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a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.
"a society afflicted by a deep cultural malaise"

It is not enough to be a great player, said Bobby Fischer.  You also gotta play great.  Like all Zen aphorisms, it looks like it says nothing at first glance.  Later on in life you find it to be a difference-maker.  Having to choose between that one, and "don't bend your right knee," I gotta go with Bobby.

Two great pitchers, Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma, pitched great to throttle the 1st-place Angels in games 1 and 3 of their series.  A win on Sunday would have put the M's back -5.5 with four delicious, hopeful calendar days in which to bathe in 2nd-half hope.

You've never read this cliche on SSI before and probably never will again.  But are you ready?  The M's didn't appear to want the game.  The Angels very much appeared to want the win.  Valle said it on the postgame, and Dutton said it on his postgame, and McClendon said it between the lines.  If true, why should this be?  Why would you win 2 of 3, and then take the field for game 4 and hang your heads before the game started?


Dutton pointed out that the M's have lost 12 of their last 14 series closing games.  If the M's odds were 50-50 in each of those games, their chances of winning 3 or more would be 99.3%.  I'll hold up my hand and correlate this syndrome with "lack of conviction."  This is SSI; you're welcome to demure.  Dr. D knows many teams that have shaken off malaise and gone on to great things; they all had one thing in common.  A sudden burst of self-confidence.


A few teams that were -7 or so on July 13, and made the playoffs:

2008-2014 seasons:  none

2007 seasons and before:  malaise prevents Dr. D from scouring the almanacs further back than this


As Moe has pointed out, from -7 below .500 it won't be good enough to become good.  The Mariners would have to, very soon, become the best team in the league.  Or pretty much that.  :: shrug :: they're a loaded roster.  There's no reason their pitching staff can't rip off a month's worth of lockdowns.  They've got three legit Stars in their offense and talent around that.

It was a funny thing that Bill James said, back during the 1993 season.  The Cleveland Indians were the laughingstock of the league, for the 30th season in a row, with starting pitchers like Jeff Mutis, Mike Bielecki and Jose Mesa.  Just one more funky Indians team.  He closed an article on them by saying, "If you want to laugh at Cleveland, go ahead.  But don't say that none of these kids can play, because some of them sure as shill can."  The next year, Cleveland began their run:  Belle, Lofton, Manny, Thome, and Baerga.  To be fair, SSI is forced to note that they did not change their manager, Mike Hargrove.  Grover was around to enjoy the glory.

Sometimes you watch players rather than the team.  In 2011, it was fun to watch Lynch, Thomas, Chancellor and Sherman despite the 7-9 record.  This year, my fave players in loose order:

  • Paxton
  • Felix
  • Taijuan
  • Logo
  • WBC-san
  • Nelson Cruz
  • Montgomery
  • Seager
  • Cano
  • Seth Smith
  • Montero
  • Carson Smith
  • Zunino
  • Lowe
  • Furbush

That's like 15 players who could be part of your next World Series sweep, never mind Zduriencik's kiddie pyramid below the majors, who will also be fun to watch.  That's a lot of CYWYNPWTP for such a cruddy team.


Dr D




Name ten players who we can win our pennant with in the minors right now?  Seriously...I need a reason for optimism, so I hope you write an article.

Right now, AA Jackson is batting a collective (exaggeration for effect) .200 with 15 K/BB.  Yes, I's not THAT bad...but every important prospect we have is playing TERRIBLY right now...Peterson?  Awful.  Kivlehan?  Bad.  Wilson?  BUST.  Jackson?  Bad, injured, then worse.  So, apart from Montero...which young players are going to float in here in the next 12 months and actually do anything?

G Money's picture

But basically we're looking at arms still over the next 12-18 months.  The hitters have all faceplanted so severely this year it's hard to pick out the winners amongst all the losers, or to believe those guys will immediately adjust to the bigs and have significant impact. 

Means we might need to trade them and a couple arms for a hitter because our hitting talent is wallowing at the minute, or 9 light-years away from the bigs.

I don't think Ji-Man Choi will ride in and save us in May of next year, y'know?


Not at you, the person who said Romero...that's not an insult to the person who said Romero.  It's a reflection of my belief that Mariners fans have been rooting for B-/C+ prospects as their great white hopes for the last 15 years, and I'm sick of it.  If your hope for minors production is Stefen Romero, you should (literally) contract the team and go buy some art or something.


Tacoma:  Baron is known as a Defensive C, and he's beginning to hit some.  He will play in the bigs.  Marte is hitting .343 and has an Eye of almost 1.  He will play in the bigs.  Chris Taylor (no longer in Tacoma), O'Malley and James Jones have already done decently in the bigs, at one time or another.  Kivelhan will hit.  So there are 4 bats in Tacoma who can help a MLB team.  Will any be minor stars?  Taylor could, but all would help a team in some way.  No A-Rod, for sure.  but how many teams have one?

Jackson:  It is a bit early to assume Peterson will be awful forever, I would think.  Beyond him, Pizzano hits RHP hard or harder at every level.  Blash is showing some flashes....but he's raw.  Lara, Paolini, Smith, Reinheimer...all could help.

Bakersfield:  Tyler O'Neil is 3 years younger than the league average and is slugging .734 vs. LHP. He has 15 hits vL and 10 of them are homers.  There is something there.

Heck, they might all bust.  Likely some of them won't.  There is talent on the way.

And I didn't even mention Romero.

Will "all" that talent save us?  Likely not......but some of it will help.


THere are a whole bunch of pitchers in this farm system that will make the MLB level, and really too many... so there are plenty that can be traded.

Starters, some who will turn into relievers: Snow, Hultzen, Elias, Ty Olson, Diaz, Siverio, Zokan, Missaki, Yarbrough, Gohara, Litell, Peterson, Altavilla, Campbell, Pike, Moore, Neidert, and maybe a couple more... 

Relievers in training: Rollins, Nuno, An Fernandez, Guaipe, Pagan, Cochran Gill, Buchanan, Fry, Pierce, Dominguez, Zych, Wilcox, Morales, Brooks, Anderson, Miller, Kerski, Vieira, Unsworth, Pistorese, Hermann, Kiel, Horstman, Hobson, and several more.

Once the guys that Jack has already traded away start performing like Cater Capps is this year... teams will be lining up to trade with Jack for these guys,


So the Mariners have started playing better, and now play .500 ball instead of losing ball.  Its amazing what a difference 6 wins can make out of eighty something. 

If the Mariners continue to be uninspiring, I move that the blog addresses topics that are more worthy of finely delved shtick,  such as underground oceans on Titan or Donald Trump.

  Konspiracy Korner lives! 

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