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News Aggregator now too? Heh



KingCorran had a comment that stopped me short:


... now I'm trimming the fat from my online reading as I prepare to move into satellite-fed internet land where the megas are costly, but pretty much every decision comes down to, "How much of this information do I not need because it's going to come up and be discussed MORE thoroughly at SSI?"


Hmmmmm.  So if you're a new commentor, and maybe thinking of tossing a 3-sentence comment potato into the stew pot now and then ... one great way to do it is to simply post a link to something we've missed.  You could bookmark the Mariners area at SportSpyder, look for headlines, and point us to things we've missed.

Then we REALLY could streamline our surfing to one landing area in the morning.  ;- )  Brilliant!  :: guinness ::


1) Lookout Landing with an excellent article on the Mariners' new culture.  Dr. D wryly approves of the way that "chemistry" in baseball, as a topic, has gone from "unspeakably naive" to "cutting-edge."

2) My Northwest says that Eddie Lacy is trimming down.  Several places wonder whether he could semi-replace Marshawn Lynch.  You buy that?  Pete Carroll opines, in the article, 


“We’re gonna get him in great shape, we’re gonna get him … at his very best,” Carroll said. “There’s a weight in there that’s a really good spot for him that he’s working towards, and we’ll do a nice job with that.”



3) Dr. D caught the end of the PR-NED game.  Here's an recap.  Edwin Diaz threw an emotional 10th and then Puerto Rico brought him back out for the 11th?!  The MARINERS never indulge that MIDSEASON.  Scott Servais musta been chewing glass.

When Diaz threw the double play ball to end it in the 11th, the PR first baseman caught the ball WHILE pumping his fist and then it looked every inch a World Series celebration.  This instead of mid-March spring training games?

Luckily, Diaz got out of the whole thing with a total of 15 pitches plus 4 during an IBB.  ... get this ... the slow-windup, soft toss IBB pitches were 87 miles per hour.  Kid you not.

You shoulda seen Diaz' intensity after outs.  He had several NED hitters glaring out like they were going to charge the mound.  'course a little chin music had something to do with it.  It may be adrenaline here too, but the pitches I've seen from Diaz have been next level for him.  There is no question left about Diaz except whether he will be healthy.  He'll save 40 games a year until something changes.

4) Your Link Here  (well, not here, but anyplace as you see fit)



In the 11th inning of the WBC, each team starts the inning with runners on 1B and 2B.  These runners are the last two players of the 10th inning, so at least one batter who made an out now runs, and then the normal leadoff guy hits.  I thought I'd hate it, but I loved it.  Both half innings, the manager chose a sac bunt and then --- > any scratch single or sac fly is the ballgame.  

It's a fresh look, a new strategy, and I liked it.  In this particular game, top of the 11th they bunted on Diaz who (as mentioned aforetime) walked the next guy on four lazy 87 MPH tosses.  Then he got a double play to end it.  Bottom of 11th, after bases loaded one out, there was a short fly ball and a play at home ...



Could be that Dr. D can't get to the keyboard much, the next two-three days.  Moe, Matt, Amigos, wouldn't be a bad time for 'Guest Posts' if you're so inclined.  It's not urgent; just sayin'.





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No sliders. Power on power. And the Balentine ab was a thing of beauty. Wlad was right on those first two, and he was riled up. If he pipes him on there, even at 101, there's a chance wlad hits that ball a long way. He did just set the WBC record for rbi and total bases after all. By buzzing his light tower, Eddie was able to take all of wlads adrenaline and anger out of the box. One perfect pitch later and wlads on his way back to the dugout, secretly glad the abs over. On the surface it looks like an emotional exchange in a big game, but I'm willing to bet deep down Eddie knew how that would play out, and that should scare the heck out of the whole AL.


I like the News Aggregator angle, primarily because SSI would then become much more than that. It would be reading the news while hangin' with your friends. Picture a 1950's barber shop in the age of newspapers, where the guys would swap comments and opinions about the day's doin's.

"Hey, did youse guys read the story about...?"

"I don't know if you bums saw it, but..."

"Whadda ya think about..."

"If ya want my opinion, ..."

Granted we already kinda have this here, but combine it with news aggregation and it's golden. Besides, we're all lazy bums.


IMO I don't worry about reading every article which is out there; the topics themselves concern me much more. I have a fingertip or two in the field of Bible translation; there we would say that while the form of the text carries part of the meaning (e.g. word choice, word order, grammatical constructs), it's the actual original meaning we truly wish to communicate in a new context. Form serves meaning, not the other way around. My application here is that you can find a dozen or so articles about any topic in Marinerlandia, but what matters to me is the subject-event rather than finding 100% of the available perspectives on said subject. SSI is the form which most clearly communicates the meaning to me, preserving the breadth of the quality perspective (including so much you can't find anywhere else!!!), and hearing the friendly, reasonable banter here as well as the info is awesome.

Maybe what I'm referring to more concretely is that here, I know I won't miss anything important. If Lookout Landing has something significant to add, well, it'll eventually be linked or quoted here. I still follow a couple other sources (checking: PI, USSM, MLBTR) but skip the drama (or repetition) elsewhere. The perspective at SSI covers all the angles, and generally without the entitlement some bring to the table. (A bit of that is unavoidable anywhere, of course - and heck, the other half (third half? fourth half?) of the reason I'm here is Doc's schtickkkkkkkkkkkk - not sure we have enough K cards to fully display the level of dominance!)

