The Willie Bloomquist Effect
It's Origin In the 1960's

Just how did Willie come to have such an effect on everyone around him?

Like Tinkerbell I picture him walking around in life with pixie dust trailing his every step. He passes by and sourpusses are instantly transformed into replicas of Tiny Tim waltzing through fields of tulips plucking on their ukeleles singing trills in falsetto voices.

YouTube: Peter Pan, TInkerbell, Pixie Dust and You Can Fly

YouTube: Tiny Tim, Tiptoe Through The Tulips on Laugh-In

I’m sure there are some here who remember the slapstick TV series “Get Smart.” In one two-part episode there was a character called Simon the Likeable, in reality a vicious Chaos agent played by the actor Jack Gilford, but he had such a likeable visage than one look at him and as if by magic you were captivated and willing to do anything he asked. (By the way, actor Gilford was most famous as the man in the old Cracker Jack commercials.)

YouTube: Get Smart - Simon the Likeable Starts At The 3:08 Mark

YouTube: Cracker Jack Commercial with Jack Gilford

It’s hot, 91 degrees in the house, and so I’d like to share these good-natured muses on the Willie Bloomquist effect with my friends at SSI, as well as share a chuckle with any of you who share with me having grown up in  those magnificent 1960’s, or who otherwise have an appreciation of their appeal.



WB is the classic #25 on a NL team (even though he had a bunch of Seattle years)   Plays 7 positions, and can hit lefties a bit.  He was a career .280 AVG and .703 OPS vs. lefties.  Guys like that, especially if they are + guys in the club house, stick around....deservedly so.  Flexibility is a neat thing for a team to have....espeically in the NL where you PH and double sub.  -But his signing a year ago was a huge reack....and all about Mac wanting a Pro in the clubhouse.  It didn't work out.   I would still, given the ability, sub him in for McClendon.

Because of the closely packed weirdness of this season, it might only take 86 wins to make the WC.  If 86 is a reasonalbe number...the M's need to go 50-33 the rest of the way (including tonight) to get there.  That's .600 ball.  The only team in MLB above .600 right now is St. Louis.    Even if we only have to get to 84 wins, that still demands a 48-35 run.  That is basically what Houston, the best team in the AL, has done during the 1st half.  BAsically our chances are pretty low.  McClendon isn't doing it.  


Willie became a whipping boy in the local blog-o-sphere, only because he was a way to point to the idea that [oversimplified] math formulas were smart and major league GM's were dumb.  There are many such players in baseball history.  Phil Rizzuto for the Hall of Fame ... it was a way for sportswriters to say they appreciated the subtleties of the game.  "Willie F. Bloomquist" was a way to say that any ordinary commenter in a USSM thread knew much more about baseball than (say) Bill Bavasi did.

He was a quality bench player, a stoploss, and noted to be a terrific "org guy" in the dugout.  Dr. D always LOATHED the "WFB" attitude and wondered what the guy had ever done to the pundits ...  ;- )

Precisely as Moe says, he was a #25 player the way you draw him up on the chalkboard.  Tip o' the kelly, as Mikey Jay would say, to a fine pro sports career.

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