Seahawks Hope 12th Man Can Help Beat San Fran

The Seahawks will host the San Francisco 49ers at 4:15 today at Centurylink Field . Both teams come into the game playing good football and have given some respect to a division that sent a losing team to the playoffs last year. That team was the Seahawks, but this year the 49ers are the team set to cruise into the playoffs. This time, they will take a winning record, though, as they are currently 11-3 this season. They are also coming off a big win against the AFC North powerhouse Pittsburgh Steelers. The Seahawks will look to get to a winning mark as they currently sit even at 7-7. 

The Seahawks have basically lived on the ground recently. Their success has come from running back Marshawn Lynch who, in my opinion, should get come back player of the year. He has simply been unstoppable and has scored a touchdown in double-digit straight games this year. They mix in ball control and limit turnovers from QB position and have a solid defense. The base of it all comes from the crowd in Seattle though. Seattle is and will remain one of the toughest places for away teams to play. No matter how bad the team's record may be, the crowd always shows up. Often times this is the difference in the game and could easily be Sunday. 

If the San Francisco 49ers want to show that they are legit, these are the games they must win. Even after a convincing win at home against the Steelers more needs to be seen. Winning in Seattle is a huge way to show that they can go the distance. This is especially true because they will probably have to play away sooner or later if they hope to get to the Super bowl. San Francisco has shown a good mix of run and pass to get where they are. Alex Smith is finally coming into his own and Frank Gore is getting the perfect amount of touches. Most of all though their defense has not allowed anything on the ground this season. If Seattle wants to escape with a win, they will have to find a way to run the football with Lynch. Time will tell....

Prediction: Seattle 17 San Francisco 22


Steen.'s picture

Jackson is an albatross of a QB. Against a very good Defense we will need short fields to score, I have no faith in Tavaris moving the ball 80 yards consistently. This should be a nice test for both teams, I think Harbaugh will do a better job of hiding his weak link in Smith, and Smith isnt as bad as Tavaris. Niners 24 'Hawks 10

Rob's picture

What did Lynch come back from?

ghost's picture

...they lost, but it was at least a close, hard-fought.  That's it for their playoff chances though.

Nathan H.'s picture

I think the idea that a quarterback being able to consistently move the ball 80 yards should not be a measure of albatross-ity. If that were the case Aaron Rodgers would be an albatross.
I agree, this was a nice test for both teams and I think, in light of the game and as weird as it might sound, both teams passed. 'Hawks future looks very bright.

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