Trade Deadline 2014: The Big Need & the Menu
Plus Kuma, Maurer, etc.


First Trade Deadline 2014 piece:

  • The Big Need (RH-hitting OF)
  • The Menu (20 guys on non-contenders who are, well, RH-hitting OF)

Full article here.



  • Iwakuma's shuuto was shuuto-ing again.
  • Maurer Power 2.0 is in full gear in relief, and why.
  • The usual minors rewind, with stuff like "Alex Jackson is .400/.458/.500 through 5 games"

Full article here.

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Any insight on the struggles of Pizzano. I was WAY in on him and he's hitting like a Mendoza.....
He's 12 for 92 on ball in play in AA. That's .130 BABIP...clearly there is some weak contact happening. His Eye remains great and his K's are below 20% of AB's and his homer rate is at a career high. But something is amiss...
Any clue, Spec?


I would love to think Pollock would be available.  I think I suggested him as a CF target this winter.  But Arizona is an aging team with no real MLB-ready CF in AAA, he's young, he's cheap for years and he's coming into his own.  I can't see Arizona trading him unless it was a real sweetheart of a deal for them.  And he's a .650 road hitter this year, .670 over his career.  He hits .864 in Arizona. 
I've always been a Drew Stubbs fan.  He also brings a CF glove but he is likely more gettable.  And he has always hit lefties:  .283-.356-.464 over his career.  He's never played LF, however.  Never....Weird, huh.  You have to put up with his K's, BTW.
Byrd is really gettable.  Cost $8M next year, however.
Willingham keeps coming up, in my book, as the likely acquire.  He's zero for his last eleven and Minnesota is done.  Plus, he's a one year cost.
If we get a WC spot, the M's becomemuch more sexy in the winter's FA market.  Felix, Cano, Seager, Zunino, Miller, Kuma, young arms, etc, makes us a much more attractive destination than last winter.
Renting a bat this year allows you to bid smartly over the winter.
I want Craig and think it could be done, but I think Willingham is where we likely end up.


It's a rent-a-bat but a good one that gives us a real chance to win the world series.
To get him, Minny needs pitching like the desert needs the rain...and could probably use an infielder (their SS situation is YOOGLY). So how about Franklin and Maurer plus a low-minors high-upside arm.


I think Willingham is our best option too, but that seems pretty steep for a one year rental. 5 years of Franklin and 5 years of Mauer + extras? Ouch.

M's Watcher's picture

The Dodgers could move VS if they can't move excess OF salary, or as part of a three way deal to get Price. He'd be a better option than Willingham or Viciedo. He is hitting well in a part time role as a fifth OFer, and can play competently there and at 1B. Willingham still has some power left, but has been declining for two seasons, and would only be a rental. Viciedo is pretty much a platoon bat, a DH playing in LF. Still, I'd take Viciedo over the "do nothing" option.

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