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I liked Loenydas' first sac bunt.  Squared around, punting the selfish mad rush to 1B before he caught the ball on his bat.  Textbook roll out to the left side.  Hapless batter finds a great way to be useful with 2 on, 0 out.  (The rally faded, but the geekage stayed.)

Then he bunted his way on later, right?

... revel away amigos.  Every bum has got to throw a potato in the pot, if'n he wants to ladle anything back out of it.




That's me!!!!  :)

That gives us Three Kings, doesn't it?

Which was actually a pretty decent movie.  It surprised me.

Red hot and rolling!

Go team.


When Seager smote the Orcs with that 3 bomb as the first batter for whatsisname, it immediately went to commercial break.  Then there was a new pitcher.  What happened to Rszquexssxcsxxdsaax? The Orcs must've ate him.

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Dae-Ho Lee:  It is not just the homers, he has that special persona that can engage even the casual fan.  Servais called him a ‘Rock Star’, referring to his following in Korea and Japan.   Given time (and success) he could create quite a stir here.  That has a $value$ that a CFO in the entertainment industry can appreciate. 

From the Marketing Department to KMather:  Noticing an uptick in rating on days DHL in the lineup.

From KMather to the Marketing Department:  Is a DHL squeeze doll giveaway night doable?


Best since the last week of 2014, right?  But when before that?  I can't remember.

And yet, I live in trepidation.  Can Cishek and Peralta possibly keep this up?  I believe in Montgomery.  But beyond that, yowzer, I feel like we're riding on fumes.

Nothing to be done about it except await better health.  Has anyone ever so many relievers on the DL at one time?

And Felix has now joined Kuma in relying on pure guile and pitchability.  It worked pretty well for Jamie Moyer, and maybe there's still some of that good juju in the dugout.  But I can't help but feeling like that 3.00 team ERA is a thing of the past.

Oh well...why rain on a perfectly sunny parade...


I am more than ready for the grand distraction of a season of joy in Marinerland, -Ville, -nation! It's a fun team, and there is so much real depth in Tacoma and on the bench to deal with injuries, especially should the bullpen turn out to be a mirage or lose some key pieces. DiPoto had a bullpen midseason meltdown once before and created an effective bullpen (Street, Smith) out of necessity with spare parts. Felix is reminiscent of a late career Pedro right now, but a late career Pedro was still pretty darn good, and we have Walker Seattle Mariner and KPax waiting in the wings to assert their talent and strike fear in opposing teams facing a three game series against the local nine. Boy does that Cisheck reminds me of Carson Smith. I was going to miss that slider, but this one is plenty good, and the guy's definitely a closer. King Leonydas is reminiscent of Brendan Ryan - solidifying the middle of the field while chipping in with the bat here and then. Hey, a 100 OPS+ ! Yeah, that'll do. Keeping my eye on Boog's numbers in Tacoma however.

Montero washed out, but DHL delivers!


Any AL team running a 3.04 ERA is living on borrowed time with that number.  Anticipate the bump and roll with it.  

Dipoto's "New Moneyball" strategy of chucking on to the wall all the bullpen spaghetti arms that you can find is working nicely, thank you.  Monty is a weapon and Cishek is funky enough to do fine.  He's got a career 2.73 ERA, he's not doing it with smoke and mirrors.  He's made me completely forget about the "closer" we've had the past couple of years.  What was his name?  His nickname was "Arson" wasn't it?  Nuno scares me.  Vincent not so much.

I must admit that I'm not really dreading Kuma's yearly blister problem.  Paxton will do that for a guy.

A DHL squeeze toy would be a hit.  Playing Harry Belafonte, on the squeeze, of course.  

Gimme O'Malley, because it makes us a more game flexible team....but I can live with the winning and no O'Malley.

Booger with a double and a homer last night.  

C'ing the Z?  Boog 11 & 13.  O'Malley 9 & 10.  Romero 6 & 8.  Those guys get it.  Romero's is a remarkable improvement.  

I wouldn't mind a bit more Lee vs. RHP, if you want to know the truth.  His 4/12 with 2 homers indicates something interesting.

Go team.  Happy Miley Day.


I've been one of the harshest critics in the land regarding Romero...but if he's really going to maintain that high SLG while also not striking out...that is a player I have interest in seeing again.

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