The Value of Seth Smith
good soldier, Dept.

Mojician sez,


What Grizz said.  The Sawx gave up "Robinson Cano but faster" and the 105 mph kid, plus two other guys.  The Rays will think that they need to be paid like that too.  Of course the Rays aren't trading three years of Chris Sale.  

I'm willing to part with Tank for a new pitcher. I'm guessing that JeDi is too, based on his statement that Tyler O'Neil is so good his service time needs to be protected.  That smacks of a JeDi mind trick meant to manipulate simpleminded GM's.  

The Mariners need to make the post season worse than they need a good future left fielder.  Make a trade.


Aaaaaand ... what did we just get back for Taijuan Walker?  :- )

For Odorizzi or Archer I'd be willing to pay $1.25 on the dollar in premium NON-major league players.  Like you call me wanting Gohara and O'Neill both, and I'm going hmmmm... what can you guys throw in?

Gohara could be CC Sabathia.  What are the chances he's healthy right up until the year he wins 18 games?  Like 20%?  O'Neill's chances of starting are very good.  What are the chances he is a 4-5 WAR player, a star?  Hmmmmm.

And, you've got the fact that a 4-5 WAR player -- Archer 5.2 in 2015, for example -- is worth several 1.5 to 2.0 players.

:: shrug :: it's my bias.  I think prospects, especially lower-minors prospects, are traded back and forth for about twice what they're actually worth.



That said, a 5.0 RC/27 hitter like Seth Smith is worth a whale of a lot ... if you have a "short" lineup, which the Mariners no longer do.  What would you have given for Seth Smith back in the Blengino days?

He's not going to be the key to a deal that brings back Chris Archer, but for $7M per year there are a lot of Royals-type lineups that could use him.

Loved Dipoto's statement.  "Seth Smith might get a hit, or he might not.  But you KNOW you're going to get a great at-bat every single time."  Get nine of those guys together and you really have something.  ... clubs having trouble with offensive "toughness" value Smith all the more.


Would hate to lose Seth Smith.  But there comes a point when 2, or 3, or 4, ML-ready prospects are a reasonable way to go away from a player of proven but modest impact.  That point is forwarded when you've got four MOTO bats to rely on in the first place.

Deal Smith,

Dr D




1) I actually like Mitch Haniger better than Tank O'Neill from a value added perspective.  I think he's considerably more athletic, a better fielder, a more polished hitter.

2) I think we need a 220 IP starter much...much more than we need a prospect.  Any prospect.

3) Seth Smith has been my man-crush since 2008.  And I am now hard over into the "please trade him now, while he still has value" camp because (a) we need outfield defense more than we need an average-solid bat that fights out great ABs and (b) Smith is about to age out IMHO.

With talk that the Mariners are after Mark Trumbo (??????????? why?????), I have to imagine they're dangling Dan Vogelbach in trades or else that does not make any sense at all.


Agree with point 3).

Very encouraged by the Think Tank's good cheer on Mitch Haniger.  Or was Dr. D's sales job a contributing factor?  ;- )

Am also intrigued by the Mark Trumbo idea.  All Your Bases Are Belong to M's


TBR could use a 1B.  

To tell you the truth...I dislike the trade if we send Vogs for a P.  Simply because there are lots of 3 years pitchers out much as I like Odorizzi.  It just seems too haphazard.

I think the Trumbo trade talk has to be overstated.

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