  How 'bout you?
Dr. D gets 5/13 on the left brainers and 7/13 on the right. How 'bout you?


Q.  Is there upside here?

A.  Dr. D enjoys watching unusual sports events more than the average bear.  And in theory, an ambidextrous pitcher would truly offer a ballclub a 26-man roster exemption.  In a 7-run game against you, have him go four innings from the right side* and then a game or two later, have him do it from the other side.  He should allow you a full extra position player, and that would be his value to me.

It hasn't worked that way for Venditte, who has topped out at 75, 78, maybe 90 innings even in the minors.  You gotta love watching him, but ... if he contributes much, SSI will be very surprised.

?  ... I thought Roach and Parker looked very intriguing.  :: shrug ::


Q.  Arquimedes Caminero?

A.  A classic Jack Zduriencik type of add in the bullpen -- huge talent, dubious results, especially on the BB end of things (read:  sabermetrically unsound).  Nice to know that DiPoto is flexible about his philosophies ... consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, R.W. Emerson.

Caminero has a surprising second pitch:  his cutter has 9,000 kinds of swerve in on a lefty.   Combine that with Diaz-level thermics, and you've got a unique arsenal.  Nobody else in the majors has it.

Would like to think that the Mariners had a fix in mind, the way the White Sox did on Matt Thornton, the way the Royals did on Gil Meche.  After Wade Miley, though, I hae me doo'ts.


Bottom line - this guy needs a good look before a decent POTD.


Q.  Leaving us where?

A.  Both guys will be super FUN to sample-watch.  They don't make a lot of sense to the Mainframe.  But the older Dr. D gets, the more he likes to be surprised.





12/13 left brain. 1/13 right brain. The only thing I can do left-handed is eat. That's the side of the plate the fork is on. Tried to learn to bat left-handed as a youngster, on the premise that my extreme right-eye dominance would let me see the ball better. I saw the ball worse, because the left eye that saw a little bit right-handed now saw pretty much nothing. Depth perception was zero. Epic fail.

I am dumb-founded that someone can not only throw well with either arm, but do so at an MLB level. Just does not compute.

Caminero could be interesting, if he can learn to command his pitches. (How many pitchers has that been said about? A thousand? More?)  Maybe Jerry just wanted to have both pitchers listed in B-Ref with the first name of Arquimedes have the Mariners on their page. (Okay, Arquimedez Pozo is with a Z instead of an S. Sue me.)


So you look for differences.  :- )  What are the diff's between Caminero and Armando Benitez?  

Will always be tempted to call this guy Pozo...


I, personally, was very glad to see the Caminero pick up...thermonuclear arsenal like that can be coached.   His control is fine (walk rate not that elevated)...command is...wild in the zone and thus gopher prone.  I think there may be a mechanical tweak they can make to help,  but even if not,  I'd rather have him in the 6th inning than a mush baller.

Hit and Run's picture

I am not so sure about the bullpen roulette that is going on right now.  Montgomery was our second or third best bullpen arm and perhaps our 2 - 4th best rotation arm.   We traded him for a DH/1B candidate who may be or may not be any better than Dae Ho or DJ going forward. Apparently the M's have no plan to use Vogelbach  this year since Lind is still here.  Of course there have been some injuries to projected BP candidates for the M's, as there are for every MLB tem each year.  But to give newly promoted relievers one or two innings and send them straight back to AAA / subjected to waivers seems crazy.  

I am somewhat intrigued with the trade for Caminero and I have hated the veteran entitlement  lean of the various M's managers for the last ten years or so.  However, I hope our new M's regime will demonstrate a more considered approach and give these new relievers a fare chance to prove their worth before we just keep replacing them for relievers who may not be any better.




I miss three games and I miss 2 O'Malley bombs, one from the new Cuban AND we get Venditte....who I loved 2 seasons ago with Oakland.

Man, you better not blink around here...You'll miss something cool!


Not sure if the Seattle media have mentioned it but Venditte's college coach was Ed Servais, Scott's uncle.  Ed Servais made the decision to allow Venditte to pitch with both arms in college play (if I recall he had done it in youth and high school, but wasn't sure if he could do it in college).

Creighton is also Scott Servais' alma mater (and my wife's for that matter) but Ed was not the coach when Scott was there -- it was Jim Hendry who was later GM of the Cubs.


For some reason this screen shot from is fun:


the sky's the limit on how imposing you could go with the thumbnail.  I'd plump for a Balrog.

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