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World champs Germany still looking to hit their stride
Posted on: 06/19/16
Posted on: 06/17/16
Possibly avoids Brazil in the quarterfinals
Posted on: 06/12/16
Posted on: 06/11/16
Posted on: 06/07/16
Posted on: 06/05/16
What are the US' chances?
Posted on: 06/02/16
Ronaldo clinches it on penalties
Posted on: 05/29/16
Battle in the midfield
Posted on: 05/28/16
But does it make up for missing out on the Champions League
Posted on: 05/25/16
Posted on: 05/19/16
Barcelona are champions again
Posted on: 05/15/16
Comes down to the country's two biggest teams
Posted on: 05/12/16
Just Real Madrid and Barcelona now
Posted on: 05/08/16
Something must be in the water
Posted on: 05/06/16
What does Real Madrid need to do to get in themselves?
Posted on: 05/03/16
Is he ready to take over for Cristiano Ronaldo?
Posted on: 05/01/16
As Barcelona control their own fate
Posted on: 04/24/16
Lose sole possession of first place
Posted on: 04/18/16
Plus Champions League thoughts
Posted on: 04/15/16
Both Madrid teams through to semifinals
Posted on: 04/13/16
Barcelona loses again, has not won in 3 matches
Posted on: 04/10/16
First leg produces a (somewhat) unlikely upset
Posted on: 04/06/16
Proves Zidane's project is working
Posted on: 04/03/16
Posted on: 04/02/16
Real Madrid is 10 points off the lead, but it does have more than pride to play for
Posted on: 03/31/16
Posted on: 03/27/16