Four Good Starters
Opening Week Looms. but what Dr. D wants to know is, what are those front sights for


JIM BOWDEN:  If all the Mariners' starters pitch good, they'll make the playoffs.  LINK.

RANDOM 'NET WAG:  How many teams could you say that about.

DR. DETECTO:  Not many.  Not in this sense.


Random 'net wag hangs a slider and gives Dr. D a chance to wheel out his fave "true but not accurate" malapropism.  Sure, any team could have its #3-4 starters come through, but ... remember 2011?  Felix was epic, Michael Pineda was a rookie with a 9.1 strikeout rate and 2+ walks, Doug Fister had a 3.33 ERA, and the Mariners had Erikkk Bedard coming off a #1 xFIP finish in the AL.  Even Jason Vargas pitched well out of the 5 slot, walking 2+ men, keeping homers down and running his K's above the Radke Line.  

Chris Chambliss, was it, said "that summer was the best rotation I'd ever seen.  I mean, ever."  That rotation kept a pathetic offense in the thick until 43 wins and 43 losses, and then the Mariners' shoulders slumped and their chests collapsed.  They figured out that pitching and defense do not win championships, not by their ownselves they do not.  So they threw in the towel and went 24-52 the rest of the way, a 51-111 pace.



The 2017 Mariners have a fearsome offense behind which four good starters could make hay, and those four good starters are not four potentially good starters.  They are four actually good starters.  Let us put a bit of lipstick and eye shadow onto their career accomplishments:


Good Starter W-L ERA ERA+ FIP Remark
Felix 154-109 3.16 126 3.29 Shandler gives 13-9, 3.56
Zeus 18-15 3.43 113 3.32 :: tears up a little ::   UP:  leads league in ERA, per Shandler
WBC-san 63-37 3.39 112 3.77 HQ gives 14-9, 3.71, $12 roto
Smyly 31-27 3.74 108 3.82 JeDi's pride and joy


Sure, you see what we did there with Felix.  That career 3.16 ERA includes a few 2.30 Cy Young summers.  But you take the point.  It's one thing to say "things could go wrong."  It's another thing to say "let's hope something goes right."  Y'feel me?

Come to think of it, "Things could go wrong," now THAT one you can use anywhere around the league you like.






by adding a bit more info: As long as your offense is good enough to get you there and doesn't disappear.

But yeah, last year's offense was strong.  At times the question of where it would rank all time came up.  It wasn't quite that good in actuality.  This year looks significantly upgraded in several places.  The Bullpen is night and day now from what it was early last year.  As long as things don't go seriously wrong.  As long as they're healthy.  As long as the starters aren't lemmings, or even all the veterans (since I can't forget 2004, sans Ichiro).

This could be the team and this could be the year.  Or rather the first year, but why get ahead of ourselves.  I wondered last week how long it'd  take before they batted around this spring.  2nd game, or just 12 innings in.  They scored in 5 of 11 innings before that.  29 runs in 3 days, but it's only spring training.  Pitchers that aren't ready facing the most 25 man hitters I've ever seen this early in spring.  But they'll certainly have some stretches like that in the season.  I'm probably more excited about this team than any before.  It will be fun watching them hit.  When we eventually get to.

The Mariners owning Root Sports NW made me think we'd get more games televised.  So I've been wrong before. 


42-24 RS/RA...or, ignoring Gallardo's day, 39-10.  That's what this team can do on a roll, no speedbump starters though.  I believe.  I know is just spring and an odd WBC year.  Before long it will be just April and "don't get excited yet, it's only July."  There's a long way to go, I'm ready to enjoy this ride. 


I'm finding myself unusually enthused about the start of the season m'self.  Could have something to do with all the DBacks and Rays on our squad.

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