M's 3 ...
Sure as rain, John slides across with the winnin' run



Against Michael Fullmer, it looked like the M's were going down to one of the best-pitched games of the season.  Against Francisco Liriano, it looked like the M's were going to be no-hit (and Liriano did take a no-no into the 7th).  Again Tuesday, the A's had one of their two good pitchers, Trevor Cahill, scheduled and HE had his A+ game in full swing going.

  • All three games, and several before these it seemed like, the M's followed the same recipe:
  • The M's starter battled grimly to keep the deficit right where it was at
  • The M's bullpen came in to lock it down for 0 runs - for 9, or 11, or 10 innings
  • The offense found an opportunity somewhere

On Tuesday, it so happened that Mike Zunino hit a long, sharp LF double ... that got the benefit of a wind-blown 170 PX to clear the LF fence and tie the score.  Finally, Jean Segura scored to win the game (more in his section).

In all fairness, this isn't a recipe that wins against Houston or NYY, because those teams don't run out of bullpen pitchers.  But!  You don't play 162 games against Houston and NYY.  You've got to play .600 ball against the non-elite teams.  So be it.



WC Record GB
NYY 31-14
Sea 28-19
LAA 26-22 -2.5 to Sea
Oak 25-23 -3.5 to Sea

Were you thinking the pesky rodent Angels would be three down to us right now?  'tis true.  J.A. Happ got 5 runs for himself -- off Garrett Richards LOL! -- and then stomped them the rest of the way, never really giving them a chance.

The Orcs are fighting viciously after three days of running on nothing but maggot'y bread, but finally we were able to put them down, pile their carcasses in a heap, and send a smoke signal to Gandalf.



Strung back-to-back-to-back heroic efforts in the 10th:

(1) Received a vicious slider, below his knees and outside the zone.  Leaned over and leaned out, got the barrel on the pitch, covered it, and flined it into right field.  I think I teared up for just a moment ...

(2) When Guillermo Heredia hit one deep to the RF gap in the rain, took 3B ... whoops!, a slight bobble and HERE COMES THE PLAY AT THE PLATE ...Segura flashing his SPEED to make this 1B-to-HP play in any way feasible to start with.

(3) Courageously dove, headfirst, into the catcher's gear.  Paid the price.  Outstanding pain score on the play, but the dive made the difference between safe and out.

Segura is playing like a star, and he's part of the M's position in the standings right now.  Did you know Jean Segura means "John Sure" en espanol...



Was 0-for-2 with 2 walks.  A hundred years ago, that got you cut.  In the year 2018, it puts you #2 in the lineup and .... once again! ... the Mariners are left wondering whether a .429 OBP in the 2 hole is an actual improvement?? over what they had before the injuries.

After the 0-for-2, rocked a gorgeous long single (double?) into the right-center alley to win the game.  You liking Heredia in the 2 slot?  He's now .286/.439/.460 after 63 AB's with a splenikulous 15:12 EYE ratio.  Chuck Knoblauch's career season -- his best ever, among many -- saw a .448 OBP and a .517 SLG, the point not being that Heredia is Chuck Knoblauch.  The point being that in any team's 28-19 start, it's got some no-namers who are delivering Chuck Knoblauch performance.



Was 1-for-2 with 2 walks, which 100 years ago got you sent back down the minor leagues.  Come to think of it, it still gets you sent back down to the minor leagues.  But still, we've got two words for you:  Long Lineup.

I'm enjoying watching a .439 OBP in the 2 hold and am enjoying Dan Vogelbach in the DH slot at #6.



You got me there.  Following an 80-game suspension and a broken toe?  ... the M's now have one easy out in their lineup, for at least two weeks.  BAH!! Humbug.



The M's are 17-10 in his appearances this year.  12-9 without.



Dr D



...he really WAS born to do this, wasn't he? Or at least named for it. =)

M's *should* win today, even with a semi-depleted lineup... securing series-level gains on Oakland. Here's hoping it works out, and that we see some of Cruz/Segura/Haniger back in action by tomorrow if not today!


...any reason we can't see Lucroy get a 1 game suspension for blocking the plate like that? Replay of the incident is CLEAR - there was no path to the plate for Segura apart from through Jonathan. If the game hadn't ended, he should have been tossed at the very least.

Maybe I'm getting overly sensitive to unnecessary injury risks for Mariners' players. There's a reason for that, though. What would the typical punishment be under the current ruleset for a catcher blocking the plate? They got rid of that for a good reason...


If Gordon's return is a month out, and I suppose the braintrust has an accurate sense by now of that date, then we almost HAVE to grab a 2B.  This team is too good, as weird as that sounds, to not grasp every edge that you can.

With that, if I'm Dipoto, I'm talking to the Reds about Scooter Gennett.  Hey, the guy isn't just a creation of that teeny weeny park.  He's OPS-ed .930 and .925 vR the last two years, a period of time where his home OPS has been 114 and 83 pts higher than when he's on the road.  That sort of means he's OPS-ing about .825-ish vR on the road the last two seasons.  That is pretty much smoking. 

He's very affordable, cash-wise, this season and next season his $11-ish million arb is decently affordable, too.  Especially considering that Cruz may be gone after this season.  Gennett has played 3B and LF so he's flexible. 

Beckham isn't Gennett. 

Admittedly, he comes with a cost, that of the lost prospects.  Kyle Lewis may well be in such discussions.  I'm good with that.  You're going to add an arm, too.  Don't make it Moore, and I'm good with that.  Joey Curletta has begun to figure out his power game.  Toss him in.  You get the idea.

BTW, Gennett's $5M salary this season still leaves room to add an arm of some sort.

Now, if we're looking at 15 games lost of Gordon (and Divish is saying he will likely be able to play as soon as the 10-Day is over), then maybe you ride the Beckham wave until then and focus on an arm.  But if we're looking at double that....I'm getting him now, having him for 1.7 years, and giving this team the best shot I can. 


I haven't seen much of Beckhams Defense, BUT if he's good enough on the field, is it not in our best interest to focus on a Starting Pitcher? 

Seems like for as long and good as this lineup is, we can handle having a single weak bat in the lineup for a month if it meant getting a serious upgrade on the mound. 



And there's no way I'm giving up Lewis for 1.5 years of a guy who was waiver wire fodder in 2016 and then had a career year.

tjm's picture

. . . the cost is going to be sky high given how he's mashing right now. It would probably take Lewis plus plus, one of those probably being Whalen. When everybody comes back he'd make a great super utility.


Six years in the bigs:  Season by season BA/OPS are as follows:







He can hit righties and play 3 positions. 

Is he worth Lewis?  Straight up?  I don't know.  But such a trade would be made (and is made all the time) with the idea that you've got a perfect storm of opportunity now.

If Gordon isn't out long, it's not the right move.  If he is, such a move makes sense.


Andreoli with the call-up today, with Haniger still dinged up.  He gets his first MLB start tonight.  Atta boy!

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