and here you thought 'mad scientist' meant 'crazy scientist'



Has looked exactly like we thought he'd look.  Really bad, and worse than that, beyond hope.

Ever golf with a guy who uses the 1-wood no matter how tight the trees or how distant the brook?  Who slices it OB three times a round, and three times unleashes a string of displeasantries, exactly as though it's the first time that OB ever happened to him?  Leonys could have 2 strikes on him with a man on 3rd, 1 out, for the pennant, and he would grab the 1-wood with a couple fingers off the handle.

Hand-eye coordination looks iffy from here, too.  Swings way under high heat, tops 88 mph stuff at the knees.  Considering the intersection of the talent deficit and the attitude deficit, we can see how the Rangers decided to show a 3-WAR player the clubhouse door.

It's mid-March as we speak.  And Dr. D truly will not be surprised if Leonys is batting .350 on May 1.  He just reports what his CF camera is telling him.  Scroll on down, pardner.



They did a fair bit of shtick on the idea that Montgomer has never ever relieved before.  Meaning, never warmed up super fast, never gone max effort to 4 hitters.  He's never grabbed the ball and hucked it while unworried about his 3rd trip through the lineup.  (I can respect that.)

In Saturday's game, it was a little surprising that Montgomery had nothing extra on the fastball.  Most guys who are 92 in the rotation, can touch 95 in the 'pen.  Not here.  Not this one game, is all.

He DID extend very well on his 84 changeup and his 77 curve.  Very nose-to-leather, nice snap, looked great.  No idea why he got hit.  Not worried about it, either.  First returns, the lad is a go for the bullpen.



This is a starting pitcher who is just fine with relieving, thank you very much.  The pitches are NCAA quality, but it's strike after strike after strike.  In 2015, he got into 25 games out of the pen and fanned 39 while walking only 9.  For some reason, MLB hitters had a bit harder time with the "punishment home runs" on Bullpenner Nino.  He gave up a measly .229/.272/.336.

If they made Dr. D a manager for a month, he too would get very, very interested in the concept of a reliever who doesn't walk anybody and who doesn't get behind in counts, either.  Nuno is quite unappetizing to watch.  But.



Got an 88 MPH fastball very low and very in, precisely where most left hand batters order their 88 MPH's at Starbucks.  Dutifully hit a 350-foot fly ball over the fence.  (Earlier in the game, Ketel Marte hit a 400-foot triple off a much more big-league pitch.)

Got nothin' against Navarro.  Just have no idea what he's doing in these games.  And we don't mean, He shouldn't be in them .we mean, we do not understand what his future could possibly be here, short of a major lightning storm that took out 6 to 8 current players on the 25-man.

Ah.  Says here that he was a longtime Angel, that they cut after DiPoto left.  Well, baseball is built on relationships.  Still.  When Dr. D goes to RAINIERS games, much less Mariners games, he watches for the dynamic players.

:: he stops short :: although now that you mention it, that was a game that could have been given to Dae-Ho Lee 'cause Pizzano was the DH and Pizzano coulda done the LF work for Navarro.   Siiiighhhhhhh.  Like we say, Navarro is richer handsomer and a lot better baseball player than I am.

Your friend,

Curmudgeonly Detecto




Man, the ball tumbled into the meat of the bat on that one. Room service!

I like the "relationship" angle with Navarro, that explains much, if true.

He hasn't hit in the bigs...and the only place he's hit in theminors (3 years running, albeit) is Salt Lake.  However, Leonydas Martin, Steve Martin and Rowan & Martin all hit pretty well in Salt Lake.

Pizzano as the late scratch DH was interesting.  He got a double off the bench in the earlier game, so I think there was some reward thing happening along with some interest thing.  Good!  He pretty much got completely fooled on each pitch of his 1st AB K, however.

Seth Smith had 2 hits in the 1st game.  .545 for the spring.  "Trade schmade," it seems as if he's saying.  

Walker went 5 innings, 4 hits, 4 K's, 1 ER in that game.  Then Weiland blew it.  

RP anyone? 

jokestar's picture

I see no way Weiland breaks camp with the big club. In fact, I'm surprised he's still up with the team.


Concerning the Navarro home run pitch...

I once got to ask Jack Zkurencik this questions: "why is it that almost every left handed hitter loves the ball down and in..but almost no right handed hitters can handle it."

He looked at me and smiled, then said,"you one knows."

I think he was being serious.  Any thoughtts?


From a RH pitcher, a curve coming down/in looks really fat to a LH bat. On the other hand, it is looks like whomping the RH hitter, or taking out his knees, before breaking over the plate. 

Or, short right-field porches? 

I'll be interested to read how the big-time scouting dudes respond to this one! 


If Furbush isn't ready to go on 4/4, I'm OK starting off with Nuno and Monty. 

(Of course, that probably puts Paxton in Tacoma, getting "stretched out"!)

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I'm still of the belief that, whichever one doesn't make the starting rotation, he should end up in Tacoma. Especially Paxton. He needs to work on his consistency and control, which is something he won't get pitching out the bullpen.

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