Adam Warren or Juan Nicasio?
and a remarkable Felix piece


The M's gave $1.25 in international money to the Yankees for two months' worth of Adam Warren, RHP.  Warren has those eight weeks remaining on a $3M salary before free agency.  In 2017, he'd thrown a clean 8.5 K, 2.3 BB, 0.6 slash line with a 2.35 ERA.  Before the year, Shandler at Baseball HQ was a little down on him, writing,

Former middling long-reliever found home in shorter stints, posting best stats and skills of career.  Here's why it won't happen again:  (1) strikeout rate not supported by SwStr%; (2) lucky BABIP drove ERA down; (3) subpar 1st-strike % dove as season went along.


So 2018 occurred and Warren fired an 11.1 strikeout, 3.6 walk, 0.9 homer rate (both 2017 and 2018 are to be compared to Nicasio's 11.4 / 0.9 / 1.1 and previous levels of expectation at 9.5 K / 3.5 BB / 0.7 HR).

In the M's press release, Dipoto said that Warren had merely gotten lost in the Yankee shuffle:

"Adam Warren's been a very good big league pitcher throughout the course of his career," Dipoto said. "He kind of tends to get lost in the shuffle [with the Yankees], but he's really good and it's not the first time we've tried to acquire him, it's just the first time we've been successful in trying."


But the release tended to characterize both Warren and LHP Zach Duke as "depth" behind Nicasio and Pazos.  So where they fit exactly, you'll have to tell me.



Meanwhile Felix remains in the rotation "as of now":

Mariners manager Scott Servais declined to commit firmly on Monday to whether Felix Hernandez will remain in his rotation after another rough start on Saturday in Anaheim.

Hernandez's next scheduled turn is Thursday against the Blue Jays at Safeco Field.

"As of now, we'll stay with the rotation. That could change," Servais said prior to Monday's series opener with the Astros. "But as of now, that's where we're at."

We presume that's because the M's plan on acquiring both Archer and Eovaldi in a blockbuster mega-deal.


Dr D




But yeah, Archer would be nice.  He's going to one of the teams the M's are competing with if not them.  Yankees? Red Sox?  Dodgers?  Or - yelp - Orcs?

Either the M's play with those guys or they don't.  What brand are they again?  To their credit, however, it's hard to argue with Colome, Span, and 2 reliable arms (who might give you 40-50 innings combined through the rest of the season - only slightly less than the 70 or so you'd get from a good starter).  So to me, getting Archer would, of course be great, but it will be even greater just to make sure the Yankees/Red Sox/Astros/Indians/Orcs don't get him.  You better be in that game.

Re:  Felix. much as I love the guy and remember how great he was at Cheney when he was 18 (remember that night Jeff - you were there too?), it looks to me like he's done being the Felix we knew.  I see a few DL trips on the horizon for him - even if he's healthy - over the next season and a half.  In the meantime, if you can pull Archer now Felix goes to the pen or DL yesterday.  And I hate saying that.


Archer is a more natural fit but will cost a arm and a leg and another arm and another arm and some done body parts...Gio could probably be had for salary relief and a song and is s better bet imho to pitch well this fall.


Actually looked at Maybin at about 3:30 AM this morning (don't ask) as a possible get.  To tell you the truth, he's incrementally better than Heredia, and that's it.  He's a .694 OPS bat this season, Heredia is .670.  Maybin hits .681 vR, Heredia .664.

He does have a .338 OBP this season (.323 career) and is a plus glove (barely), but only 15 of his starts have been in CF.

We got fractionally better, if the next 50 games look like the first 100+.   But any anticipated difference between the two is well within the margin of error.

Mostly....Humbug.  More than mostly, even......

And this from the guy who isn't a Heredia fan.


He has had some pretty decent stretches in his career. I could see him offering production unlike Span: renewed sense of purpose, veteran stabilzing presence. Gets on base, got some speed. If he gets hot like he did a couple seasons ago in Detroit...could work out very nicely.

tjm's picture

. . .Maybin is the worst outcome of Heredia's career arc if Heredia doesn't improve, still a likelihood given his small experience. I understand this is a rental and he won't be here long term, but I'm not sure he's even a marginally better choice for the last fifty games given that we know Heredia has pull power hidden away somewhere. Plus, he has a better arm.

Playing an OF of Haniger, Maybin and Span has got to be in the bottom quarter of outfields measured by range. And this with a flyball staff. I don't get it.

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