POTD Daniel Cortes 5 (Stars and Scrubs)

Q.  How's Yuniesky Betancourt been doing?

A.  .274 OBP last year, .287 OBP this year, -$7mills value last year, +0.6mills this year.

In other words, he's been worth about a million more than Jack Wilson.

No, seriously, the Cortes-for-Betancourt trade is one that every sabertista fantasizes making, as he runs amok over the non-math'ed-up morons competing with him.  ... until he winds up with some other Yuniesky Betancourt at the same position, that is...

All jokes aside, the value that real GM's put on guys like Yuniesky Betancourt, and Jack Wilson, and Josh Wilson ... it underlines the stoploss worries that they have.

Hey, if you didn't make sure that you had solid RLP's at positions like SS, C, and 1B, well, all you'd need is for a couple of old guys to disappoint, and you'd wind up watching a 79 OPS+ team score 501 runs and lose 100 games.

Seriously, Zduriencik did manage his stoplosses, and still got Woody Harrelson'ed at a Zombieland party.  The mistakes that you and I would make are beyond our comprehension.


Getting Daniel Cortes for a DFA is a handsome brass stud on Zduriencik's rifle stock, of course.


Q.  Secrets to success for Cortes?

A.  Since he tends to get amp'ed up, the usual key is for him to take a bit off first pitch, and hump up later. 

We were fascinated to see him state exactly this strategy.  The links elude us now, but we've seen him refer to saving his 100 for two strikes, making sure he throws strike one, etc.

Which is a bit like the weekend golfer.  Hit a 3-iron on the first tee, get it in the fairway, open it up on the third hole ... but shank the 1-wood first shot and the whole day is quickly vamoose..

Lot of other quotes we liked, too.  Just about everything out of Cortes' mouth has made sense.  Major 1980's Bill James checkpoint:  is a pitcher intelligent.  Cortes definitely passes, for me, early on. 

The delivery is psychotic, the pitcher himself well-considered.


Q.  Dr's Prognosis?

A.  They iron out the deceleration, and in 2011 Cortes lands with a big splash as a younger, somewhat-volatile Brandon Donnelly, Josh Bard type.

Stars & Scrubs rating A+.


Only need 22 more of 'em,

Dr D



Have you ever watched K-Rod's delivery? :)  Cortes' looks better...by a lot...by comparison.  I still wonder how K-Rod's arm hasn't popped off and flown into the stands the way his arm motion is completely separate from the motion of his torso (the arm stays moving toward the plate while his body departs and heads for first base and his head is pointed at center field...I exaggerate of course, but it is ridiculous how out of alignment he is).
I think we'd all be pretty psyched to get K-Rod out of Cortes.


Amazing that KRod sailed to the heights he did with that AA-fuel-dragster windup.
Some guys get away with some funky stuff in the pen, no doubts there.  :- )
Cortes' slider does remind me of KRod's -- same parachute, same shape, just locks guys up.  'course KRod routinely threw 40-50% sliders and changeups, and this is the M's we're talking about, so we better not get our hopes up on the 12k's a game part...
M's being 1st in baseball in FB % last year, 4th in baseball this year.  Coin of the realm, baby.

Taro's picture

Good example Matt. Aardsma is really crappy too.
Relievers sometimes can get away with things starters can't if they've got knock-out stuff.
Cortes is DEFinetly a reliever. Hes not the type that you'd convert back to starting.

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