Hi guys,

Was just released from the hospital after an 8-day stay in the ICU, which was a few inches away from fatal.  No need for sympathy :- ) but I wanted you to know there is a very good reason I’m contacting you so late.  You are my third outside contact after release from the ICU yesterday.
Most are aware that some years ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV and given five months.  Here we are 4 years and 7 months later, up and around.  Turns out it's not the tumors that get you, it's the complications.  We faced this one head-on and vanquished it.
Hopefully in a few days we'll be back and ramped up with a new, slightly different SSI - perhaps a bit shorter posts but hopefully more frequent.  In the meantime many blessings to you.
In the meantime, go Sox.  :- ) Not only did they spare me the sight of Judge and Stanton spraying the bubbly, but a battle of the Titans with Houston looks sumptuous!
Jeff a/k/a Dr. D



So good to hear from you, Doc. Had little idea what was going but so glad to hear you’re pulling through.

Gotta root for my Pilots. “Go! Go! You Pilots! You proud Seat-uh, Milwaukee team!”


Figured you were in a tough fight. I'm very thankful you stayed on this side of the corn field.

You've made my day.....



Wow. Glad you made it. Blessings and prayers right back at ya.


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Glad to hear you're out of the woods, as much as is possible.  :)  Here's to hoping for continued improvement in your health!

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I'll save you the toruble of catching up on the M's. They have done . . .  nothing. Vogs won't be allowed to hit. Cruz won't be allowed back. We won't beef up the club via trade or free agency.

Meanwhile here are some of the people who have joined contenders in the last two years: Verlander, Cole, Yelch, JD Martinez, Manny Machado, Lorenzo Cain, Mike Moustakas, Josh Donaldson, Josh REddick, Roberto Osuna, Andrew McCutcheon, JA Happ, Zach Britton, Aroldis Chapman, Steve Pearce, Ian Kinsler,Chris Sale, David Price, Nathan Evoldi, Rick Porcello, Craig Kimbrel . . . etc. It goes without saying that none of these guys could have helped the M's because, I dunno, just because.


Very glad to hear you've made it through Doc. So sorry to hear how much you've had to go through. Thinking about ya and hoping for the best - let us know how we can help!


Terrific news, Doc. Sorry you had to go through it. My weeklong stay in ICU back in 2002 was anything but fun, but getting out definitely beats the alternative.

You take care. Facing imminent life-threatening situations is tough, but it definitely helps give you some perspective on life. God be with you as you walk this path.

You know, of course, that EVERYBODY here will understand if you have to curtail your posts, or shorten them, or if necessary eliminate them. We are all behind you whatever happens.


Now to the toy department.

Thoroughly enjoyed watching the Red Sox survive Kimbrel's meltdown and eliminate the Evil Empire.

And yes, the Red Sox vs. Astros ALCS should be exciting, even memorable. These are clearly the two best teams in the AL.

And the mighty Dodgers await the winner, assuming they down the upstart Brewers. 

We just might have two barnburners coming our way, the ALCS and the World Series. I confess I'd love for the Dodgers to avenge last year and beat Houston.


Welcome back Doc!

Its good to hear from you and good to hear you are alive and well.

You hate the BoSox less than the Yanks?  I guess that's a matter of personal preference.  The Yanks are undesirable for past crimes.  The BoSox are now what the Yanks used to be.  They absorbed Sale, Price, Kimbrel, Martinez, Kinsler and whoever I forgot and make all of the teams those guys came from less interesting. The payroll of $228 Million is tops in baseball by $23 Million  Then the Bosox win 108 games. 

By comparison, the 1998 Yankees had a $66 million payroll and I really hated those guys.


I'm sure I speak for many Mariners' fans: we've missed your pithy wit and wisdom! No question, you make this world brighter. Welcome back- I pray today for your continued good health.


And congratulations on beating the odds for all these years.

Is it possible that Mariners angst is the key to immortality?  In which case, we should all be fine...

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