Dr. D getting punch-drunk from victory reports out of every quadrant


=== Stefen Romero ===

RockiesJeff, our resident high school baseball coach, wondered if SSI had a prediction on this dude...

Prediction?  It seems that you get to looking at these prospects, more and more, as nothing more dice rolls.  Sigh.

At this point, wouldn't we give Romero the same chance we'd give most of the hitters who are in Baseball America's top 51-99 prospects?  Which is to say, probably a 40-50% chance of getting 3,000 AB's in the bigs, and a good 10%, 20% chance of becoming an impact player.

That's kind of a cop-out ...  

I'll tell you something, kiddies, I could see Romero becoming a big star if he were a third baseman and things broke reasonably well for him.  He does look like Edgar to me, but bigger.  Of course Edgar always had the great patience, but a 6'3" Edgar who goes after the first pitch, that guy could play for me.

I probably have an easier time visualizing Romero becoming a major star than any Mariner position player since approximately Jose Lopez.  Before that, ARod.

Wait -- Jeff Clement looked like he had that potential too.  Ackley and Montero do now.  Those would be the six guys, over the last 15-odd years, who looked the most like ML all-stars as they hit the beach.  Jose Cruz Jr. never looked like that to me.

Mike Zunino.  Slap me silly the U-24 squad is loaded.


Hey RockiesJeff, what's your expectation for Stefen Romero?


=== Raul Ibanez ===

In the TV game the other day ... I was marvelling, just marvelling, at the loonnnnng looks that Rauuul was taking at the fastballs.  He'd let the ball drive deep, deep, deeeeep into the zone, then UNSNNNNNNAP the bat and pull it.

It happened on the fastball.  The ball exploded out of the pitcher's hand, and Raul sunk his weight, peering out at the ball like a professor examining his first-day students.  The ball got deep, deeeep ... Raul SUDDENLY launched his bat and then what?

He PULLED the pitch on a line into the straightaway-RF grass.  The pitch speed?  96 MPH.

You want to assess hitters, watch their quickness.  It was what Teddy talked about with a slumping hitter.  Anyway... Rauuuul hit .250/.320/.500 last year against righties.  I suppose he'll do the same this year, not that it would make the travelling squad for this juggernaut.

I don't get it.  Hey, man, rhetoric aside.  How is this possible?  No other 41-year-olds have bats that quick.  Gimme a serious answer.  


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The one about how the older you get, the harder it gets to bounce back from the daily rigors.
I can see Ibanez benefitting from the rest aspect of platooning rather than the fundamental L/R matchup part.

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Jeff, a taller Edgar? I try to stick to the pitching side but I love the kid's swing. I have not seen anything of him in the field but assume they way they move him around there is sufficient athletic talent. Lonnie, thanks for the background info. Isn't that one of the great things of baseball? Baseball, more than most sports, has room for those who are not the supposed instant star. Plus, how many high draft choices never do much? Jeff Clement was a hard worker and seemed to be a class act but he never made it. I fully understand Romero could fizzle this year in Tacoma ala the Cat and a long list before him. Way beyond yesterday, I am thinking this kid is going to force some conversations as to where they can make room for him in Seattle by this time next Spring. I am not so foolish as to think I can predict what and where but do think he will be on Z's speed dial faster than people realize and aren't we due for a prospect to show up with a big bat?

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Lonnie, I had the joy of meeting you several years ago at a Sky Sox game as Tacoma was in town. I am not sure if you remember but hopefully we can meet up again this year. I continue to enjoy your perspectives on the game. Stay safe today in this storm! We just get fields clear here and poof, we start over again! Jeff


lost a post here that was basically asking if there's something about Miller that even though he's in the same statistical neighborhood as Romero (lower SLG but higher OPScareer MiL) you don't list him as being a likelier "big star". So is there something to the omission or was he just forgotten momentarily?
Also Raul is said to be one of the most highly conditioned players in the game. If it was said that Ichiro could still wait on a 96 and get around on it would it be a surprise? I know the skills aren't the same, but the rare level of conditioning is at least close. Don't know that that completely answers the question, but itseems it would have to contribute.

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