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It's been 3 days since anything was posted, so here's another attempt at a discussion-starter.

The Ms may be done with trades now, except for Edwin Encarnacion. Where he goes, and what the Ms can get for him will obviously have a bearing on what FA signings they make. But let's try to guess what signings might make a difference for 2019.

First Need -- an experienced Catcher

Here, the signing should be someone the staff can lean on. A.J. Ellis is, like Pat Borders, Jamie Burke, Josh Bard, and Chris Iannetta, a player whose best years have passed, but retains value in the experience and leadership he can bring. Of the FA catchers available, he looks to be the class of the field.

Next Need -- an experienced RH pitcher

The signing of Ervin Santana has in previous years seemed almost inevitable. Is this the year? His presence on the staff would bring balance and upside to the young rotation. While trading for Sonny Gray would be a better shot at upside for the following years, Ervin would be a stabilizing force for 2019, while Sheffield, Swanson and Dunn get polished at Tacoma and Arkansas.

Next Need -- a chance at another LH Ace

If there is any chance to sign Yusei Kikuchi, he would add to the LH-ness of the rotation, but his upside, paired with Marco Gonzales, makes the chances in 2020-2021 much brighter.

Overwhelming Need -- Dependable Bullpen Arms

Re-signing David Phelps would be a nice start here. Then, a LH reliever like Luis Avilan and/or Justin Wilson. Jake Diekman might also be a good bounce-back candidate. For another RH, Cody Allen might benefit from Safeco suppression of his HR tendencies.

Utility Needs -- A SS until J.P. Crawford is settled and ready

The Ms should really make signing Jose Iglesias a priority in my estimation. A superior glove, with an inconsistent bat, he's young enough to be an asset for several years, if required. Wilmer Flores is only 27, and also a decent UT candidate. A decent bat with a less expert glove, he can cover several positions, but probably not SS at an acceptable level. He would provide that by letting Dee Gordon move to SS, while he plays 2B. Either or both improve the Ms bench.

These are simply my take -- a few spuds in the pot might keep the site going for now, until Doc can provide some better new content.



Bat... I agree with most of type of suggestions, although I cringe at the thought of Santana.

Also, while I agree at least 1, probably 3 relievers will eventually be needed, I do believe that relief pitching has the most close to majors talent... so any reliever would need to be good enough to trade off around the all-star break... so I really like the idea of Cody Allen or someone like him.

Further, while I want the M's to target Iglesias, I doubt anyone near that good will be signed. I'm afraid that Negron (or D. Moore or Cowart) will start out in the infield to start the year as the place holder for Crawford. 

Lastly, since we all expect at least one more trade before the season starts, I expect it to be Leake - not Santana or EE... although I think all 3 are being dangled now. Thus, I think a real wildcard for a starter is needed like the A's did it last year... someone like Shelby Miller, Martin Perez, Drew Pomeranz, or even dare I say... Nate Karns or Wade Miley...


Hope your holidays have been good to all of you and yours.  It's certainly been good and busy for me.

On Free agent signings I thought the ideal is looking for make goods on good deals for everywhere they can pack them in.  This includes starting SS for pre- Crawford months.  We can offer playing time to guys who want to improve their stock and then reap some rewards if they do.  Those players not only get the opportunity on that end, if they put together a good season they'll likely be shipped to a contender.  Many of these types don't sign until late in the offseason.

On trade suggestions, Seager and his M's career records at 3b while being a defensive rock there doesn't need to be moved.  He's not detrimental except for the dollars and as a fan favorite who just had his career worst year at 30, now is probably the worst time to trade him.  Hopefully the 3b version of Mr. Mariner didn't just follow him off the 30 year old cliff.  Seager does many things right, if only he'd take the shift hits they're giving him... But some continuity right now is good.  If Felix still offered anything on the level of Seagers defense I'd want to see him have a chance through the theoretical '21 push as well.  Speaking of the 30 year old cliff.  Also Myers contract would get in the way more than Seagers would currently by being a year longer and costing more in both 2020 and 2021.  Who might be better after their prime is irrelevant for a team in the M's position.  Moving off contracts is preferred, not adding length just to switch things up (in my opinion).  

I expect EE to go at any point by the end of August but his market had been flooded with other options.  Since Santana went for him and Cruz is even off the board now if he's going anywhere before the spring I don't know who would still be preferable to suitors. 

Leake I can see going at any point as well but he could stay the full season or much longer  He has some things you'd probably like some of your young pitchers to learn from in spring at least if at all possible.  I can see building the rotation around Mike and Marco even if Mike is 4th by the time you're competitive.  He's a guy that could be useful into the '20's.

Anybody else for the right return, down to Haniger.  Please keep Mitch though.  The only Jersey I've got that might still be here for the next playoff game.  Sorry Felix but I've given up on you. 


Via the Slack chat gnatto has asked for help because his foreign locale (I'm not sure where that is) prevents him from logging in to SSI. I explained that things have slowed down here, presumably due to Doc's health issues (I'm also not sure whether my presumption is correct). 

Anyway, I told gnatto I would mention his problem here in case it was possible for him to get help. 

Really appreciate moe, Bat571 and Tuner for chipping in with articles to keep things going. I've been kind of baseball brain-dead since the season ended, with the exception of the days when Jerry is active.


I'm just back from Christmas in England. When I tried to log bnb into SSI, I received an aggressive "Forbidden!" message. I tried several times; the result was consistent. I assume this is a reaction to strict EU data-privacy laws. A few other sites also dis not support overseas access, although they generally broke the news more gently.

By the way... I'm in St.Louis, for the trienniel Urbana conference. Any other correspondents here?


Back at ya, mojician, and all our friends here. 

A special prayer for and greeting to Doc. We are saddened by the difficulty of your journey the latter part of this year.


Mine still continue as well. I'm Stateside at the moment, so I can comment - but whenever I'm back in Mexico (which is 80% of my life looking forward, probably for the next 30 years or so!), I can't do more than read it in an RSS reader.

Still reading everything I can, but I miss the comments and the commentators. You guys are, as always, greatly appreciated - and the conversation is a huge encouragement in the highs and lows of life!

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