... speaking of Jose Quintana
why wait till July 30 to talk trade - DiPoto will be done by then


Here is a local Sox column, real good read, on the Sox' need to deal Jose Quintana.  http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/columnists/ct-jose-quintana-trade-v...  This piece also acknowledges Chicago GM Rick Hahn's laughable belief that Quintana is worth approximately the same as the U.S. land mass between New Orleans and Colorado.  No word on whether U.S. ambassadors will be required to cut a deal on the downlow.

Here are a bunch more Quintana trade rumors.  https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/chicago-white-sox   The Astros have a sizable offer on the table but are "not budging" in response to Hahn's folly.  The Yankees and White Sox may deal:  Quintana AND superstar closer David Robertson for two blue-chippers (not the Yankees' #1) and two other prospects.


You are not a 12-year-old, and so you are aware that real GM's don't negotiate solely within the pool of hyped-up top-25 MLB minor leaguers.  Often more valuable than a Tank O'Neill is a Ben Gamel, who has passed the blood-brain barrier of real major league performance.

An SSI denizen might therefore wonder about the idea of (1) Ben Gamel -- sell high -- or Guillermo Heredia, plus (2) Ariel Miranda or Andrew Moore, plus (3) (4) a couple of other important but not planet-busting prospects.  

The cost for Quintana WILL be high, if not Louisana Purchase comparable, and it should be high.  Quintana is a player to build around, and DiPoto's layering has put us such that the M's are in need of a 4-for-1.

Hey!  Waitaminnit!  We can get David Robertson into the bargain!  Give Sugar a chance to set up for a little while!  :: hands rub together :: okay, how's about that 6-for-2?


Then again, this team did just add two good starters:  Felix Hernandez and Andrew Moore.  

The M's magic number for elimination is 82, same as all the other WC contenders who are at 80-84.  Just read an LA sportswriter begging for a Felix deal because "with this offense and bullpen, the Dodgers just need a starter who will get deep into games and give them a chance."  Sometimes the Mean Girls jealousy card is the right one to play.  Wouldn't want to see Felix get his dry spitter back for some other ML team, now would we.  


Additional trade concepts are welcome in the area below.  Bat571, we're looking at you :- )


Dr D



If the Giants sell, Jeff Samardja could be a guy to keep an eye on knowing we're off the hook for Smyly (and Gohara :( ) next season.

Once you get past his ERA, his numbers seem to be better than typical. Of course, the Giants may not sell at all.


Especially about needing to do a 4 for 1.

Boog Powell and Leonys Martin both over .850 OPS in Tacoma and ready to come Gamel their way into the lineup.

If we hover around .500 I would like to see the M's just go into buyer and seller mode. Sell off guys like Dyson, Zipchinski, Iwakuma, Cishek and buy on a guy like Quintana who will be here a few years.


...it's hard to see how subtracting Moore or Miranda helps, what with the health of our rotation being such a question.

I mean, yes - we do need a better rotation overall. I get that. But we need depth, and Smyly being so completely subtracted from the possibilities makes me nervous.

Paxton-Felix-Miranda-Moore-Gaviglio. Bergman in the minors, Iwakuma injured, Povse-HWMNBN in the pen. Of the latter 4, Kuma's the only one I want in the 2017 rotation.

So that leaves Gaviglio as 'palatable' post-Kuma-return depth, if we're still talking about make a run. Bringing in a Gray without subtracting a current starter means we still have a rotation and an option in case of the next injury. But if Quintana costs us Moore or Miranda... man, I'm just not sure right now. I guess if we kinda-sorta give up on 2017, it matters less - and we can probably reap rewards from the buy/sell combo mode.


When talking trades, there are a lot of ways Dipoto can go... but the easiest way is to trade young players, since they are typically highly or over rated.

The position where the M's have the most shiny pieces is the OF. Now very few of us want to see Haniger, Gamel or even Heredia traded... and I fully agree.

However, those players are all in their mid 20's age wise, so they COULD be in the MLB for another 10+ years each... meaning EVERY OF prospect has a huge roadblock in front of them.  Per MLB.com, there are 12 OF'ers in the top 30 prospects currently, without the newest guys taken in the draft.

Just a simple listing by level of OF'ers who are currently or have been rated in the top 40 prospects for the M's or other team:

Tacoma - O'Neill, Powell, Martin, Aplin, Pizzano, DJ Petersen

Arkansas - Miller, Taylor, Waldrop

Modesto - Liberato, Filia, Bishop, Lewis

Clinton - Jimenez, Ojeda, Gareth Morgan, Rizzo

Everett - Andrade, Hernandez, Evan White

Now not all of these guys have as much value as O'Neill or Lewis does... BUT I am sure there are teams out there that would love to get Bishop, Hernandez, Jimenez, Andrade or such.

And the trade scenarios could also include a trade like Heredia, O'Neill, Bishop and the rights to Smyly ... to St. Louis for Leake, Rosenthal, and a prospect like Gomber or Flaherty.

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