M's 6, KC 2 - Dr D Hides from Dr Freaky


=== Tom Wilhelmsen ===

His mechanics are still chancy.  Sometimes he keeps his head pretty well down the centerline until a blink after the release; other times it is already headed over to clubhouse buffet even as he brings his arm forward.

But man, this guy's 12-6 hammer is crazy.  He cracked one off on Falu for called strike three, and Falu's chin began trembling right there in the batter's box.  Even I wanted to punch Wilhelmsen for doing that.  It's just a game, man.

He whooshes that 95-96 fastball right by hitters up in the zone, clocks 96, looks 99.  There are times you wonder if he's headed for a series of KRod seasons.

From Aug. 20 to the end of last season, he blew away 20 batters, walked only 2, and led the league in offers of free residency at psychiatric hospitals.  I'm slightly nervous even invoking his name, though it be in hushed tones around the dim glow of a computer monitor.


Wilhelmsen is very tall, great size, and has a great pitcher's body.  Long levers, whippy and powerful both.  Blowers asked him, c'mon, you had to build back to 95 after five years off, right?  Wilhelmsen, not really.  I just went out and the fastball was there.

Lemme ask you:  how many 6'6" relievers have you seen with thunderous overhand curveballs?  Give me a name, some MLB reliever who pitches like Tom Wilhelmsen and spends any length of time in the pen.  Those guys are too good to keep in the bullpen.  

One of these days, like 2015, Tom Wilhelmsen is liable to go 17-9 in Baltimore's rotation.

Eric Wedge had him pitching the 9th today because other than League, he's the only Mariner even resembling a predictable short man.  And he only resembles one; he ain't proven much yet.

Wilhelmsen said that it turned around for him when he decided that he was going to be the scaree, not the scared.  Goooooood call, Tom.   :: sidles away, staying drawn on the perp at all times ::



I couldn't help it.  Then I re-wound and laughed again.
Wilhelmsen is aiming to be our version of Papelbon: a starter shoved in the pen because of need and kept there because he excels at it.
Until we get some pitchers in the pen to even make that an argument, I don't see how we let him out.  And he's fine with it.  He struggled as a starter when we sent him back to AA to stretch him out for that purpose, and we gave up on it.
Too soon?  Maybe.  But with the rotation arms we have coming up I dunno that he's ever getting out while on our team.  2015 Orioles, like you said.  He's just at an age where by the end of his club control he's gonna be in his mid-30s.  He'll have to live as a closer being paid millions, I guess.
Oh, and Jeff:  Lonnie has several videos of young farm pitching, including teen phenom Victor Sanchez that he should be getting today, and he'd like your input on their motion breakdown.  Might wanna get in contact with him about that, see if you can cross-pollinate.
The arms just keep on comin...

Auto5guy's picture

So Saunders wants to go down swinging like a man and Wilhelmsen wants to be the scarer not the scared,... Are they serving the kids black coffee or somethin?
With one guy I wouldn't even think about it but now with two guys declaring that PART of there improvement lies in more "testicular fortitude" (a phrase my high school coach used to use) in their approach, I think there may be a coaching philosiphy at work here.
How  long has it been since the Mariners have been intimidating? Since other teams actually put thought into not disrespecting them? I'm not talking about Carl Everett, psycho style dangerous but a snarl in your face, spit on your shoe, yell into the dugout, then hand you your head type intimidation.
Please Lord let the swagger come back.


put that picture of Wilhelmsen next to a picture of Bryce Harper. Scary squared. 


Funny this is happening after JackZ hires Pete Vukovich as a special assistant.
Chest hair, nose hair... been a long time since the Ms have led in any offensive category.


The M's haven't had any real snarl to them since they traded Randy. Love seeing it.

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