Sizzlers: Adam Moore

=== Sizzlers:  Adam Moore ===

Moore also was on the radio this last week.  Clearly uncomfortable with the attention, he spoke hesitantly and was breathless for most of the segments.  Crossing the on-air nerves was his latent irritation with the DJ's questions about making the roster.  Moore evidently saw himself as the frontrunner to be the starter.

Moore was also commendably annoyed at the fact that catchers like him are pegged as either defensive or offensive players -- as though a young catcher who could do both, is so rare as to be too-good-to-be-true.

Defense is first, sez Moore, and I take a lot of pride in it...

But at the plate, you want to get your pitch and do as much damage as you can.  As you know, Dr. D loves Moore's compact, muscular swing on the ball, reminding a bit of the Bench / Schmidt type swings. 

Moore's aggressiveness comes across not only in the batter's box on TV, but came across on the radio... this is a kid who has been drawing raves about his presence since he was in A ball, and SSI buys into this characterization 100%.

Moore talked about his debut game, Rizzs gushing about what a thrill it must have been, and Moore shrugged, "the lighting is better, the video boards are bigger, but I can honestly say it was just another game."

SSI likey. 


Baseball America points out that Moore was actually drafted as a slugger, a MOTO hitter, more than as a catcher -- and that as Moore jelled defensively, he made the Jeff Clement trade logical.

It hadn't occurred, as BA noted, that "Moore has no notable shortcomings."

BA has Ackley 1, Saunders 2, Adam Moore 3.  SSI concurs.  You see Moore outside the top 10 on some lists, but if the M's have 10 prospects better than Adam Moore, they're going to take over baseball shortly.  :- )

They don't, and they won't, but Moore is definitely underrated going into ST.


=== Fizzlers:  Rob Johnson ===

As you know, SSI pegged Johnson to have a good chance at a Dan Wilson career.  He's evidently a nice guy, he will hit like Wilson did, and for a big guy Johnson is incredibly light on his feet.  Catching starts with nimbleness out of a crouch.

As San-Man pointed out, RJ had a spot last summer where his EYE spiked up to 1.0 for several weeks.  Show me a good defensive catcher with a 1.0 EYE and I'll show you a major-league starting catcher.

The problemo is that a new Dan Wilson is no ball of fire, and Johnson comes into spring pretty gimp at even being that.


=== Sizzlers:  Josh Bard ===

Going into camp, Moore would be my #1 catcher.  Zduriencik evidently is not averse to this, but would prefer that a rookie take over a #1 job only after beating out a Josh Bard type, over a month's heavy-duty competition.

The M's could easily have slotted Moore in there - he is 26 years old, with 1,500 minors AB's, a full year in AAA, and some time in the bigs.

But Zduriencik likes to make rookies earn their playing time before he hands it to them, and in this case, you gotta admire the wisdom.  An Adam Moore who had a great spring and won his job, would be a young player to be enthused about.




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BA has Ackley 1, Saunders 2, Adam Moore 3.  SSI concurs.  You see Moore outside the top 10 on some lists, but if the M's have 10 prospects better than Adam Moore, they're going to take over baseball shortly.  :- )

Boy, were a bunch of us pleased when BA finally got this one right after so many others left Moore out of the top ten, or put Saunders at eight.  I think I even saw one that had Ackley at three.  No joke.  The Ackley-Saunders-Moore 1-2-3 was always the pretty obvious route to go for me.
And while we certainly don't have ten 'spects better than Moore, we do have a lot of volatility in the back end of the top ten and thereafter, where there are a lot of guys who have their cases and could break through into prospectdom with the right instruction.  Right instrustion maybe meaning, Doc Elliott, perhaps ;)

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I thought Tui was you #2 Doc?
I love what I'm hearing from Moore's mindset. Too much respect for the MLB game can be a bad thing.


Here, gotta get a quick URL outta that...
Couldn't agree more about the too much respect.  And it was interesting hearing Moore shrug off Rizzs' recommendations that Moore *should* be starry-eyed.  Moore's tone in doing so was... well ... impatient.


Have heard this from a lot of places, including Sickels IIRC, that the M's have a strange number of boom-or-bust players.
I don't know whether that's bias against the M's -- having graded them around 20th in O.B. but then getting down to nitty gritty, realizing that the M's have a couple of dozen guys who could play in the majors --
Or if that's actually the right characterization, that the M's right now have an unusual number of 8E's and 9D's.   Your opinion Jay?


From the Tribune (as Lonnie posted on MC):
Veteran catcher Josh Bard is impressed enough with rookie Adam Moore’s swing to bring this up: “They used to ask Stan Musial why he always smiled, and he’d say ‘You’d smile too, if you knew you were going to hit .300.’ That’s Adam this year. He’s going to hit .300.”

That's some high praise from the journeyman.  When we drafted Moore I was curious, because we had Clement - but looking closer it was another example of why I was annoyed on draft day that we took a catcher with the #3 pick in the draft.    I'm glad we seem to be getting some use out of one of our big, strapping "offensive" catcher selections - just don't call Moore that to his face.
Bard sure seems to think he's competing for the right to back up Adam Moore though, and I like the sound of that.
As for a different catcher, also from the Trib:
...on Saturday, (Steve Baron) caught Felix in the bullpen.
"He asked to catch him. The kid can catch," said manager Don Wakamatsu, a former catcher. " To think that he’s a year out of high school, it’s amazing.
"You watch the guy catch and you see a belief system. Sometimes it gets broken as they go along, but he’s a pretty confident kid.  He’s a strong kid, much stronger than I envisioned, especially right out of high school.  He’s got great leg strength. But he’s got real soft hands and a presence about him. He’s not intimidated by any means."

I really, really hope Baron can learn how to hit.  Everyone seems to be stunned at how good he is behind the plate as a teenager, but it won't matter if he can't put wood on a ball.
Still, he's got time.  We have other catchers that should be taking care of business for the near future.


Moore returns to the bigs and Drayer relates: Catching Coordinator Roger Hansen last week declared Moore ready to come up saying, "You are going to see a different Adam Moore."
In AAA: 36 G, 134 AB, 43 H, 12 xbh (8 dbl, 1 tpl, 3 HR), 7 BB, 24 K
If Moore can contribute on offense, it would be a huge addition to the young nucleus.
And, Tacoma is playing this afternoon (as in right now as I type) with Blake Beavan making his AAA debut (1 ER on a solo HR through 3.2 IP as of now).  If both Beavan and Lueke end up contributing what a coup that would be.


He smacks a beautiful HR in his second game back.
Relaxed and aggressive, balanced, didn't overswing, let his natural torque do the work, loaded to just the right amount, everything gorgeous.

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