Dipoto in the 2nd Inning
Re-imagining us past 97 wins again


Dr. D enjoys listening to the GM during in-game broadcasts because he feels it loosens Dipoto's tongue a bit and, if we're lucky, provides a few clues as to the M's plans.  These clues might be real or re-imagined but nobody can deny that they're fun.  ;- )



Asked about Kyle Lewis, Dipoto stated that Lewis is heading for AA Arkansas, along with Jake Fraley, D T-W, and one other youngster "where they'll have a chance to move together."  This, to one Denizen anyway, suggested the first substance to any "re-imagination" beyond the use of the word.

If Dipoto can get a more fluid (S&S type) roster going at the top -- no Cano deal, e.g. -- and layers of real talent that is "staging" in waves down below that, well.... that isn't his invention by any means, but it is certainly a dynamic way to approach the building of an organization.  As opposed to a 25-man roster.

.... by the way, I wasn't really hip to the idea of Dom Thompson-Williams as a plus talent.  What say you...

Also, I "imagine" that you and I had thought of Julio Rodriguez, Jarred Kelenic, and Kyle Lewis as the next "stage" of M's impact players.  But of course "moving together" doesn't completely implying "playing together in T-Mobile."



As most of y'know, Seager's hand is "in worse shape than we thought," notably with tendon damage.  Healy slides back over to replace.  He played all of 2016 there and half of 2017; nobody's as solid at 3B as Kyle Seager but Healy has significant ML time there and significant ML time, period.

Shandler, $10 via digital download, has this to say about Ryon Healy:

A repeat of 2017, with a hot start that was harpooned by a sinking in his fly ball rate and HR/fb.

Mediocre EYE says to peg AVG at .250, rather than .270.

Still young enough to make adjustments.

Projection:  500 AB, 22 HR 70 RBI, 0.22 EYE, .250/.290/.435

Of course Seager himself didn't light up the sky last year:  .220/.270/.400 was the tale of the tape on K-Swag.  So the M's may come closer to breaking even than they realized, provided they don't rush Seager's bad hand back too quickly.

And, with Healy being a young player, there's a theoretical UPside here still.  Leave us not delay in homer-listically clamoring for same.



The broadcast crew was noodling about what would happen if you took out Haniger's rookie slow patches - what would be his "ceiling" from here?"

Dipoto opined that every player has dips during the season; Haniger had a .191/.353/.265 July last year but then again, every player has one month like that except the most elite players.  I'd agree but counter that Hangier had TWO slow months, a .233 May, and a couple of injuries slowing him down.  He didn't LOOK full speed for 162.

Anyway, Dipoto did predict that Haniger's HR totals would grow from last year's 26 and that "If last year was his ceiling, that's a pretty high ceiling."  Maniger's WAR was 4.5 on FanGraphs and 6.0 on baseball-reference.



Ryan Divish reports that Marc-O and Kikuchi go in games 1-2 and then they go again in games 3-4, a week later, against Boston.  Felix is in slot #5.

Divish springboards from here to say that Felix could get to be a real problem in 2019; back when Erik Bedard took Opening Day for a single season, Felix went ballistic and the M's had a poor year.

Would be okay with me.  DFA the man.  There's an option I have in mind.


Dr D




Healy to 3B, rather than a quick acquisition, is exactly the right move.  If he is bouncing back, then we have time to see it.  I suppose I have about as much hope that he hits at a 100+ OPS+ rate as I do with Seager.  Will have to think about that.   With Healy, a Gordon-Haniger-Bruce-Santana-Vogelbach-Healy 1-6 has a nice L-R-L-R-L-R march to it (which Servais likes),  although Gordon at the top of the lineup is a mondo stupid decision.  I am still expecting an EE DL short DL trip.

If Félix is unable to see his well-payed place, then down the road isn’t a terrible place for him.  


It's clear that personal flexibility is not one Felix' strong points. Yeah, he could and very well might become a real problem. We've seen him sulk on the mound when things don't go right. Perhaps it's a picture of what he will do when he can't continue his career arc doing the things he is too stubborn to change. Once The King, Always The King, in his mind. Mistreat a King and they don't take it very well. History is replete with once-proud Kings being treated rather rudely when their reign comes to an abrubt end.

It would be sad to see Felix DFA's, but unless he changes his attitude that's almost a likely outcome at some point this year.


was that J-Rod who hadn't officially appeared in the states before these spring games would be moving with Kelenic who accrued 250 PA between 2 rookie leagues last year.  

Mr. T-Williams had 22HR/20SB 411 PA last year playing mostly CF.  I wouldn't expect to see him for awhile.  Being old for his level is mostly due to being a college player and doesn't concern me much.  If he only becomes a 4th OF he should be an interesting 4th with good power and decent speed.  If he sticks in CF with what I've read are plus jumps, speed and range and improves his eye he's a keeper.   Haven't seen defensive plays that tested him yet, pretty routine when I watched. 


That's where I started on him.  Also Connor points out the swing change and calls Thompson-Williams, Fraley, Lewis


Felix threw a perfectly located curve that started all that.  Catcher didn't have to move his mitt (except they all seem to twitch every time they're receiving anymore).  The hitter got caught looking and was rewarded with a walk.  I understand him being upset but that was done.  He needed to focus on what was next and just never seemed to fully refocus.  There's 3 things I've considered possibly huge behind this being a stepback year.  Felix's last 25mints, next year's free agent class (things resembling aces), and Edgar needing to focus on his Hall of Fame summer. 


"Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager is slated to undergo surgery to repair an injured tendon in his left hand, MLB.com’s Greg Johns was among those to report (Twitter links). He’s expected to be sidelined for all of April, at least, with a precise timeline as yet unknown."


C:  Narvaez/Frietas

1B: Vogelbach

2B: Gordon

3B: Healy

SS: Beckham

Utility: Moore/Negron

OF:  Santana, Bruce, Haniger, Bishop (then Smith)


Japan Roster:  Ichiro

That's 14.  I know we can take 28 to Japan, but I think we need to have a 25-Man active roster, don't we?  I still tend to think that we find a DL stint for EE.

Smith and Crawford will be ready soon enough; Moore or Negron will get the boot when Crawford gets the call, I'm not sure who goes when Smith is ready, Bishop unless he's put a few balls in the cheap seats.


Not quite following you here, Moe m'friend.  DL him to make room for Bruce and Vogs?  Then when would we bring him back, if ever? ... thx Jeff


Does anybody think there may be a gentleman's handshake with Kikuchi that leave Ichiro on the roster as his "MLB Life Coach," of sorts?


.......I convinced myself that we would DL EE to avoid a car wreck at 1B/DH.  He’s mostly been atrocious so it would be a decent way to keep his value up a bit.  

The best sportswriter in the history of the Wide Wide World of Sports, Dan Jenkins, died last week.  My goodness could he write.  In his first masterpiece of a novel, Semi-Tough, he wrote about NFL players “tweaking a hammy” in preseason, as a way to get out of meaningless games.  Makes sense.

I have always thought that it makes as much sense that MLB teams come up with DL excuses as a way to avoid roster collisions.  

BTW, my favorite title in the history of sports literature is Jenkins‘ “The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate.”

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