Merry Christmas!


Among the things I'm thankful for, that intersect with our online Mariners bleacher section, anyway :- )

1) Our 2016 Poster of the Year, Moe Dog.

2) Our 2016 Poster Period, DaddyO.

3) Each and every one of the Denizens.  As a completely separate issue, do you realize that since SSI started, we have not had to draw our magical sword on a single Troll?  My suspicion is that the trolls fear the Denizens more than they do the moderator.

4) Our incoming TOR starter (citation needed).

5) Jean Segura, who gives the Mariners one of yer all time around-the-horn infields.  If they put Nelson Cruz at 1B too it will be The Most Wonderful Game of the Year.

6) A roster not featuring Endy Chavez, Casey Kotchman or other 513-run footsoldiers.  


Your services are no longer required.
Your services are no longer required.


7)  The local football team.  How they managed to lose 5.5 games this year is totally beyond me, other than the fact that other NFL teams have had five long years to create strategies against the same shtick.  Tell ya, though, every single Seahawk game is like the 1995 Mariners.  These guys have the hearts of Revolutionary soldiers.

8) ... oh yeah.  I'm very thankful for George Washington's slog through the snow and storm to attack Trenton, 240 years ago today.  My own Dec. 25th will be less challenging than that.  At least as far as I'm aware so far.

9) Ken Griffey Jr's slide in 1995.  A single sports moment can be worth a lifetime's anticipation ... Bill James responded to a Cubs' fan asking about a dynasty.  "What, you want a championship in EVERY lifetime?"  MOMENTS, babe, MOMENTS.

10) For a new era in Mariners, Inc. suits and ties.

11) I had only a 1 in 25 chance of being born in America...

12)  And less than that, of being located as a fan of Edgar Martinez and Kyle Seager and all youse mooks.

Stay chill,




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Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to all of your collective wisdom for the year ahead!!!!!




1.  Daddy's posts, that take me back to my kidhood...and the birth of my MLB jones.

2.  Matt, for making me consider my baseball opinions and for friendly, spirited debate

3. Doc, for engineering a place that invites discourse, encourages discussion, expects thoughtful tolerance, and reminds us all of the friends we had as kids.  I don't know you I surely do, as friends, neighbors and buddies.  If that makes sense, anyway.

4.  And for all of you guys....Do you inhabit this site as lovingly as I do?

Merry Christmas, all.


I'm thankful to be the first to list Haniger, and the much less outs than most of the aughts in this year's lineup.

I'm thankful for Dipoto understanding the worth in the difficulties of lining up trades, to the point that he downplays those difficulties.  Also glad that he wraps up many presents early so we're not feining for "please, something" this late in the offseason. 

I'm thankful for all the insights, debates and agreements I'm often rushing back to find more of.  This really is a unique group that I'm glad to have the opportunity to converse with.

I'm grateful for Edgar's seemingly big rise in votes this year.  HoF induction, 2018.  Clear your schedule. 


This kid is thankful for (among other things):

(1) The twin truths that unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, and that "He will save His people from their sins."

(2) Doc for his generosity with his time, talents (abilities), and talents (money) to this truly special web community. Our communities at large need more like it and fewer that bicker, talk past each other, and vilify those who think differently than themselves. 

(3) All my friends here. Moe mentioned me, so I will say 2016 has been the year that saw the birth of an enjoyable online friendship with Mayor Keith. I appreciate all those who bear with my reminesces and find some joy in joining in.

(4) A year that has turned in wholly unexpected directions on a number of life-changing fronts. A year that has seen the heights of joy and the depths of despair, and that is no exaggeration. It contained the birth of our two grandsons, sandwiched around a January day in which from a hospital bed I said farewell words to this life and to my family, only to receive a reprieve from the Lord. It contained the sudden opportunity to sell our house and, by April of 2017 move into a new house bought by our daughter and son-in-law as renters, which in turn will allow my longsuffering wife to retire. It contained unimagineable and at times unbearable grief with one of our adult children. But in the words of Job, "Shall we accept good from God and not evil?"

(5) My longsuffering wife, our two daughters, their husbands and babies, and our son.

A hearty Merry Chrismas to all my friends who celebrate it, and to those who don't, Happy Holidays. In the immortal words of Tiny Tim, "God bless us every one!"


To repeat a recommendation from another thread:

"You, Who marks the sparrow's fall... Look Kindly on our Love tonight, and Bless Us Every One"

I'm grateful for the superb athletes that compete so hard through a long season in the wonderful game of baseball; who give us such pleasure in both their successes and their failures. May we be forgiving of the latter even as we hope to rejoice in more of the former. From the memory of the depths of Figgins, let us have hope in Haniger, Segura, Vogelbach, Felix, Kuma, Seager, Cano, Cruz, and all the others here and to come, to bring a title to Seattle. But we ask a blessing most of all for health both to the players and their families, but also those associated with the game, such as Mel Stottlemyre, sr., and Braden Bishop's mom, as they struggle.

I'm grateful for my family and the abundance of this country. I'm grateful for the members of the military, my former colleagues and friends, including my own daughter, who keep us secure. And also tonight....

For this site: Doc, Moe, Matt, DaddyO, Grizz, Wishhiker, Tacoma, G-Money, Spec, Taro, Icebreaker, and all the rest, who help me follow the advice of Robert Frost:

"...And when at times the Mob is swayed, to carry praise or blame too far,

We may choose something like a Star, to stay our minds on, and be stayed."


This is one of the internet's jewels as far as I'm concerned.  Doc has put a lot of himself into this place and it shows in the character and comportment of the community.  Truly exemplary as a virtual community center.


...for the most thoughtful, least snarky,  most compassionate and humane group of Seattle sports fans on the planet. I'm pleased to be one with you, albeit a lot less frequently than those of you whose views I most enjoy reading. 

Also for that God who watches over DaddyO, and his family, and all the rest of us. (I'll ask Him to show Himself to the one of his adult children who seems to be "wound around the axle" at present.)

And, for the hope that springs eternal in the breast of every Mariners' sports fan, this time of year. If the Sounders could come from the back of the pack to win the MLS Cup, who can rule out the Mariners (especially in December)?!

May January 1 bring a Happy New Year for Mariners' fans, and Seattle Sports fans, everywhere- especially those who hang out together at SSI!


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