30-day scan
I hear they traded for a good catcher or two


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Can somebody do me a favor in the comments below?  I know *nothing* about what's going on with the M's.  Want to provide a scan of what's been up lately?  Can be as small as a Batista post ...

Peace and blessings,



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Jeff...I want to add my voice to the many who have expressed how much you have touched our lives.  I'm a long time reader, first time contributer, but didn't want to miss this opportunity to reach out to you.  Your wit and wisdom has been a integral part of my daily life for many years.  Without realizing it, you helped keep my life on track following the death of both my wife and son the same year.

We also share a common nickname "Doc"...mine was earned during the Viet Nam War, as I was a Navy Corpsman spending several years at the main amputee center.  You are a special person and I want to thank you for making such a difference with your life, insights, humor and wisdom in both sports and so many important aspects of life.




The M's don't look good, but the future looks DARNED bright. I've been imagining your breakdowns of all these uber-prospects... 2021 M's have the potential to be FORMIDABLE. C/SS/1B/DH/OF should be set. There's hope in the rest of the IF as well, and a couple PLUS pitchers... Gilbert is just looking fantastic.

Looks to me like the team hasn't given up, despite the talent deficit. This is encouraging to me. And that the team more or less did what they could during the trade deadline - pulling in Washington's #14/15 & #19/21 was a nice haul, even if they do slot into our mid-20s. Wish they could have gotten a minor haul for Santana, and passed Gordon on... but there will be other opportunities.

Made it to a game last Saturday (27th), and already have tickets for the 10th. I miss going when I'm out of country; win or lose, I love going when I'm back. Never was a beer drinker before (this changed around Christmas 2015, after modest effort for fellowship reasons); ridiculous ballpark prices notwithstanding, it's now a favorite part of the visit to see the hometown nine.

Didn't know the Patreon line was crossed... but believe me, it's been a pleasure. If the technical-logistical hurdles can be remedied, I'll keep participating from Mexico... at least I can read the articles from there. I'd happily torch-bear with an occasional 30,000' article as well, same issue. I'll reach out to someone on it - don't worry about it personally.


Thanks so much for posting, Doc. Everyone here is with you.

I myself don't do much more than read the Mariners headlines any more other than reading about the deadline trades. 

Highly likely that late August/early September will see us move back to the Pacific Northwest, at which point games will be easier to watch at a reasonable hour. The move would consume most all my energies, but once settled I am happy to chip in with posts as best I can. Not sure how much "market" there is for my layman's point of view, but this community is worth saving. If we could helpl make it your legacy it would be a worthwhile testament to what you have built. People are more important than websites.

God be with you, my friend.


Yes, maybe that’s what we have in mind.  To have set up the place where great friends and M’a fans can talk M’s in a friendly manner.  I believe the atmosphere and culture would persist.

I should have checked in earlier.  Today’s writing was invigorating :-)


There is lots of market for your layman’s point of view DaddyO.  Worst case, a new post is like starting a chat thread in SportSpot, right?


I'm happy to hear you're still fighting, although I wish it wasn't such a struggle.  We've all been missing you and certainly hoping for the best though fearing the worst.  You've given us plenty of perspective, I'll see what I can share at the moment on the current state.

The Infield in July had the lowest error total of any in the AL.  After May that seemed impossible, but the returns of Seager and improvement of Crawford plus a string of ML debuts and quality defensive subs have been playing very well.  The best sign for the future on the club, maybe more than 'Bach, is Crawford.  Defined defensively with this play; 


Cal Raleigh(2018 3rd rnd), Logan Gilbert (2018 1st rnd) and Ljay Newsome were all promoted to AA July 15th, making this closely the best farm team the Mariners have ever been affiliated with.  The rotation is now Sheffield, Dunn, Gilbert, Newsome and Ricardo Sanchez...Nabil Crismatt and Darren McCaughan moved up out of it to the PCL July 15th.  The PCL is using the same ball as MLB for the first time this year and is possibly the most ridiculous run scoring environment in the history of the game.  The Travelers have Evan White, Kyle Lewis, Thompson-Williams, Wyatt Mills, Joey Gerber and several other guys who would be in the top 20 prospects as recently as last year.

A tweet the other day had me checking MiL SO/BB #'s.

Ljay Newsome 140/12
Steven Moyers 137/21
Nabil Crismatt 136/27
Logan Gilbert 130/25
Ian McKinney is 130/46 (t*/20th in Mil K with Gilbert)
Ryne Inman 124/46
Devin Sweet 121/21 (7 of top 41)
Justin Dunn 119/31
Ricardo Sanchez 114/29
Sheffield 113/59
That's now 9 among top 71, 10 among top 79 in MiL SO overall, Sheffield moved up to tied for 73rd.


great to hear about the infield D and about J.P.

