Erik Bedard's Re-Boot, 2

=== Silver Lining dept. ===

Why run it at all, then?  As a commendable act of integrity.

I take it that the writers' consciences are dinging them about calling (in essence) Erik Bedard a coward throughout all of 2009.  This happened repeatedly, and it turned out to be the opposite of the truth.

You might remember the column we ran, "GAMER!," after Bedard's first start in Seattle.  We moshed off half-a-dozen unfair things that Bedard suffered in that game, and how after every single thing, Bedard got on the mound, re-set himself, glared in, narrowed his eyes, and threw an intelligent, quality pitch on the next offering.

There's no such thing as a pitcher who is more of a "gamer" than Erik Bedard.  That should have been apparent immediately.


Kelley evidently felt that he had crossed the line between "fair ground" and "reprehensible" with respect to Bedard's game courage, and wanted a re-set.

That's fair enough.   Kelley is asking that his 2009 commentary be un-said.

In counseling terms, great, it's unsaid.


=== Going From Here dept. ===

Kelley also said some things along the lines of "maybe all of us will get a second chance" and "I don't expect him to come back as the clubhouse crackup" and "I expect him to be grouchy [but]" ...

I would interpret that as a sincere offer to re-boot a more professional relationship between the media and Bedard.  Kelley seems to genuinely seek a fresh start with Bedard.

If it were me, I'd turn to Bedard and ask, "So, Kelley's ready to commit to being more professional in what he writes.  That's great.  Is there anything you can do to help him in that?"

Bedard would give me a blank stare, possibly.  :- )  "Like what?  I don't call him names.  I don't accuse him of being a bad writer.  I just would rather not spend a lot of time with him."

Yeah, Erik, but you roll your eyes, laugh, and make contempt obvious.

:blank stare:  I'll try and watch it.  :rolls eyes:

And if that's how he answered an olive branch in a marriage relationship, then the other party would go ballistic and we would be two steps behind were we were when we started...   I'm presuming, of course.

Hey, if this is the first SSI column ever read by Bedard himself, search the archives.  I love your personality, man.  That's my idea of an Opening Day starter.


Erik Bedard is accepted as a Mariner in 2010 -- by the blogs, by the writers, by everybody.  Why?  Because it was Jack Zduriencik who brought him back.  Period.  You can't question Erik Bedard without questioning Zduriencik, so Bedard is now a Real Mariner in the periphery's eyes.

Whoever the M's press coaches are, they'd be serving themselves well to point out to Erik that the press -- because of the credibility that Jack Zduriencik owns, and no other reason -- is willing to re-boot with Erik Bedard.  And encourage Bedard to "reward" the press for the re-boot.


In any case, Erik Bedard's professionalism is expressed on 3-and-1 counts, not in locker-room interviews.  Sportswriters' professionalism is expressed in the way that they ask for athletes' precious time and in the way that the write.

Bedard earns respect by throwing 3-and-1 fastballs on the black.  Sportswriters earn respect by covering the game.  Bedard's job is to pitch well; Kelley's is to write well.  Hopefully that's where we're at in 2010.

Jack Zduriencik's professionalism is simply taking over the town.


Dr D


RockiesJeff's picture

You are refreshing.  I feared common sense to be on the verge of extinction but you give us hope out here!  Keep at it!
In time I hope to find out more of what you do during that real life in the day!  No doubt you are very good at what you do!

glmuskie's picture

Good point on Kelley's headline trumping the article; I had a similar thought though the body of his 'apology' made me roll my eyes.
More impressive to me was Kelley last night on Elise Woodward's show.  Yes I've been listening to too much sports talk lately.  : )  Woodward was not backing off from her dislike of Bedard, and Kelley was doing an admirable job of defending the man.  It was really great to hear.  I mean, she was being relentless, saying that even if he was hurt, it's his fault for not saying anything.  And Kelley would point out, but the doctors looked and couldn't find anything at the time.  What was he supposed to say then???
Kelley, on-air, was very sincerely regretful.  And his Bill Walton analogy is a really good one.
My esteem for the man has definitely been raised many notches.

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