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and mixing metaphors, Dr. D always loved stew as much as tokes


OK, 2 pm.  Is it about lunchtime?

Was a little tired last night, around 4 am, but sighed and sat down to get the mornin' macchiato up last night rather than this afternoon.  Hoping to read some M's stuff rather than write it.  The Denizens graciously threw 14x chips at the dealer ... well, actually they probably were thinking more in terms of talking baseball :- ) but you know whutuhmean.

We axs for some comments, amigos indulge us, and KingCorran sez

. soon as I find an original angle to share, I'll do so. =) You guys writing and commenting here make my Mariner's fandom a so much richer experience, I wouldn't want to cheapen your experience in return without reason!

Our outfield options have sure come a long way, and that backfill in around our Infield of Might is quite the welcome development. Finally, after baseball-generations of disappointment (measured in wasted prime years of key figurehead players), it seems we've got a GM who is willing to fill in holes with a.) quality players b.) within his means. Rather than slipping too far either to the left or the right. Should make for some fun baseball, and I'm ready for that down here in sunny Chihuahua!

Tank will force his way in, moe. This IS JeDi we're dealing with, here... he'll trade ANYone. I can't wait to see what he gets back for whomever he deems most expendable. Who out in baseballlandia is most like Smyly right now, in terms of ready for a breakout? Or hack, who's your carbon copy of Iwakuma the Younger? He probably already sees it coming. The only question is whther he's laid the groundwork for the trade yet...



I think SSI has become like 40% of my enjoyment* of the Seattle Mariners.  Could not ask for a better group of online friends.  (*The other 60%?  Paxton.)  

C.S. Lewis once pointed out that 'praise' (of the M's, of fellow Denizens) is a natural part of joy.  You look at the Grand Canyon for the first time, you would prefer somebody be standing there with you.  Then you can "outlet" your experience of the beauty, in praise.  One big reason it's fun to cheer when at the stadium, a big reason it will be emotional to cheer the Edgar on his weekend.

And for somebody who can't find an original angle, Corran got onto the first page real quick!


Any one line, even "Seconded," is welcome.  We're sure your fellow commenters agree.  If we could exceed 50+ comments every post, merely in terms of "that's what I saw, good put" OR in terms of original adds, I'd be thrilled.  95% because it's great to hear from folks, and 5% it doesn't hurt from Klat's/Dr D's standpoint.  Klat loves 'em some long comments threads.

Lookout Landing has *mostly* one-liners in the comments.

And, a separate shout-out to Mo Dawg who has always understood that I'd rather read than write.


Separate Idea:  if the M's start 23-14, as it looks like they may, this site will certainly be a richer traffic experience.  New amigos probly.


Finally, if there were 15+ comments every morning, Dr. D would probably put up a comment stub every night.

They say train hoboes could join the meal and eat if they threw a potato into the pot.  NO POTATOES REQUIRED at Seattle Sports Insider!



edit to add,

Greg Johns has a near-perfect War Room on the roster as it sits Mar. 20th.  His opinion of course, but still, a near-perfect report for what it is supposed to be.  Nice.




Seattle Sports Outsider's picture


...that popped out and got me thinking: SSI might actually be 75% of my enjoyment of the Mariners. Given I no longer live in the PNW, don't get MLB network, and generally watch a handful of games each year max (not to mention the terrible on field product for years), My estimated "Mariners Enjoyment" breakdown probably goes like this:

75% SSI

5% Watching Games (Felix, Paxton, Iwakuma nights, or an actually meaningful game)

10% Following the box scores

10% Fantasy baseball and stocking a least a couple Mariners on my squad of a Mariners fan! Ha

Junior, Edgar, Randy, Bone, and Joey Cora made me a fan, SSI kept me a fan, hopefully this year it will pay off!



Listed there as possibly making it together if neither Heredia nor Gamel do.  I would like to see O'Malley, Motter, Heredia with Dyson, Martin, Haniger.  There would be a minimum of 1 burner on the bench every night, sometimes up to 3.  Always a PR or 2 that can swipe a bag.

Why not 20 wins each of the first couple months?  Maybe I'm reaching but I do think this team will do better than anything I've read anywhere.  Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition, er...Expectations seem amazingly low to me.  And that's just during the season. 

Paxton, Felix, Smiley in the playoffs with Diaz, Altavilla and Vieira (among others) could be as filthy as I imagine.  I've got no doubts that this roster can score runs every way imaginable.  Can't even fit in all the weapons. 

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When it comes to the idea of posting a comment I'm of the same mindset as KingCorran: it is rare when I think a Mariner thought that has not been organized and articulated by another regular in ways that are vastly superior than my ability to do so. Otherwise, I'd have my own blog. :)

It's not *intimidating* because the community here bends over backwards to be inclusive, hence I have commented in the past in ways that vary on the sliding scale of value. However I hesitate to "contribute" to a discussion if I don't see that I can add value to a discussion.

BUT! You asked for it. So now you're gonna get it: Increased posting of questionable value! I'll continue until anyone here says uncle.

Here's Nathan's thought of the day: Staring Pitching edition

Our rotation consists of an ace (Paxton), a one (Felix), a two (Smyly), a three (Kuma), and an expensive scrub (Gallardo).

One: Would you disagree with that assessment? If so, how? Why? 

Two: There are worse rotations in the game today. Heck, there are worse rotations in the AL West. We're not in so bad a position at starting pitching as others.

