Erasmo vs Keuchel: 4-3 M's!
ka-ching yet again



Sunday’s game was brought to you by the word SKEPTICISM.  Even supposing that Erasmo Ramirez was to outpitch Dallas Keuchel, a 4:1 shot against, a bigger problem loomed.  The Twin Closers had gone back to back to back, and the Mariners usual formula for eking out improbable victories was unavailable.

Inning after inning drained by with the Mariners ahead 1-0 and Dr. D got further morose about the strategic landscape of the game.  After Zuumball broke a pane of glass in the 7th, we finally saw a dice roll's chance of crawling across the wire with a fantastically lucky victory.  But of course Houston broke through against our china-glass bullpen in the 8th, with the culprits being:

  • James Pazos - booked after his 1H trick of 92% fastballs and down to 91-92 mph after heavy use
  • Nick Vincent - fading exactly like Pazos, and exactly like last year

When Healy hit his "ultimate homer" with nobody on and two out in the ninth, it brought a smile to the face but did little for the heart, since the strategic situation for extra innings was unchanged.

In the tenth with one out, Gordon singled out the middle. Then, and only then, did a stolen base loom and a beam of light broke through the dust the cellar window into Dr. D’s crusty heart.  Alas!  Dee took off and .... MITCH HANIGER PICKED THAT MOMENT TO SET THE ALL-TIME FRANCHISE RECORD FOR DOUBLES IN A 4-GAME SERIES.

Whereupon even Scott Servais could not resist the evening's magical call and, unwilling to let two princesses turn into pumpkins in one night, got Edwin Diaz up. Sweep? Boom!  mwahahahahahahahaha



The box looks great, 5 3 0 0 0 3, even if the 'Frame had no idea how it was happening.  He had gone through that super hot streak last year based on the new cut fastball in side, for which Dr D watched carefully.  He could discern very little of that, of the deadfish change, of the curve, or much else at all.

Brooks?  42 fastballs, 19 cutters, 14 mostly weird changeups, and only 4 breaking pitches.  I know the stat sheet says 19 cutters, but we are here to tell you that very few inside pitches were thrown with any intent; the ones that landed were thrown on the hands to an outside mitt placement.

So, this 5 3 0 0 0 3 is on you, Mr. Springer and Mr. Altuve.  And we'll take it.  Back to +19 over .500, boys.  Next up:  a verrrrry interesting series in Oakland, one eminently worthy of comment potatoes in the CMS pot below.  2-of-3 makes par and as Mo Dawg will tell you, par is a very good score.


Dr. D




....would have done that to the likes of Verlander-Cole-Morton-Keuchel over a road 4-gamer.

Obviously this M's version is not that version, but just sayin'....


When we were smoking, back there in the 1st half, we were winning (seemingly) all of these skin-of-your-teeth games. Now we're up to it again.

30-14 in 1-Run games.

10-1 in Extra Innings.

Yow-zaa!  We're a 57-62 team according to the Pythag.  We're 10th in runs scored and 8th in runs allowed, yet we keep pulling the rabbit out of the hat.

I would have bet my truck (it needs a new transmission anyway), my golf clubs, a fly rod or two, a 6MM and some old running shoes that the Good Guys would not sweep the Bad Guys in this series.   And a different hero everynight, really...except for Sugar.   

Healy rallied, Hanniger smoked, Segura and Span roped.  Lions and Tigers and Bears? Oh My!!  Haniger as a lead-off hitter is now .526-.559-.1000.  Vegas odds are pretty strong that Gordon never gets close to leading off again this season.

Remember my point about Seager's lost singles?  He's had one single in 6 go with 1 HR and 1 2B's.  3 for his last 21 again.  Two of them 2B's.  That two homer game a while back does have him north of 90 0PS+, however.

Since Gamel went to Tacoma, he's 14-34 with 5 BB's.  Since Gamel went to Tacoma, Heredia is 3-20 with 1 BB.  Great catch the other night or not, his presence is not helping us overall.  


Y'all feel like the team has played better since Felix was benched?  It seems like fairy dust stops working when an automatic loss looms. 

 I remember the team collapsed last year when Paxton went down with injury.  Good for the management to address this this season.


Hey guys, sorry I've been out so long. I'm in the process of moving from Oregon to Virginia, and incredibly enough it seems to be quite a process. I promise I'll be back to potato tossing soon, but for now I just wanted to add a little bit of color to yesterday's game.

Apparently, Scott Servais did not call Edwin Diaz into the ballgame. Edwin Diaz called Edwin Diaz in. He told the bullpen coach to call the dugout and tell Scott to put him in. Said his arm felt good enough, and he knew we needed the win. That was his fourth save of the series, putting him on pace to break K-Rod's record of 62 saves by one.

According to Ryon "31HR - 82RBI - minus 0.4 WAR" Healy that gave him more goosebumbs than his own two out game-tying blast the inning before. That'll do for me too, I think.

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