We had boggled earlier about the stats of Gilbert and LJay.  You’re saying they are in the AA rotaration?


I was astounded especially that Gilbert and Raleigh both earned their way to AA about 13 months after being drafted.  Just had a thought of the last 2 first rounders, Gilbert and Kirby, sounding like a vaudeville act.  May they be so multitalented.  Kirby is at 10K/0BB/9H in 11 IP so far in Everett. 

Also on the AA list, Fraley moved on from Arkansas months earlier but counts as a 2019 Traveler and I expect Kelenic to join that list before the year ends.  Jarred has gotten huge arms this year.



Fraley is going to get a call to Seattle pretty soon.  And Kelenic will get another bump before the summer is over.

Young arms are blooming everywhere.

Crawford is real, as we thought.  Mallex Smith has played himself into a MLB 4th OF role.  His bat doesn't play in the corners and his glove doesn't play in CF.  Marco is still good. 


Of Lewis, Fraley and DT-W playing together to start the year, only Fraley has really earned a promotion and he's nearly earned 2.  17 HR in 399 PA with about 8%BB/20%K.  Only his arm and power are supposed to be less than average.  It seems he had begun using his speed (just plus or so) to its full advantage this year too.  He hasn't shown bad platoon splits here with .772 VsL but he's clobbering RHP to 302/.376/.560.  He has only struck out more than once in a game 2 times in the last 31 days in AAA with 6 BB/18K in 88PA, the rest of the line there doesn't look quite as good yet though.  Unfortunately he was pulled after striking out in his first AB on the 3rd with a tight quad and just went on the 7 day IL earlier today, retroactively.


Lewis has had both a 9 game and 11 game stretch in that time of not striking out more than once and the 9 game included a pair of 3 game stretches with 0 K.  The last 45 PA he's only struck out 7 times (15%) although 4 of those were in his last 8PA.  .364/.378/.477  .855 in this 45PA.


It's hard to find a particularly good, or horrible, stretch for Thompson-Williams this year.



JEFF, big hugs and lots of prayers! For some reason I have had a hard time getting posts to actually show up but know you have been in my thoughts/prayers. Praise God for hope beyond these bodies and this life. Just got back from Jeremy's wedding. He will be coaching pitcing at his JC in Kansas. And if he is healthy again and hitting 95 or so, maybe he will still talk to some scouts. Nonetheless, he is doing well. And thank YOU so much for all the great encouragement in the past! Someday I look forward to meeting you face to face. And we won't care how bad the Mariners are then!!!!

Love you JEFF! 

From the least of all jeffs in the rockies


Bring it in for a hug Jeff!

When you said least of all Jeff’s I’d have known, never mind a ref to Jeremy.

Love ya Jeff.  :: hugs ::


The least of all Jeffs....the greatest of all sinners! But one with an Advocate before the Father!

Sorry....couldn't get RockiesJeff to ever go through on here. FYI, Jeremy got player of the month and then tore his left knee the next week.

He then pitched the full season with the tear, baker's cyst and not enough fluid from attempts to drain it. Two years later he finally is starting to feel better but it has been a long road. He is now about 6'5-6" and about 225+. I had the joy of sitting with two coaches eating a meal at his wedding. Best part was they love Jeremy as a person before a player. So he will do fine either way. And you have always been one of the great encouragers in the history of this world. Thank you so much for your example. 

If you get too many requests to read, please delete. If not, this is a huge encourager....


Know you are loved by many far beyond here. But most of all, by a God who cares even more.

jeff (well deserving of the small J in comparison to you!!!)




He nails it.  Have tried to follow that, and will in the future.

Very happy that Jeremy’s career is off to such a fine start.

Love and blessings,



Hey Doc, a couple of quick questions for you, if you’re able to answer:

1. Are you still mobile? Enough, to say, make it to Safeco?

2. What’s the best way to reach you outside of this board? I have an old @comcast email, is that still best?


Not mobile enough to make it to the bathroom, thanks.  My PC tower is upstairs with the email.

May have the Mac moved downstairs.  Does Slack have an IM system?

Probly just as well, LOL.  With my weight down to 150 from 250 and a ton of jaundice, I’m a pretty scary sight :-)


Had to get the email account rolling again on *your* request :-)

Any other Denizens who want to chat back channel, please feel free.  Though I may or may not get to it.




I have seldom enjoyed disagreeing more with someone (politics!)

Moreover, you are an observant, forthright and all-around stellar individual.

I wish you all the best...


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