Fielder DOES have to be convinced the M's can win, and quickly

And that's what the face-to-face meets are for.

Do you think if YOU went to lunch with Zduriencik in a fancy restaurant, that over the course of two hours, he could convince you that the Mariners are going to be contending, 2012 or 2013?  You personally.  How do you think you'd feel, after that lunch?

That's where Z discloses to you where the payroll is going.  You remember his remarks about the owners now loosening the purse strings?  That's what he tells you, the 'net rat.  What does he tell Fielder?

That's where he discloses to you the pushes for Gio Gonzalez (and comparables), for Cuddyer / Willingham (and comparables), the pitching, all of the cards that are (a) up his sleeve and (b) on the table. Yes, Scott Boras is accustomed to hearing those strategies-in-waiting and he is accustomed to keeping it farrrrr away from the press.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Prince Fielder has worked with Jack Zduriencik before.  It is at this point, precisely - do you buy Seattle's shtick or do you not - that Zduriencik's political capital with Fielder becomes a key factor in the ballgame.


In fact, I'd be inclined to suspect that that's what the problem is, here, that Fielder hasn't been to Seattle for 10 days to hear the shtick from Zduriencik.  If there's a problem at all.  


It is true both as a general rule, and in this specific case, that a 91-loss Texas team has to convince an ARod that "we're just a couple of pieces away."  It's not real hard to do that!  The zeroes on the wire transfer are verrrrry exciting.

Some M's fans are convinced that the 2012-13 M's are buried already.  Jack Zduriencik, meanwhile, is adding LOOGY's and big-time backup catchers.  Our SSI insta-poll will not be relevant.  Prince Fielder will have to decide who's right:  'net rat 'realists' or Jack Zduriencik. 


=== I looooov eeeet ===

Benihana links us up to Logan Morrison's tweet, "Just heard from my boy that Prince to Seattle is a done deal"

Which, to 95% of Seattle fans, is worth exactly one wry smile.


But for Dec. 22, about six hours' worth, I do enjoy the tweet, because very often when a deal is impending, the first spark-or-smoke comes in a manner similar to this one.  IF Fielder had siiiigggghhhhhed and said, OK, let's fly out to Seattle and see what they got, then I could see the reports starting this way.

If I had nothing else to do, I'd go review Morrison's last 100 tweets to get a feel for the guy's style.


Dr D



Morrison is hardly an unimpeachable source, I think. 
I suppose he could be onto something....but read the 2nd tweet down (or as it changes, the tweet 2 above his mention of Prince).  Is that one an "Oops, I let the cat out of the bag!" or "Oops, I was wrong!"  or "Oops, I am an idiot!"
How do you spell "loose cannon?"
Check out his tweets


Thanks for linking us, amigos.
If I were him, I'd be wondering about the commissioner's reaction to stuff like that.


[where to get off.]  He says what he wants to say.  He's probably just jerkin' chains over this, but I'd love for him to be right about Prince.
And, btw, if Prince doesn't come here and we wanted to go get Logan Morrison to play LF for us I could be down for that.  I love that kid even he is a bit of a whack-job.
Much preferred to Seth Smith, and if he's wearing out his welcome down there I have a Trayvon (or Wells) and a Campos I can part with in the deal.


Joe Namath being my first sports hero ...
In Seattle we've had precious few of them, but I alway smiled broadly at Walter Jones "holding out" to miss training camp.  Heh.
Randy Johnson, Erik Bedard, Jay Buhner, even Junior fit this category sometimes...
My son considers Prince Fielder to be "MLB Street" so maybe he'd contribute a little independent thought on the diamond.
Have a hunch that Mike Carp is going to be in that mold.


Merry Christmas Jeff, and thanks for all the great content and discussion.  BTW, do you have a tip jar or something?
Enjoy the season! 
I love that clip.


and touching.   
and technically brilliant...
and sincere, with an easy confidence in front of a crowd that hadn't requested the performance.
No way this could have been a local group?  These are recording artists or ?
Thanks for the offer on the tip jar ... for the video we'll call it good :- )


Always brings a tear to my eye.  So inspiring.
Chorous Niagra in Canada.
I love these kids too for their sincerity/soul, and interesting sound, too.  There's a whole series (Youtube Christmas 1-8).


Which for me is pretty unlikely on a video like that :- ) but the attitude manifested was of great beauty -
Thanks Dr G -

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