Waving the Red Sox In from the Bullpen
I respect your love for these guys. I do.


DaddyO brought the house down with his "Next Team Up!" flowchart.  Obviously, the post is one of the best ever in the Mariner blog-o-sphere.  But it's even more relevant because we've been considering a second SSI team.

You didn't default to the Dodgers amigo, where you could have come full circle.  But that's very understandable for me at least - any resemblance between The Big Red Machine and today's Cincinnati Reds is purely coincidental.  I tried rooting for them and couldn't, even with Griffey there.  So maybe today's Dodgers would taste like diluted root beer to you.  But it seems to me like they've got enough of a rotation to claim title to their grand heritage.

Let's see, to follow your flowchart to the M's your personality is ... Hmmmm ... Have a heart still; winning isn't the real point of baseball; 116 wins spent all our karma.  That's not too bad.  But I warn you most soberly, DaddyO.  Our AOL STATS board amigo Justin followed the Mariners hysterically from 1995 to 1999, became disgusted with LincStrong during the 2000 season, and then firmly divorced them in the winter between 2000 and 2001.  We spent the entire summer of 2001 rubbing his nose in his own disloyalty.  He was absolutely miserable, and we loved every second of it.

Are you SUUUUURE you don't want to see what Paxton, Diaz, Haniger, Segura, and crew can do this season?


If not, we wish you a hearty fare-thee-well.  And Dr. D is two inches away from declaring the Boston Red Sox our SSI Team B.  There is also some sentiment for the Giants, maybe, and we could be talked into any broad-consensus pick.  But the Red Sox are tough to beat.  Reasons:

1)  They're cool.  And their uniforms look cool, being retro and up-to-date at the same time... what's the word for it ... Timeless!  The Red Sox are timeless.  They have had Mookie Betts step out of the cornfield at least twenty times.

2)  They play in the greatest venue in all sports.  By the time ten TV games went by, you would never think of the Kingdome again.

3)  They don't make as much revenue as the Yankee$ do, so it is NOT cheating like it would be to jump on a Real Madrid bandwagon.  Swapping to the Yankees would be outrageous, of course.  Swapping to the Red Sox is still kind of like picking an underdog.

4)  Their historical players are similar to the Dodgers' of similar eras.  For example, Fred Lynn and Dewey Evans would have been great Dodgers.

5)  Dustin Pedroia is a "lifer" with a great unselfish personality, similar to Edgar and Seager.

6)  Sometimes Bill James puts out fascinating tidbits on them.  And their front office has always been far more benign than some orgs'.  You could go watch Moneyball again, too.  They took Dipoto in out of the rain until he scored his Seattle gig.  Oh, also you could watch that Jimmy Fallon movie ... like 100 times until the emotional transplant "took."

7)  They always score lots of runs.  Get them on TV and things are happening.  If you're going to arbitrarily select a team to root for after you're already an adult, which of course you have zero right to do, but if you're going to, why not pick one that's super fun to watch?

8)  You can still go to home games ... in Seattle.

9)  If there were four guys guaranteed to comment on postgames, you'd get Dr. Detecto postgames.  What more do you need.

10)  They have baseball's #1 prospect.

11)  You might experience a World Series win.  That's kind of big.  If you dare to dream even bigger, you might experience a Red Sox defeat of the Yankees in the playoffs.  Ponder carefully how much the Yankees hate the Red Sox.  Right there is the "sincerity" factor you are looking for.  Even if you find you can't root for a new team, you most certainly can root against New York.  And we're talking about the roster, the brass, the ballpark, the Bronx, hey, the greater metropolitan era.  The Yankees and Red Sox are a zero sum game to die for.

12)  Let's see, according to the flowchart:


As a Red Sox fan, I have a heart --- > I love to win --- > Baseball stadiums should not feel like prison cells --- > I'm not a bandwagoner --- > I don't choke --- > I don't think I own baseball --- > I don't care about tailgating --- > I love my team except for the media.

