POTD Tim Tebow, QB - "Tebowing"


Non-baseball series here.  SSI readers have brought up the question of Tim Tebow's future, his impact on society, and whether we take the possibility of "Divine Intervention" seriously.
I don't think it's ever silly to verbalize a question that most people are already thinking about silently.  Here Tebow was, getting abuse heaped on him for his religion, and then ... he immediately goes on a winning streak so improbable and sensational that he looks like he's got a pocket full of four-leaf clovers.  Capped by a historic playoff game in which he throws for 3:16 yards. 
It's already on everybody's mind that perhaps Tebow is getting those prayers answered, so it's fair to investigate that question explicitly.
The live element in this phenomenon is that Tebow prays, during games, constantly.  About 88-90% of Americans pray, so the subject of prayer is hardly one to avoid.  About 82-85% of Americans believe that prayer sometimes heals disease; when Dave Cameron was sick last year, he received many prayers, and he recovered.  That wasn't in poor taste.  It was our belief system.
About 1% of Americans believe that prayer wins football games.  ;- )  There's something in our instinct that resists this idea.  Have my own spiritual investigations spoken to that question?  Yes, they have.
If discussion of Tim Tebow's prayer habit is not your bag, we've got a series on Prince Fielder pinned.  Just click on, folks, nothin' to see here.  Left lane, keep it movin'.  ;- )

=== Ask Doc Dept. ===
Doc, what do you think of the Tebow saga this season?  Who can be the Mariners' Tim Tebow?  Is is Ackley?  Is it Felix and he just needed a bit more talent to lead?  Is it Prince that comes in and stirs the drink?
So "tebowing" is now an official part of the English language.  It became a college fad to mock Tebow with satiric "tebowing" in inappropriate circumstances -- go to a wedding or funeral and, at the most annoying moment, take a knee and ostentatiously get religious.  :- )
But lookee here.  Tebow's own good-natured reaction to the mocking turned the satire on its ear.  When Fathead released a product with Tebow taking a knee, it became their #1-selling product in two days.  You're always delighted to see adult behavior triumph over sophomoric behavior.  You always like to see Beavis and Butt-head slink away awkwardly.   Huh-huh-huh ..... uh.
The reader might assume that Dr. D roots for Tim Tebow, that Tebow and I are kindred spirits from a spiritual point of view.  That is not the case.  I have about as much in common with Tebow spiritually as I do with, say, a devout Buddhist, or a sincere rabbi.  
I do admire Tebow's philosophical coherency, the fact that he is about more than just Friday night's party.  He knows who he is and where he is going, he wants to make the world a better place for people other than just himself, and that commands respect.

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