BREAKING - Arrieta to Philadelphia (huge collective sigh)
and the pesky rodent angels get a great big helpin' a NUTHIN


I think if there was one thing the M's fan was looking for right now, other than a Stanton-for-Motter deal, was for Jake Arrieta to go someplace other than to the pesky rodent Anaheim Angels.

Word has it that he and Philly agreed to a THREE (3) year deal at $25 mill per, which was precisely what we'd hoped Dipoto would dangle.   Quite remarkable to Dr. D that Arrieta would come all the way down to 3 years after an initial (report that he) demanded 7 years and that 6 would represent the "cave-in" on his camp's side.

So, again, Dipoto insisting that he does not need free agent resources of any* kind to bring Seattle A World Series, and from this point forward apparently he doesn't need many minor league trade resources, either.  ;- ) 


Assuming Boston is in good shape that leaves a zany type of 11-team scramble for 1 playoff spot -- a "pennant race" among the also-rans for the last playoff spot.

This is actually familar to EPL fans (as Fungineer knows) when Man Citeh, Chelsea and the other big team of the year (this year Tottenham, though Man United seems to have swapped out Chelsea for a year) lock in 3 top spots and the rest of the league scrambles for that 4th spot which brings Champions League play in Europe (against the Barcelonas, Dortmunds, etc.)

The proper attitude to such a situation is not to hope that everyone in the American League (except NYY, Bos, Cle, Hou) loses 82 games and drops back to your mediocrity.  The proper attitude is to get your own thing going strong so that you win 90 games and properly earn the 5th spot as a real contender in the AL.


But for now:  no Arrieta in Anaheim - or in the league, for that matter.  Banzai!  

(Free-associating "Bansai!", Ichiro looks like he's seeing the ball well today and having a good first day process-wise, if not in the box score. Dan Vogelbach continues to look like the second coming of Kevin Youkilis and Dr. D continues to percolate as to his freezeout.)

And don't think I won't be savoring Albert Pujols' at-bats All. Year. Long.  Hey Bill was asked what he'd do with Pujols for 2018?  "Have him bronzed."  Another time, "What do you think he'll do this year?"  Reply:  "I wasn't aware he played last year."

Don't think the Pujols watch is an empty threat, I'm warnin' yer here and now.





Thank him for going to the NL.  Besides Anaheim there's Minnesota, Texas and Toronto that he could have made the difference for. 

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I have always agreed with Dr. D that Vogelbach probably simply said something that he shouldn't have (anybody remember Mike Carp??), but I read this year is the first year where Vogelbach seems to be 'relaxing' at this level and allowing his talent to show.  I can understand if he was playing 'tense', he wasn't making much of a good impression.  Remember Chris Taylor, who I also think played 'tense' and committed those two errors on one play and we quickly traded him to the Dodgers to our eternal regret (Jerry even stating that if there was one trade he could undo, the Chris Taylor trade was it).  Maybe our mishandling of Taylor helped us handle Vogelbach better, allowing him to blossom??

I know this is very farfetched, but who knows?



... reading base 7 times in a row, and showing a 1700 OPS, and it being a year on, they're simply allowing him to live it down, if he's been a good actor since...

and/or the Moneyball-type scouts originally read him as having a non-baseball body and his barrage of walks and doubles are softening their stance a little...


on video available when Vogelbach was acquired produced comments and comparisons to a half dozen HoF level guys and another dozen HoVG  level guys.  Then we saw video with the M's and it just wasn't the same.  Vog and Servais commenting on him relaxing made me think that's exactly why.  He was not playing his game because he put too much pressure on himself.  It's that 90% mental part that made him half the player.  Not sure I got the quote right but it sounds good. 


The article reads like an $8 drink that you're embarrassed to say you like.  Bill James' strong disdain for Albert Pujols is the rainbow unicorn sprinkles on the top. Rooting for the Angels to be terrible is almost as much fun as rooting for the Mariners to be great.

If Pujols becomes epic deadweight, he might become a black hole that de Trouts the Halos line up.  It will go something like this: 

Kinsler with a sharp hit to Jean Segura.  Kinsler out at first. 

Trout hits a double on a line drive to center field.  Gordon throws the ball to third and holds Trout at 2B.

Justin Upton strikes out swinging. Trout steals 3B.

Albert Pujols with a swing that the announcers mistakenly call a bunt attempt.  The ball rolls ten feet down the first base line.  Zunino fields the ball, runs down Pujols and tags him with it less than half way to first base.  Trout dives for home plate and gives himself a clap thinking he scored a run.  He frowns with shock when the umpire refuses to give him a run.  Boos ensue from 22,000 Angels fans.  The Mariners head to the dugout with extra fist bumps for Zunino.  Sciosca hobbles onto the field and starts talking about the umpires' mother.  He is ejected.  Angels lose by a run.


Few things I'd rather read in the comments, than that one from you ... :- )


"Albert Pujols with a swing that the announcers mistakenly call a bunt attempt."  Pure Gold


Nebuchadnezzar II style:

Mojician, the greedy one, ruler of the open file, son of Seirawan, destroyer of pawns and dismantler of structures;  Having kind and thoughtful concern for the wellbeing of Jemanji and the advanced state of his infirmity, and being fully apprised of his conditions and best wishes, hereby makes the following decree:

  For the removal of the heavy yoke and burden of SSI chess champion, thereby freeing Jemanji for more peaceable exploits, I, Mojician humbly challenge to a championship to be held any afternoon this week. 

Jemanji is stubborn and unsubmissive and his king is entrenched in unpassable barricades.  I will traverse to his side of the board and bring him under my good rule.

My eyes are always focused on the improvement of my structures.  For the preservation of my king I will construct a fort worthy of the lofty grandeur of his majesty adorned with fianchettos and defended by knights and castles and many queens and endless chains of glorious pawns. 

May my rule be long, peaceful and secure. 

We’ll semd out emissaries's picture

with a few hundred thousand troops and issue a proper response.  We trust that there is a supply of deadwood in the area that allows for the  construction of sufficient pikes?   Thursday 2 pm until the last rebel expires at, say, Sat 5 pm?  -Dr D





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