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give him some more time? but of course


The idea was floated that the Mariners benched Dan Vogelbach because --- > they didn't want him to go 1-for-12 with 6 K's and scuff up the paint.  Okay, that's probably what happened.  If Dr. Detecto ever made GM, he would think of these cases as Moneyball opportunities.  Sure, it's emotionally unpleasant to watch a AAA star fail in his cups of coffee, even if those are only 12 and 28 AB's long (which they were).  But I'd like to let other teams bake the cake while I eat it ...

'Bach is who he is.  He BB'ed 78 times this year, fanned 98, hit .290 with power, flashed some long HR's.  He can move his weight (around in the batter's box, if not especially up the dugout steps) and flick balls the other way.  He's Chris Snelling's biggggg brother, a DH.

Which, maybe the M's are clearing the way for a certain DH from overseas.


The Mariners fired their bench coach Tim Bogar, who I think of as the consultation partner in a 2 vs 2 chess game.  His job to make sure that no matchups or Run Expectancies slip past the Skip, to coordinate laptop info in-game.  Also he needs to forward the Skip's manager with the players, as Mike Pence sincerely does for Trump and as Joe Biden sincerely did for Obama.  Much of the time he winds up oh-so-subtly positioning HIMSELF for the job.  Bogar's sabe skills are not lacking, so read between the lines here.

Zoom had not been gentle at all with Casey Candaele (base coach and baserunning coach) and ZOOOM, there it IS

Meaning they are going to go with a tightening-of-the-corset around Scott Servais, I guess.  Dr. D's reaction:  reasonable of course, but hard to get excited about.  But for sure there is the plus that a new manager will not ask for 50 games in which to "see what he's got."


Emerald City Swagger gave the Gold Glove to Jarrod Dyson.  Dewan had him for +15 runs saved in part time play and we're sure it was in that range.  Zoom predicted $10-11M times two for Dyson and I don't see a better option, do you?  Through the heartless lens of WAR:

400 PA, 2.4 WAR = Haniger.  Still an SSI Best Bet, to the hilt.

400 PA, 2.1 WAR = Dyson

550! PA, 1.6 WAR = Gamel

425 PA, 0.0 WAR = Heredia

For 2018, I'd be fine with those four players, tweaking Haniger and Dyson toward more PT and Gamel/Heredia towards limited roles - hopefully with an Otani into the mix.  Best offensive opportunity fire may be at 1B.  But this is a guess four trades away from the front of the bow!


Dr D



Canning Bogar and Candaele seems to be a bit of a panic-type move.  You know, the "I have to do something" variety.

I am not impressed by the move, really.

Fangraphs has Gamel as a +1.2 UZR in RF but a -2.8 in LF.  I find that a bit suspect.  He got to 11.1% of the 1-10% balls (Remote), 40% of the 10-40% balls (Unlikely), 80% of the 40-60% balls (Even), 80% of the 60-90% balls (Likely) and 97.4% of the 90-100% balls (Routine).  Where's the beef?  He had 4 errors in LF, and I remember him dropping at least 2 balls.  But I still don't see the data that suggests he doesn't hold his own out there.

Heredia's is better.....but you lose with the bat, as well.  The natural use of the two of them is in platoon.  Then you get Gamel's .746 vR and Heredia's .794 vL. 


...but not enough.

Stottlemyre is the fly in the ointment.  The pitchingt injuries only obscured his ineffectiveness.

But this is on Dipoto.  With a rookie manager coming in with him, it was a cardinal sin not to surround Servais entirely with proven competence--Pences and Bidens across the board.  

asok1021's picture

With the amount of times I saw mental errors on the base paths I'm hoping a new baserunning coach can get the boys to have better situational awareness.


I was always surprised the guy who got the job ended up with the runner up as his bench coach.

They sure wasted no time canning them after the season ended did they.. Makes me wonder if there was some infighting, or coaches being less than fully helpful..

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Of course, you can't change coaches during the season, unless they quit.

Of course, you can't change starters during the season, unless they are fired or demoted.

Oh, dem ole baseball maxims.

Go back to the notes of last December ... a priority was "fundamentals".

Well, it is always "fundamentals first" for every team, but something must have been fundamentally wrong with the M's approach to fundamentals.

Marionette Scott Cerveza, says it will be different this spring.

How about some "show me" instead of some "tell me".

His post-mortem comments sound like apologies, not self-criticism.

It  was injured starters, injured starters, injured starters a mantra of injuries.

Only in the past three weeks have I come to view him as disengenuine.

He was just an unfortunate victim of circumstance in the arms, backs, hands, legs, necks and brains of pitchers.

Mealworm mouth is what chameleon's get when they overeat.

Now he is hunkering down under the protective omphaloskeptic GM who promises next year will be different.

Acta as bench coach makes some sense what with the helmet thing and all.

I'm surprised the Rainiers skipper Listach was not brought up to take over 1B ... he knows first hand about a lot of the roster.

Brosius might be the first third base coach since the 1980's who  might be able to determine the co-efficient between the M's player on the basepath and the outfield arm and infield ability of the opposition ... and actually make decisions quicky, very quickly.

This was an opportunity for DePoet to go all in and dump Throttlemeyer, but he chose not to do so, so here is another guy hanging on the GM's umbilicus ... and if the weight can't be supported there will be a lot of important  goo on the floor and the field.

Thanks for the credit on Candyman, but I was totally wrong on Bogart moving up, and instead he was moved out. The background on that decision might be conspirational or persperational, but, at least might be interesting.

The denizens herein who claimed DePoet and Cerveza would go as one were correct in that there will be no excuses acceptable this time next year.

Meanwhile, I think Dyson will sign for somewhere around $8.5 mil to $9 after his ill-fated end of season.

But, that's just more money for Darvish (and ultimately, Ohtani).

DePoet's plan is in place, and deals will be struck just prior to the winter meetings ... or I will end up with another case of mealworm mouth.


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the sequencing  recently discussed herein whereon this site on DAT (Darvish/Arietta, Tanaka) makes sense as there is precedent.

But that depends on agents and their agendas ... and those will be thoroughly discussed by DePoet and DAT agents (which makes them DATA) even before they sign Ohtani.

This is gonna be like a three legged race was a top picnic event in the old days (I'm sure they are illegal now because of the insurance lobby lobotamy and everyone being equal as it is not funny to fall down any more.



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