Marc-O Threw the Ball Well (John Jay)
take a breath, these 6 posts are in sequence


Would you believe me if I told you that Marco threw only one bad pitch?  Only one that the Royals hit, anyway.  ... Okay, you're not going to believe your eyes, but we'll lay it out for you in gory detail.  As the Russian Grandmasters say, "show me the concrete variation."

Above is the picture of the pitch sequence to JOHN JAY, leading off the game Monday.  We'll have to put these in separate posts, because the system will not take graphics in the body of the post.

On a 1-1 pitch to start the game, Marco threw a cut fastball 89 MPH on the black to the lefty Jay.  Actually not even on the black, correct?  The ball is 4" outside.  Jay ripped a single like it was batting practice -- as did all 8 Royals who hit these tough pitches.  They all ripped hot singles and doubles on a line as if it were a pitching coach lobbing the ball in.

I've only seen this syndrome 3-4 times in my life, a ballclub teeing off on every single pitch even though it's quality.  You have these options:

1.  Marco was tipping off his pitches

2.  The Royals had the signs

3.  Baseball is just a funny game.  Not ha-ha funny

4.  You tell me

But this first hit leading off.  Are you telling me that's a bad pitch?  Do you advise Marco to never throw that cutter on the black, off the plate?  You can't second-guess that pitch.  It's an excellent pitch, or should be.







Coming in, they'd scored six runs in their last six games.  So they were just due?


On March 24th, via trade with the Dodgers, the M's acquired 22-year old A-baller Ariel Sandoval.  In 5 seasons of low minor ball he was a .250-ish, .290-ish, .395-ish OF with 31 homers in 349 games.  As of a half hour ago, playing for Clinton, he just homered for the 4th time in 5 games as a Mariner farmhand.

Who is this guy?  :)

Andrew Moore report:  6 innings today, 2 hits, 0 runs, 10 K's, 1 BB.  Yuli Gurriel, on rehab for the Astros, was 0-2.

For the season, Moore has thrown 11.2 innings, allowed 1 run (a homer), 4 hits and has a 17-2 K-BB line.


Already ISO'd over .200 in the Midwest League back in 2016 at 20, and he's gotten above this league twice.  He seems like the kind of guy that swings at everything (no BB% much over 5%) but has 60 power.  Could be he's grown from his listed 180 lbs and put on some muscle.  Of course that still doesn't make him a prospect, just a lottery ticket if the Mariners convince him to lay off some chase pitches.


Moore is throwing in warmer AA Arkansas, right?  Which is also the high minors.

1.  Great to see him start like that.  It's the start he needs, if he's going to have an UP year in Seattle.  2.  Often young pitchers who get a taste of the sharpness required in MLB, go back down and tear the minors limb from limb.  Ken Cloude, remember him?  Denizens shouldn't be surprised if Moore needs several iterations of MLB/AAA.

3.  See 1.

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