Around the Horn - Tuesday PM

USSM recaps the flavor of the Blengino & Co. event.

First thing that DMZ talks about, was his impression that this regime is one that encourages active debate -- one that doesn't view dissenting views as stupid, but views alternative views as simply another take on the problem. DMZ raves about the open-mindedness that not only tolerates, but actually rewards, dissension.

They want to hear ping-pong exchanges coming from different angles.

This is the way most MLB teams do business, and frankly, Bavasi doesn't get enough credit for doing it also. But the fact that Zduriencik and Blengino are so extreme about the respect-for-different-views paradigm, is wonderful.


This is the test of a man who earnest seeks truth: he seeks to test his theories, against the strongest opposition possible. The Mariners want to get it right. They want to get it right, much more than they want to be perceived as right. This is one of man's noblest ideals: to place the pursuit of Truth so high on his priority list, that he not only tolerates, but craves, disagreement.

That is precisely what made America the greatest society on earth, now or at any time. It got together a bunch of people and said, hey, whoever has a great idea, prove it. And there will be no King calling your idea dangerous or hateful, and sending you to the dungeon for it.


I do agree that the previous regime could be defensive and imperious. The point about "everybody agreed this was a great idea at the time" was indeed characteristic. Of course, you develop a flinch after being whipped in the face with a shoestring for a few years...


They are very high on Wakamatsu. Have a hunch that Waka-san is a verrrrrrrry bright fellow.

As we know, having a 140 IQ, and being an organized and impressive person, is .... Necessary But Not Sufficient. Leading men and identifying talent, those are both gifts. And rich pro athletes, they are a difffffferent breed.

We'll see how it goes.


A few more recaps:

Draft: draft the best guys. College/high school, pitcher/hitter, doesn’t matter. I asked about Bavasi’s “two sets of eyes on every prospect” and the massive investment in infrastructure the team’s made during his time. They’re pro-that.

Pause. Let's get back in a second:

On player dev and Felix and establishing the fastball: Iiiiiiiiiii… I’m not sure what to say about this. There’s both “establish the fastball” and “get the outs”. And I’m also not sure what to say about the view of Felix’s last year. Huh.

I'm glad that everybody is excited about the new regime, but .... I have consistently maintained that ALL 30 major-league organizations are a LOT smarter than most fans realize they are.

I know for a fact that Bavasi is reading this kind of stuff, seeing fans swwwwoooooon in ecstasy at the braininess, and pulling a wry smile.

Don't mean to be a wet blanket. :- ) I love what I've heard. But the view of the previous guys was oversimplified, too. These 21st-century sports orgs are all brainy.


Clement: love the makeup, he’ll be a catcher until he can’t.

Now, that one's worth the price of Z-and-B admission right there.

If you traded Johjima right now, Clement is ready to start.  Burke and Adam Moore are the insurance policies.


Dr D



loooooooooved the Clement quote. I believe Clement will be starting at C most of the season and Joh will get the semi-freeze treatment. It'll probably be a platoon L/R deal but these guys know the value of a masher at C and it is great to hear it "publicly".
I am enthused with the direction of the franchise and wish I could have attended the event.


Indeed...I never bought all the cyber-assumptions that Johjima would get 100 starts just because he was making 8 mil. Nice to hear my assumption confirmed...that Clement is the catcher and Johjima is going to sneak 200 ABs in there at DH and against lefties when Clement needs a day off. If he's lucky.
And then Johjima is going to be very politely ordered to take his opt out and go home with the threat of spending the next two years (10 and 11) riding the pine like the freakin' ball boy and not playing one bit. Even if the opt out requires a family emergency...I should think Johjima could concoct an emergency with his marriage. "My wife misses me too much...byeeeee"
Clement is the catcher. Moore is Clement's motivation to get better fast. Johnson is not a prospect.

Dan's picture

Having gone to the event myself, I came away with an incredibly positive feeling. I was very optimistic about the new front office before I went in, and it was exponentially better by the time I walked out. It just seems like a very... balanced group of people. All of the men were incredibly insightful in what they had to say, but Blengino in particular struck me as a guy that makes you very glad that he's on your side.

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