:: mic drop ::

Dr. D



Hanjag's picture

There was a pretty good movie made about robbing Fenway ~ The Town.


Another reason for Boston


I am dating myself a bit here but back when the folks figured we could afford cable the teams that were on to watch were the Atlanta Braves WTBS Dale Murphy Glen Hubbard, Bob Horner and the Cubbies I don't know if my mom didn't like the White Sox or WGN did not have em but Cubs Dawson, Ryno Sandberg, Dunston,Grace, Palmeiro, Sutcliff, and closer Lee.


So I kinda have a soft spot for those teams because they were mom's push on me when I did not even know I liked baseball.


My 1st teams of independent fandom were all California teams who happened to be winning when I stayed home sick from church or school. 


Oakland A's with Ricky the Bash Bros, Dave Henderson, Carney Lansford, Eckersley and the intimidator Dave Stewart and Bobby Welch. After which I discovered we had a local team the M's Hello Edgar, AD, and the rest


Who did not love Magic's show-time Lakers with Worthy and Sky hooking Abdul-Jabbar, Scott, Pat RIley and the throngs of Tinsel town. Then came the Sonics of Xavier McD, and those 3 bombs from Dale Ellis.

FB Bay area again

The rest of the Fam was about the Cowboys not me, I stayed home from church and was introduced to the niners the year of the catch. That led me to the Hawks of # 80 and Krieg, Warner, Kenny E, Boz, Dr Dan.


Sorry to meander, Han


Certainly the BoSox, if you're rooting for another AL team.

Fenway is certainly the coolest venue in all of sport *(see below).  Great point, Doc.

Oter reasons:  

1.  Tom Brady plays pretty close to Boston.

2.  Bill Russell and the parquet floor .

3.  Pudge rattles the fair pole.

4.  Flutie and the Hail Mary.

5. One if by land, two if by sea.

6. Chowdah.

7. Jim Nance.  Not that one.  The bruiser-of-a-man fullback one.

8. The Hick from French Lick.

9. Red's cigars.

10. Teddy Ballgame and Tony C.

11. Sam "Mayday" Malone.

12. Pencil thin mustaches, the Boston Blackie kind.

13. Bobby Orr, who basically was done playing at age 27.

14. Mookie's grounder and Buckner's error 

More than plenty to hold on to, if you're a Boston fan.

* Except of course, for St. Andrews and Augusta National


I wish I could take credit for that flow chart, but all I did was conduct a Google image search up it popped. The details of the flow chart looked pretty outdated, but I decided to use it anyway. It IS kinda cool.

Re: Mariners and SSI,

I do not intend to completely suspend Mariners fandom, and I do not intend to stop frequenting SSI. I'm like a bad penny in that respect.

Your comments about the Red Sox were interesting. For a quite awhile they have been among the more successful teams in MLB despite playing in a division that is usually pretty stiff competition. Between 2004 and 2013 they won all three World Series in which they appeared by a combined total of 12 wins and 2 losses. 

But New England snobbery is a turnoff for me, almost as bad as the insufferable snobbery of New York. Not sure if I could overcome that prejudice on my part.

Another consideration for me is, believe it or not, Fenway Park. For a visiting team or a drive-by fan it's a quaint oddity, a change of pace from the largely similar array of ballparks elsewhere. But I'm not sure I'd want day after day to have games turn on the oddity of the Green Monster. Routine fly balls become doubles off the wall. Of course, home team LF'ers have a huge experience advantage with the nuances of their environment.

Still, it's possible I could end up rooting for a team whose history includes the Babe, the Splendid Splinter, Yaz, Pedro, and Big Papi. I always liked the Sox since the 60's days of Yaz, George Scott, Tony Conigiaro, Rico Petrocelli, Reggie Smith, etc. To me they were the lovable upstarts contrast with the hated, arrogant Yankees. And the 1975 series was one for the ages, though I badly wanted Boston to blacken the Reds.

edited to add, copied from a post under my "Choose" article:

As of today, if I had to choose two teams for top consideration, it would be Boston first, Cleveland second.

