'Stick, 'Swag, Twin Closers Get M's Back on Track
some guys look like a 0+ ERA standin' still


It’s a funny thing about the way we feel after watching a sports game. Take the NFL.  If the Seahawks come out after their first game and win 35-10, we'll all be dissecting that 12-4 season. Or if they tanks, you know what we'll be thinking then…

Scott Servais put some X's and O's out there for the M's, whereupon they came out on Sunday afternoon and played a game the way they had played about 50 games earlier this year:



Here is his first RBI, a topspin grounder that left the SS little chance.  Boom now has 69 RBI, putting him on schedule for 99.8 RBI and putting Jerry Dipoto on schedule for a giant headache when it comes time to re-sign him.

The first RBI warn't nuttin' friend.  His GWRBI into the stands was much more impressive.

Big, big problem deciding whether to re-sign Cruz.  Take him out of the middle of the M's lineup and .... well, we're having trouble scoring runs WITH him ...



Hit two HR's, reminding us all that he's got a repeatable skill -- getting his pitch, getting the back leg set, lifting the ball to straightaway right field, and he had TWO of these today.  His 18 homers this year project to 26 full season, which is about what he hits every season.  

We're drafting in the first round, and we've got a hot at a 25-30 HR gold glove infielder, I don't think many of us can pass that up, do you?

In terms of WAR, Seager is headed for a subpar 2.7 -- usually he racks up 3.5 to 5.0,  based simply on better offense.  He's got a 106 OPS+ this year and normally he's 115-130.  He has time to heat up.


Boom is headed for 3.0 WAR, compared to the 4.2 he's averaged the last four years; this is explained by the fact that he's missed about 20 games.  He's hitting the same old .265/.350/.550 he always does.



In the month of July heretofore past, Colome stormed to a 0.00 ERA for the entire month.  This was based on a hot fastball, an unfair slider -- sometimes better than Felix' old dry spitter -- and a 16:3:0 slash line in 12 innings.  We'll take about a million more deals like this one, JeDi.  

Not only is it EFFECTIVE to run a team with two knock-down drag-out closers, it's flat-out FUN to watch em.  EmIrite?



Cologne he came in and looked like a 47-save closer. Then Eddie Diaz came in and made it look like he was pitching two levels above where he should be.  (Famous line in 1971 after Johnny Bench hit, two homers, tagged the guy out at the plate, threw two runners out or some mythical stuff like that. Bench showered fast and fled the locker room so fast he couldn't be asked questions. They asked his teammate Alex Johnson, where'd Bench go? Johnson didn’t hesitate. "To a higher league," he said.

Sometimes you muse about this, about whether there are a few players or pitchers who deserve a promotion from the American League....



OK, so if this team wins 105 I'll noiminate it for most talentless 100+ team ever.  Until they do, I'm waiting confidently for the swoon.  Till then, we've got 10 games left with 'em and are -2.5 back.

Keep on keepin' on,




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