POTD Tim Tebow, QB - Intangibles


=== Intangibles and Leadership === 

What do you all think of Tim Tebow?  Here is a guy that doesn't, on paper, look to have ANY QB talent.  All of the experts said things about him like, "embarassing", "will never make", "can't throw", "should be converted to tight end", "will never win a game" (then when he did), "will never consistently start" (then when he did), "will never make the playoffs" (then when he did) "will never WIN a playoff game" (then when he did)... you get the point. 

It is interesting that the true grandmasters of pro football -- the Pat Gillicks and Jack Zdurienciks -- usually cast Tebow not merely as talented, but as so talented that he will lead the next stage of evolution in the NFL.

I've watched the shows in which Jon Gruden coaches college QB's using video tape.  These discussions have made me wonder whether Gruden is consider generation's most advanced tactical mind.  He is the man who, from the very beginning, has sold Tim Tebow as the next phase of pro football.

Tony Dungy, ex-Colts coach and obviously not hostile to spiritual people, said he would have taken Tebow above any other QB in the 2010 draft, taking him with a top-10 pick.  

On the other hand, Mel Kiper Jr. predicted a huge FAIL based on .... wait for it .... lack of NFL intangibles!

Think about that for a minute.  Kiper, as good as it gets from a saberdweeb 'net rat standpoint, carefully considered Tebow and judged him to not have what it takes on a mental level.  This is exactly like Mike Hargrove looking at Ichiro carefully, and confidently pronouncing Ichiro to be a #4 outfielder in the American League.  It is such a dire misassessment that it calls into question the analyst's method and ability.

Forget about now:  on the day Tebow was drafted, Denver coach McDaniels said that they took Tebow because they wanted athletes who were tough and who loved to play football.  McDaniels said that he wanted players who cared about winning, not about themselves, that he wanted smart players who were mature, adult, and morally strong.

You and I watch 2011, with Tebow standing fearlessly in the pocket against the Pittsburgh blinkin' Steelers, passing and throwing into the teeth of it, scoring touchdowns, and then going so nuts on the sideline that you're like, whoooaaaaa, dude, it's just a game.

Put it in a way you can understand it.  Some athletes -- notably in the NBA, but also in the NFL and occasionally in MLB -- can't wait to get to the party after the game.  Tim Tebow?  The game is the weekend party.

Mel Kiper looked at this guy and said, nahhhh, he's not a football player.  In reality, Tebow is the first middle linebacker -- physically and emotionally -- ever to take a snap from center, and Kiper's best take was that he's not a football player.


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