1. I'm persuaded that transitioning back to the NL game with pitchers hitting would be difficult for me.

2. Boston gets the edge over Cleveland because they play in a perennialy competitive division, and the East Coast time zone might work best with my schedule. Doc's article today helped persuade me that it's cool, not snobby to adopt the Sox.

3. But I'd be very satisfied with a Cleveland choice. I love their talent and their manager. I love that they're a lunch pail town and carry the mantle of "upstarts."


Red Sox nation ticks me off every single year with their propensity to shout down the home team. :)

No, seriously, I don't buy the claim that they're the underdog...that machine ain't nobody's underdog...the "Curse of the Bambino" died in 2004 and isn't coming back.

But that said...my wife is a Red Sox fan, so would enjoy my taking Red Sox analysis more seriously...so there's that.


But now I'm wavering. Because of it's ballpark Boston has traditionally played a station to station game. That's not a style I enjoy most. I like Cleveland's style much better. And Cleveland has a more traditional balllpark. Tough decisions.


One added benefit of choosing an AL team: 

If they faced the Mariners in a playoff game, yeah it would be torture, BUT, you'd be guaranteed a team you root for would move on. ('Course you'd also guarantee a team you rooted for would be eliminated.) Hmmm.... inquiring minds want to decide, but can't yet.

tjm's picture

You're not allowed . . . . . . to root for another American League team. This is Fan 101 stuff. Plus, Boston is like the anti-Seattle. I'm glad that's settled.


Rereading your article, Doc, I noticed your ref: to my potential for going full circle with the Dodgers. The ONLY decisive reason this initial, obvious choice for me was the fact that the team hired Chris Berman as Vin Scully's replacement. I was dumbfounded. They could not have departed more radically from your roots. An amiable, personable, classy, dignified, savvy, and erudite wordsmith and storyteller who calls games in his natural voice, replaced by an utter boor whose only claim to fame is his gimmicky nicknames. I mean, what WERE they thinking?! Apparently this is what younger folk find appealing. (Apologies to you younger folk among us, you are valued in this community, but...but... Chris BERMAN?!! He's so, so...EIGHTIES!!!)

Apart from this, I would have immediately gravitated to the team featuring Kershaw, C. Seager, K. Janssen, J. Turner, a team determined to compete at the highest level.

So you were right about my predisposition, but my more educated reaction was , "C'MON, man! Chris Berman?!"

edited to add:

A minute ago it came to me that I have a nephew who lives in the Northwest, has MLBtv, and faithfully watches Dodger baseball. Duh! Why didn't I think of that sooner?! I've sent out an inquiry to him as to whether it's possible to listen to the Dodgers live radio broadcasts (I believe Rick Monday is the main guy) while watching MLBtv. Monday I would enjoy. He has a broadcaster's voice, and he's a pleasant guy to spend an evening with.

Edit #2:

Hold the fort! It appears that I may have been the victim of a spoof website. Here is the initial article where I learned about Berman's hiring. 


But, a Google search finds no other article mentioning this, not one. And it looks now like Berman signed a new contract with ESPN for 2017. This makes the whole "choose a team" endeavor moot for me. It will be LA. I coulda saved a WHOLE bunch of time if I had double-checked that original article. Sorry guys!


Berman was born in 55, his birth certificate was typed, with carbon copies, on bond paper. 

Scully was born in 27, his birth certificate was inscribed, in Uncial text, on papyrus.  

I read it somewhere on the internet...


I found out early today that I had been misled by a news article from last September that must have been a hoax. Late this morning I appended this correction and announced the Dodgers as my choice. Thanks.


That way you may see both your teams facing off in a World Series.  Never made sense to me to have 2 AL teams. 

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Best way I can relate to this is about 5 years after the Sonics left. Since I've attempted to become a fan of the Bobcats, Clippers and this year the Sun's because I live in AZ now. The idea is fun in the off-season, but I only last 10-20 games and completely lose interest. It will never be the same for me. I was a pretty die hard Sonics fan, hope it works better for you DaddyO.

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