I told youse guys I don't do one-liners. What have you done?!


...would help the continuity factor. I don't really go back to old posts to see if people replied to my prior comments, though I may once a day think about that a little more now. Usually I figure my comments are for two people: those who read the article after me, and Doc himself. Speaking of which...

Best continuity right now is when someone posts a reference to something previously commented. It's like a new SportSpot megathread with primary content, that loops in the most interesting parts of what came before. In that sense, every post here is potentially - and often actually - a link backwards. Works well, better than I'd have thought.

7 about an in-site notification system, a la Facebook, to replies to your prior comments? That'll keep the conversation going without require you to go back to earlier posts just to check for replies.

Maybe it would be best if the notifications covered only first-level replies, though. Example: I comment. Doc replies to my comment, I get a notification. Matt replies to my comment (not Doc's), same thing. Matt replies to Doc's comment on MY comment - no notification for me. But if I reply to Doc's comment and someone replies to MY reply... that becomes a notification for me too.

(Clear as mud? Diagram better?)

> Mook's comment
> My comment
---> Doc replies to me (I get notified!)
------> Matt replies to Doc
---------> I reply to Matt
------------> Anonymous replies to me (I get notified)
---------> Doc replies to Matt
---> Matt replies to me (I get notified!)


But can not.  I didn't use it as much as others to say things but it was very much a place to check for mentions of other stories.


 Klat is aware of our desires and remains vitally  interested in keeping the SSI group happy –We continue to talk about it back channel – everybody at SSI would love us to revert to the June 2016 shout box -   Remember that it is a free and excellent service –

Global shout box functionality ( whether we are meant to see other offsite shoutboxes also )is a corporate matter –  also, only so many programmers to deal with various issues – 

but Josh and I talk about it periodically –


if you want to influence the corporate priorities, the best way is nice, appreciative line in the current shout box asking for the old one – if 10 guys a week did that, hey dudes, looking forward to the old shout box ... probably the most effective way to seek prioritization/decision making.

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Lynch had two things going for him that many people overlook: Superior reading and decisionmaking in a zone system and HOF balance and footwork.

Lacy could do very well, will have to see his read-and-react in preseason, but I don't see any way that he stays upright through traffic like Lynch did. I predict improved productivity from the position, superior relative to the league even, but not a Beastmode-level of virtuosity.

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Alright, alright, Doc! I got no potato to throw into the stew pot, but maybe I can at least warm my hands by the fire? 

In truth it's what I've been doing for about five years now. Yes, I'm just another LRk3rB0i whose life has been enriched by the baseball knowledge of you mooks here. It's actually rather remarkable. I've remained a devoted, only occasionally despairing, knowledgeable Mariners fan through those years, despite living in Hong Kong, Nevada, and now Guatemala. Largely because of the shtick on this here website. Let that go to your head, Doc, if you dare. 

For what it's worth, I often read the official Mariners site, just so I can be better caught up on the exchanges partaken in by the denizens over here. Next level baseball fandom. Love it. 

Advance warning, I'm all preamble, with a little post-amble to wrap it up. Rarely anything of consequence in the middle. But hey. Sometimes you've gotta nod your head, just to let the speaker know you're listening. 

I'm listening. 

Last note. Do two instances make a habit? With Baez's incredible already-celebrating no-look tag earlier in the tourney, and the one referenced in this article, it's becoming a Puerto Rican theme.

Love me some swagger. 


He was a guy from USSM who secretly enjoyed reading, chuckled at us on his home site, but was scared spitless to debate us about anything.  ;- )

Yes I love the swagger too.  And Felix has made it non-beanball'able, right?

Keep it comin Dave!


I would absolutely love to get your take on the Mandela Effect.

Specifically, I remember:

1) Berenstein Bears, not Berenstain

2) It was "Luke, I am your father", not, "No, I am your father"

3) I remember 5 people in the Village People, not 6. There wasn't an Army guy where I'm from.

4) The line in Snow White was, Mirror, mirror on the wall, not Magic Mirror on the wall like it is here

5) I remember 4 people in two rows of seats in the car when JFK was assassinated, not a 3rd row with a 5th and 6th person in the middle of the car...

6) The witch in Wizard of Oz said, "Fly my pretties, fly." Now she just says, "Fly, fly, fly"

7) C3PO didn't have a silver leg...

8) I remember watching Billy Grahams funeral on TV, but he's still alive??

There are others, but I specifically remember all of these one way only to find out it was never that way, it's blowing my mind.


When I am looking for cheap and geeky comedy, I look to see if AVGN has any new videos (warning...not family safe!).  The point of this, however, is to note that he did a Halloween episode entirely centered on the idea that the Berenstain Bears were actually a sign that an alternate universe had leaked into our own and that we had shifted to their side. It was hilarious.


I KNOW it was BerenSTEIN Bears. I have a whole conspiracy theory on it too, but think the AVGN guys were onto something! It all started with John Titor.

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