Hector Noesi Update, 7.7.12 - Dr's Prognosis (bleak)

=== Gopheritis ===

Erasmo Ramirez learned, like in two games, that --- > if you're going to miss your spot, miss it OFF the plate.  Not into the heart of the plate.

Noesi just doesn't seem to care enough to focus on this.  If he's in the mood, say to David Ortiz, he'll bear down and make sure there's nothing good for Ortiz to hit.  But if he's feeling lazy, he'll just chuck it in there and go "do what you're gonna do."  That's not my opinion.  That's everybody's on the field.

Gordon pointed out the RISP numbers early on.  There's a parallel in golf, for a guy in the sand, who hates sand shots.  The experience is so unpleasant that he just walks up and hacks.  Get the experience over with, you feel me?  Nicklaus' advice:  never hit a quit shot.  Learn to hit unpleasant shots with SLOWER tempo.

You can see in Noesi's tempo, as well as in his AVG/OBP/SLG line with RISP, that with the bases jacked, he wants to get it over with.  

How do you cure this?  I don't know.  Some golfers, you can simply point this out to them, and once they're conscious of it, they can decide to slow down.  Once they slow down, they bear down.  G'luck with that, mate.


=== Makeup ===

Supposing for the sake of argument that Noesi did have Pineda-, Scherzer-type stuff .... ummmmmm.  What makes Max Scherzer who he is, is that he's a ferocious warrior.  Who is Max Scherzer if you move his [THIRST FOR BATTLE FACTOR] from plus-plus, to minus-minus?

Zduriencik has a good record of picking out athletes who thirst for battle.  Jason Vargas, for example.  But why offload Brandon Morrow based on makeup issues, only to run the 2012 season into the ground because of Hector Noesi's makeup issues?

Max Scherzer, minus his competitive streak, is nobody who holds a forward place in my line going forward.  Scherzer without his toughness?  There just isn't that much left, that I'm real worried about him.

He's down to Tacoma, about ten starts later than SSI denizens would have liked.  AAA hitters are not going to teach him how to miss [off] rather than [into] the plate.  Noesi has already detonated AA and AAA.  The last time Noesi was in AAA, he struck out 10+ men, walked 1+, and gave up 0.0 homers.  I love AAA, but how specifically do AAA hitters punish Noesi for his specific problems?  They don't.  

Where does he go from here?  The bullpen, I'd say.  Gimme some 95 fastballs out of the pen, there, kid.  But we'll see.  Noesi is a moving target.  Who knows what the 2013 Noesi will be.


=== Good News Bad News Dept. ===

Dr. D has been smoldering in a silent, but barely-contained sports-spectator rage, at the use of the 2012 season as a giant Placeholder.

The 4-5 starters have helped set the tone for another 95-loss season, in which we presently dog paddle.  But the placeholder has been whisked away, and we presume this means that the Mariners will get on with deploying the pitchers they plan to win their next pennant with.

For spectators - not that kind of Spectator! - for spectators like you and me, that will add a lot of life to the rest of the baseball season.  I don't mind watching kids take their lumps and figure things out, as long as they're the kids who are supposed to be on the field.







Another guy with a hot fastball who went through an arm injury and was literally disinterested in what the dude at the plate was doing. "Fastball, fastball, high f...hey, he hit that one outta here. Weird. Anyway, fastball..."
I think Noesi is Baek again. It doesn't mean he'll STAY Baek (ha), but the mental side of the game is huge, and Noesi doesn't have it. Can he get it? I suppose...but how do you teach a killer instinct and the ability to bear down with RISP to a guy who's never shown any inclination to do so?
Maybe the pen and being limited to two pitches will help, but would you want him in to add gasoline to a fire when there are runners on base late in a tight game? Ugh.
I agree with Grumpy, I about fell out of my chair when Chuck Armstrong said in Spring Training that we had our choice of Nova or Noesi and we went with Hector. That looks like a huge, huge mistake. I would have taken Nova on makeup alone, even before seeing Noesi's lack of the same.
But I was impressed in ST that we thought that much of Noesi. I've been cured of that. Somebody teach him a new pitch and/or a new approach and we'll see what happens, but that's gonna have to happen in the minors.
Placeholder seasons - aren't we done with those yet? If we could get our youth to perform, maybe we could be. I put up an article on that a couple hours ago Guess the frustration is building in both of us, Doc.


For guys with Noesi's Home Run problem. Scott Baker, David Hernandez, Gavin Floyd, and Homer Bailey all had similar rough beginnings upon landing in the majors after getting hype and mostly zipping through the minors. So at least it's possible for Noesi to figure it out, the problem is the fact that there are (literally) hundreds of guys who never do get over giving up the long ball, several of them bounced around the majors for a few years while teams tried to make them work, but there is an (not really) amazing failure rate for guys that achieve the majors and give up 1.75+ HR/9.

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