Three: Should we implement a six-man rotation? Kuma, Felix, and Smyly all have hard data (I presume?) that points to improved performance given an extra day of rest. Would the improved quality of start (presumed) offset the decrease in quantity? Who would be your number 6?

Four: Is this five-man rotation, plus our depth, enough to rely on for a playoff push? I'm leery. There have been a lot of pixels dedicated to talking about our improved pitching depth, and I agree that depth has been improved, but is it enough? I'm squeamish. I'd anticipate a significant deadline deal for a starting pitcher. Who would you NOT be willing to part with to obtain said pitcher for a playoff push? Does 3 months of minor league performance change that opinion? If so, how? What would that look like?

Five: Science has maximized throwing mechanics relative to the rules of major-league baseball such that humans have established an historic level of performance. What is the next step? Fine ligament manipulation? Altering shoulder bone structure? Micro-servo catapults in the wrist-joint? Where might the rules line be drawn with regards to cyborg solutions? How do you legislate replacement ligaments made of woven cabon nano-tubes vs. a Mega Man shoulder cannon? What about anti-aging? If Pharma invents a pill that restores telomeres and forces your body to perpetually generate stem cells, what would you say to Greg Maddux's comeback? Would that scenario be excluded from the performance enhancing doping rules? What would the arguments be on either side? How might that affect the Hall of Fame?


Have heard that for many years:  the regulars leave nothing to say.   :- )  Understand, but...

1)  You guys like RockiesJeff posts, right?  He could essay -- he could run the blog better than we could -- but he just sez attaboy.

2)  Your comments guys, even offhand, are interesting.  They are from your own unique personality and camera angle.


...look ma, no spellcheck! =)

I'm in agreement with Doc and Seattle Sports (verified or no); most of my fansite reading through the years has waxed and waned AROUND my following of y'all - whether here, DOV, MC (in whichever incarnation)... now I'm trimming the fat from my online reading as I prepare to move into satellite-fed internet land where the megas are costly, but pretty much every decision comes down to, "How much of this information do I not need because it's going to come up and be discussed MORE throughly at SSI?"

I do hestiate to opine too deeply on baseball when the heavy hitters come out to play, but maybe I can start to be one of the one-liner generators to help keep the stat-guys happy. (And any of y'all who remember me from the MC fantasy keeper league will know, one-liners just aren't in the realm of my abilities. It's epistles or nothing.) Who knows - maybe I'll learn enough to make someone think once in a while. 

Here you go, Doc - I'll unlurk for a bit, and see what a comment an article does for the conversation...


And threads actually read better with a 1:2 ratio of 1 Moe/GMoney essay to 2 attaboys from RockiesJeff ...


Said it yesterday, M & M = instant flexibility.  Add the fact that Valencia is a 3-position guy and you have the makings of a neat roster.

Farm out both Heredia and Gamel:   Hmmm........?

O'Malley and Motter would get some OF time vs LHP, were that the case. 

I could see this happening much more than trading Valencia.

Let Gamel/Heredia/O'Neill slug it out in Tacoma?  Hmmmmm....?

BTW, I'm way back to where I started, even beyond.  The Dyson add (and losing Karns) doesn't thrill me at all.  Hoping I'm way wrong.


That was 300 AB's of Jarrod Dyson for FOUR YEARS of a club-controlled (cheap!) 9K starter.  If it worked out, it would be purely for mystical reasons.  Which could exist.

(Old-timers:  how does this trade compare to USSM's take on Adam Jones / Erikkk Bedard in reverse?)


Intriguing visual on the FlexRoster while the three kids enter the Tacoma ThunderCage.


Gamel and Heredia were already promoted to be glovey OF's, guys who could play CF some, and bring a promising bat.

Wasn't that what we got the Booger for, BTW?  OK, he was in the doghouse.  But we had guys that were supposed to be Dyson-ish. 

And we got him for just a year.  I like the huevos, because this is a big roll of the dice, but it better come up ALCS (or close) or it was just a silly losing bet.

I will say this, Miranda, Moore and Povse may all be Karns' equal, or better as starters, but live arms are never in surplus. 

C'mon Dyson. 


Excellent, low-floor bridge to the hopes of 2x (Heredia/Haniger/Gamel) panning out. Plus experience passed on.

High cost. But not if Dipoto thinks our system isn't the place to brign the best out of Karns for some reason.


I got thrown out of a lot of Mariner communities for being generally a loathsome, pompous windbag covering a lifelong battle with clinical depression.  I got thrown out here eventually,  but it took a very long time and hurt him more than he should have allowed.  I love watching the games and crunching the numbers,  but if I couldn't talk about it here,  I probably would have given up and forgotten about the mariners. 

I'll never stop appreciating his patience and I'll follow him wherever he writes. If I'm crowding out the conversation,  just tell me to cool it...reading the comments is more fun than making the comments, even for a blowhard like me


...not that I'd describe it quite as you did, Matt. =) But then again I wasn't part of the private conversations.

May I please say that I am so very glad you stuck around? And grateful to Doc for his encouragement to you as well.

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I saw an article yesterday about Leonys Martin retooling his swing and how that's been challenging and is still a work in progress. It made me wonder if the mariachi band was more than a (great) birthday prank. Maybe they're worried and wanted to help him relax. I think if Martin struggles and O'Neill/Gamel/Heredia surges then Dyson is our new CF and the next one up takes LF and Martin slides down to 4th OF.


:: he stops short ::  Leonydas could be a championship #4 OF, couldn't he?

Then again, if 4 guys are sharing time it's a subtle difference between platoon and #4.  

Way to hit the ground running Vance :- )

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