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If you have to ask the price of an F-35, you can't afford it

That sparkling tweet nicked off @BillJames.  He's a pretty funny guy in Tweet mode.



Dipoto has a video up on the M's website.  Well, it's a figure of speech, but still.  His opinion of Segura is interesting here ... he had Segura in Anaheim before the 2012-13 trade.  (That means the Terminator has detailed files, LrKrBoi29.)  2014-15 taught Segura how tough the game is, both emotionally and on the field technically.  2016 was the result of Jean Segura evolving and finding his true self.

Which would be okay with me.  I'm willing.

Stat of the day:  Segura slugged .499 last season from shortstop, with 200+ hits to lead the NL.  You knew that.  What you might not have noticed:  that Segura slugged .561 in August.  And .609 in September.  With a much improved EYE in September.

His batting AVG was the same 1st half and second half.  But he hit 23 doubles and 14 homers in the second half, for a .572 SLG versus .441 in the first.  Other players with that profile in AVG and PWR:  Edgar Martinez.  Also the new Jose Altuve, the one with power.  Also Kyle Seager.  Jean Segura is the player Dipoto says he is, his next contract is going to start with a 2.


There are posts up with titles like "Six moves that could put the M's in the postseason," which is great.  There is ONE move that is worth about 7 wins to the M's, and that would be the one Jerry Dipoto thinks he made.  Seven extra wins would have been helpful in the last week of 2016.



You know I'm good with Greg Johns Mailbags.  He relays that Diaz is in the bullpen to stay.  (That sound you heard was a few of our top Think Tankers who ran screaming out into the night.)  The M's don't believe that Diaz can sustain wipeout stuff in the rotation, but that he can in the bullpen.

The argument for 180-210 quality innings per year, stands.

Taro's argument, however, for [$180M per season rent-a-closers] also stands.  If you wanted Edwin Diaz winning 17 games in the rotation, you can console yourselves that an "automatic" reliever has become priceless in today's game.



In case you missed it, the Rays want a Sale-type package.  They like him even better than anybody else does.  Or so says the buzz this week.  McCutchen for Paxton, Diaz, O'Neill plus, the price on Sale ... I think the GM's are on to the fact that HOF'ers are a moneyball opportunity.

The Taijuan for Segura thing is looking better and better.



Jeff Sullivan said, in his Fangraphs chat, that the Orioles' logical play is to --- > move into the 2017 season and deal Britton if they're not in the hunt.  "He's not going to lose any value between now and" July.  

Which, there was a great article along those lines we read somewhere, that teams will give you $60-90M for a couple of months' worth of a closer.  If that's true, I guess we can fuhgeddaboudit on big trades for relievers.

Speaking of which, Greg Johns sees Ariel Miranda for the Mike Montgomery role next year.  It's a cool thought.  Not sure whether Miranda is now --- > where Mike Montogomery was last offseason, but it's a cool thought.



Some wag axed, "Does Haniger block O'Neill?," to which Jeffy sez "there's another corner.  And O'Neill is a year away anyhow."  Second opinion reasonable, first opinion gold.  It's 5-to-make-3 in the outfield; if Mitch Haniger hits his UPside he's in there for anybody, up to and including the King of Spalding.


Dr D




Agreed on Haniger.  If he bonks the ball, he's a lock somewhere in the OF.  In such a case, he and Tank would bookend the corners quite nicely.  

Correction on Segura:  He Slugged .499 last year from 2B. 133 of his 150 starts were at 2B last year.  OK, it's a minute detail but it is possible that the move to 2B (and any SS related pressure it relieved) may have helped release his inner Dogs of War and the thumping batting line that (perhaps) resulted.

Love the point on the Rays and Archer. I concur.  The Rays value him more than everybody else, so far.  If they are really interested in selling he, Odorizzi or Smyly they will reduce the price some.

Even the ChiSox backed off the original guys they wanted from the BoSox.

If Miranda is Montgomery then Karns is electric AND we've pick up another starter. I would prefer Miranda as Koosman but will not quibble if the other things roll into place.


It's a good point.  Not a minute detail at all.

Hopefully the principle re:  "hits better at a low-stress position" doesn't apply to Segura playing SS.  Most middle infielders enjoy SS more than they do 2B; it's when a batter gets nervous about embarrassing himself that he can take his glove into the batter's box with him.

He *will* be switching positions, though, that's for sure.  +1


He is, however, switching back to a position he knows well.  He just seems to me like a guy who will benefit from a change of scenery.  I don't expect him to hit quite like he did last year....but he isn't falling all the way back to '15, either. 

The Other Billy Zoom's picture

Right name with the right yo-yo.

The Raysband 3 biggest needs:  OF/DH; or 1B/DH; and pen.

After much deliberation I offer them:  Gamel/Haniger/Heredia/S. Smith (pick one); Mr. Vogelsbach; and Steve Cishek ... and if I have to toss in a beyond 20 prospect so be it.

A shoe that fits your arch, that you can afford, will give you better mileage than a flip-flop.

So it's Archer to the M's.

Lots of chatter about a Tampa starter, these days, as the calliope on the merry-go-round of opininions start gushing.



If Archer can be had for that, what is Dipoto waiting for?  :- )  We'd never even miss two of those players.  Not sure however that the package we gave up for KKKarns doesn't exceed the proposal there for Chris Archer.

Point well taken on matching up with the Rays' needs.  We've done that before...

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