Wade Miley Will Begone
who needs insider contacts when you have logic



MLBTradeRumors again pushes the idea of Miley to the Florida Marlins.  Billy Zoom pointed out that this would be a much-secondary option for the fish.  Good add.  Of course a Miley-level pitcher is always a secondary option for everybody at deadline day, but the reminder is welcome.

You and I have a food-poisoned feeling about Miley, but it is a F-E-E-L-I-N-G.  Wade Miley's K/BB data are exactly the same this year as every other year.  It's just that his HR per fly ball is at 16%, and nobody "earns" 16%.  Over the period 2013-16, the really lousy gopheritis guys are in the 13% range.

I ain't saying that Miley is throwing the ball at his very best.  He ain't.  But Miley is who he is:  a guy who uses a 90 MPH fastball and a pair of 83 MPH snake-tongue offspeed pitches to toss "flurries" of quick pitches at the other lineup.  He's doing that now.  The outing against the Jays didn't hurt none.


Miley has 10.2 WAR over the last 4+ seasons, that being 2012 to date.  GM's are kind of aware of WAR; remember DiPoto when he traded for Leonydas?

Miley's $8.8M salary next year is what you pay for 1, 1.5 wins (ten runs) on the free agent market, and there is a CLUB option for 2018 at the price for 1.5, 2.0 wins.  Healthy starting pitching used to be the toughest thing to trade for.  :- )  

I mean, it's not like we're talking about luxuries, when we're talking about 200 inning pitchers.  Wade Miley is subsistence to a pitching-hungry GM.  All those guys get snapped up if the price is right.  Anybody like Miley ever go unpurchased in March if he's a free agent?  What does Wade Miley get on the market if he's free this winter?  Probably like 4/$50M or something, the way the market has been.  Even if you think it would be 2/$20M, why would he get 0/$0M in the pressure of a pennant race?  Well, you take my point.

Miley is unquestionably a healthy innings eater who is slightly UNDER paid.  Logically, the Mariners must be able to deal him for something and logically, he will be gone on August 1.


To make statements based on human feelings is illogical.  But if Dr. Sarek had any, he would say that he can't even imagine Wade Miley being here August 1 because DiPoto dickered over an extra low-level prospect.

You got one problem.  There is a starting pitcher outside the rotation who has a 9+ lifetime strikeout rate, and nothing visibly wrong with his K/BB/HR.  When the M's do a Paxton on Nate Karns, what then?

What is your starting five, minus Wade Miley, in view of the logical fact :- ) that Jerry DiPoto has the KKKKarnivore's table reserved also?


Dr. D




If we're going to get value out of him at all, he has to learn to pitch.  Right now, he's throwing like an idiot.  The only way to get him to stop doing that is to get him back in the rotation.  Miley needs to go.


IF we traded Miley.  DiPoto got him for a reason....200 innings, and that reason will exist next year, too.

Would you trade something nice betting on Miley's next 11 starts?  And if the M's can't get something nice, why trade him?


I can think of over 8 million reasons why. That's half what A. Chapman will get per year as a free agent. I'll take half of Chapman over Miley any day.

We just saw what 100 innings of Miley got us, the question is why would anyone want to see 300 more like it?



I wasn't very clear.

If you were the Marlins or any other team.....would you give up something nice for 11 Miley starts this year?

Probably not.

And if we can't get something nice, why give him up.

That was my point.


I got your point, but my point is with the terrible quality of those innings, the reason to trade him for nothing would be that payroll flexibility next season.

Why pay him $8+million to do what Vidal Nuno could do for $500k and use that $8 mill towards a good player.


Is that if some team is hemorrhaging runs in the #4 or #5 slot, a 2.0 WAR lefty might be useful.  Certainly not exciting, but Miami has some issues behind Fernandez, don't they?

Or not.  :- )

For this club, Miley might be addition by subtraction.  If you get Felix-Kuma-Paxton-Taijuan-Karns going, you hate to see one of them roadblocked by an entitled(TM) guy running a 5.00 ERA.

Even if it were Wade LeBlanc in the 5 slot, for Karns ... (1) I do like LeBlanc, even after it turns out he might not be Moyer, and (2) you have a fungible #5 starter.  Billy Beane style.  Can't send Miley to the 'pen if you need to, don't think.


I think Zunino had done a good job handling the staff the last couple years. I trust Zunino behind the plate calling a game more than I do Ianetta. Hopefully they can get in sync together and get Karns rolling.


picking just 5.  There superficially seems like bringing up Adrian Sampson might be a decent option.  I don't know.   Felix Kuma Paxton Walker are easy choices.  Somebody close might be brought back or a couple relievers could push another arm back to the rotation.  In a week Diaz might get stretched out.  I like LeBlanc for now, Karns to AAA or both down and Sampson up.  Just need to fill relief slots to enable it.   That's all...


And :: we're not worthy :: kudos to DiPoto, for caring about what he's building more, than caring about justifying his Carson Smith / Roenis Elias call.

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