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guess the origin of that phrase, kiddies



Not that you millenials hit a lot of bakeries any more.  Used to be --  what, the sixties? -- that the store would give you your dozen donuts, and then maybe add a 13th.  To show you that its heart was in the right place.

The M's did that for us on Saturday, rack up their 12 and then give us an extry, proving to all our satisfaction that they like to win at baseball.  The 13th run was Jarrod Dyson scoring from 2nd, showing us that yea verily is their heart in the right place (crushing hapless enemies with no fleeting thought toward mercy).

The M's have a video up.  Check OUT! Dyson's velocity the last 60 feet of the run.  He eats up ground like he power jumped with two feet and flew that last 15 yards.



My grown son is a fairly casual baseball fan.  He and I were at the game Friday, and it was Robby Cano I think who hit a deep fly at the M's bullpen, caught at the front of the warning track IIRC.  John complained, what, is he getting old.  That was a 2-0 fastball down the pipe and he just hits the warning track.  (Or that's the vague gist of the sentiment.)

Dr. D shook his head and laughed.  We didn't want to go into ballpark adjustments and HR/F and stuff, so we just kidded.  "Hey, you let me KNOW the next time you see a left hand hitter, hit it into that bullpen right there."  Since John goes to three games a year, we figured he'd forget about our loose jibe by the time he saw one.  When he's fifty, maybe.

Then tonight heeeeeeeere's Ben.  Not every left hander is capable of that drive.



Got a 92-MPH fastball, bisecting the bottom of the strike zone perfectly.  Zuumball chopped down at the ball, unhurried, and almost hit the upper deck in left-center.  (0:15 mark on this video.)  They replayed it and the color guy's obligation is to describe what must have been wrong with any pitch that gets hit hard.  "In the middle of the plate," he sez.  Though it was bottom of the shins.

I got your "synergy" right here, amigos.  A quality starting pitcher finally gets through the zillionaires and gets down to the 9 hitter.  He starts the guy with a fastball knee-high, to "throw strikes," but he faces an upper-deck shot.

Zuumball has 29 RBI in the month.  Seems that we heard the M's record for RBI in a month is 33, by Griffey and Blowers.  Anybody betting Mike Zunino doesn't get his 5 RBI?  So here's a batter who will change the scoreboard more than any M in 40 years.  That doesn't happen to Leonys Martin, know what we're saying?

And Zunino isn't a batter.  He's a quasi-pitcher, a guy whose job is the team ERA.



1.  Hey, did you know that it is now --- > RF = Haniger, LF = Gamel, CF= Dyson LH Heredia RH.  So Friday, the M's had 8 regulars with OPS+ of 100 or better.  The 9th was Dyson, who has an 89 OPS+ and another twenty points from his legs.

We can safely call the lineup long now, I think.


2.  I didn't know the Astros were #1 in OPS+ and also #1 in ERA, did you?


3.  How would you sort the M's two through four starters, after K-Pax?  They've got Miranda, Moore, and Felix behind Paxton and in front of Gaviglio.  Of course etiquette would have them Felix-Miranda-Moore.  But if you had a playoff series tomorrow against the Red Sox, who goes in game two?


Dr D




Andrew Moore sent back to Tacoma yesterday?  Whaaaaat?

So on the 27th, we're throwing......Paxton, I suppose.  As the 26th, his scheduled day, is an off day.  Moore would be on schedule to throw on July 2nd, but since there is no game on the 29th, somebody will get bumped down a day.

Maybe we see him again on the 7th of July.

But I'm hoping that we option Povse to Tacoma in a couple of days, as we need the BP guys for a bit, perhaps.  

I'm hoping that is it.  I want him in a Mariner uni and on schedule.


Moore was sent down because the mariners decided that they wanted to carry nine relievers. When you're sent down, you are required to stay down for ten days. Here are those ten days...

Friday: Felix

Saturday: Gaviglio

Sunday: Miranda

Tuesday: Paxton

Wednesday: Felix

Friday: Gaviglio

Saturday: Miranda

Sunday: Paxton

And he's back up Monday July 3rd.


So he throws in Tacoma on the 27th and back again with the M's on the 3rd or the 4th?


I think this was just a way to put off making a decision about Gallardo as a reliever our buy time for a minor trade, and to protect the front line bullpen arms from over exposure


MMMM. Donuts.

Interesting, just looked at B-Ref.

2016 M's

HR: 2nd in AL, just two fewer than Baltimore

R/G: 3rd in AL

2017 M's

HR: 13th in AL

R/G: 3rd in AL

More than one way to skin a cat, and I suspect this one is more Jerry DiPoto's way.


Watched Zunino from the concourse behind home plate and told my sister he'd hit a bomb.
You knew instantly off the bat it was gone.

My personal indicator for the M's was always call me in July.

The M's seem to be doing the right moves on the roster and the bats are doing well.

This is gonna be fun.

thesodiumranch's picture

Good call, Doc, on the dyson video. It looks fake, somehow. He's at point B, and the he's at point F, without having had to pass through points C-E. And it's all once he sees that he's reeeally gotta move. wow. 

Wow-er still: Having watched that Zunino link about 30 times, the thing that comes to my mind is a high school coach hitting the pregame grounders to his infielders. The swing is short and effortless. It looks like he is not only not trying to swing hard, it looks like he is actively trying to swing soft. 

How suddenly does the bat stop at the top of his followthrough? He is never, not for one millisecond, out of control with that bat. And the ball goes 400-some feet. 

I'm not sure if i'm seeing it right, but the slo-mo from profile view of that swing makes it loook as though he holds up, about 20% of the way through the swing, before recommitting and giving it a tap. 

He might have the most natural power in the league. I've never seen anything like that. 

I think it was Moe (or Taro?) who called for Zunino to choke up on the bat. If that's not what's happening physically, it's certainly happening psychologically. Good call, and (to me) a great sign that this might be a permanent fix for that big old hoss. 


That said, up against the Astros, it's a bit less disheartening to lose 2 of 3 with so much time left in the season.

Erm... I did say 'a bit less,' right?

Let's get this worked out with a long healthy run and a deadline addition or two, and I'll raise you the rematch in October. (or maybe September? Not sure if enough will have changed in mid-July, but who knows?)

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