Zeus Sighting

Seen on Greg Johns' feed:

++ Paxton's done after 4 innings in rehab start for Arkansas. Allowed 2 runs on 5 hits, no walks and 5 Ks on 55 pitches. Due back Wed for M's.++

Thanks for not rubbing it in Grizzly that our F-22 required more time in the hangar.  I promise to be far less gracious after his first start back.  But these 98 mile per hour lefties can be worth the wait.  Trust me on this one.

Zeus returns as the #3 starter in the AL by WAR.  He does not show up on the list at all unless you remove the qualified and filter, though.  

I'll never get tired of printing that last line – it's like a guy was number two in RBIs but you had to set the at-bats under 200 to see him On my he leaderboard.  :- )

so if you trade for Sandy Koufax do you get to climb in the standings?




And I'll take that as a positive 4 innings for Paxton's first appearance in 3 weeks.  The rotation needs a couple more arms even after Paxton returns.  If we're adding Koufax here, hopefully Griffey is back this next week as well.  Wouldn't normally compare him to Griffey, just the 95 memories and previous conversation.  But we've been missing some big pieces and aside from a week of trash mostly seen well fought games throughout. Well, the first 10 games were mostly rough too.


"That what speed (and defense) do." Right?

I find this to be a good time to reiterate my feeling that defense can only help you not lose games on its best day. The only thing that can help you WIN, is to outscore the other team.

We should have added a power threat in LF, RF and/or 1B by now. This defense mantra is becoming very "shmefense" inducing.


Has pretty consistently been the main problem.  Can't defend against walks and HR.  The bases loaded passed ball is always nice though...

The corner outfield offense has been a strength.  The .951 OPS from Mariner RF is 3rd in the game.  Heredia's .699 OPS has been good from LF.  CF offense has trailed the rest of the game.  Moving Heredia to CF could be an option of course.  But is the offense in general a problem?  Beyond that, who is available in May?  I'd rather add a starter except we've got options now that are likely as good as anyone available.  I'm not opposed to an add in LF, 1b, C or Any pitching improvements but what's likely available would either cost way too much to pry away now or not be much of a + if any.  It's possible JeDi could find the right match, just seems unlikely for 5 weeks or more. 


A .699 in LF isn't good. As a CF, whole different conversation. Last season, I believe the average was about .730 OPS in LF.

That's the problem, this isn't a situation they can- or should be- fix(ing) in May. They should be taking care of obvious problems as they present themselves. As in, years ago.

I think the offense has been the problem, in general, lately.

Can't score 1 or 0 for two weeks in a row and expect to come out the other side unscathed.


On the offensive side it's been 1b, C and CF that are extremely low.  Move the .699 to CF (though his 98 WRC+ would rank 16th as LF if it was the teams total...Also true of his OPS) and some of that RF (Gamel) to LF when Haniger returns and that's taken care of.  They are 7th in the game in OF WAR.  OF is not the problem.  1b and Catcher aren't looking as easy, but there are young options that could maybe improve production.  Having a 3b that's middle of the pack offensively wasn't in the plans either.  The teams problems don't seem to be in their ability to hit though.  Bad stretches aside, because everyone has those at times, 

Hitters were hitting and watching it go for naught when the 10th deep starter who didn't even belong in the league couldn't keep from coughing up a 5+ run inning.  Then even the 5th deep had his 9 run inning.  The problem currently seems deeper than simply the talent on the team.  Is it 5 starters and 3 relievers currently on the DL?  25th in FIP or T-14th in WRC+, which needs more help?  12th best BB% and K% for the hitters, 24th K/9 and 19th BB/9.  The need for arms is big.  Surely the offense could be improved but it's not the problem this year.

Being 6th in UZR/150, 11th in Def, 3rd in ARM...Has not hurt.

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